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Amulets & Talismans Among the most ancient forms of magic, amulets and talismans have long been used in spiritual traditions worldwide. These are the pendants, symbols and charms that either contain magic within them. Find the one that's calling you
Image Name Model Price
Pentagram of Solomon amulet APENG7 $8.95
Power Triangle talisman APOWT $8.95
Provide Invisibility amulet APRO11 $8.95
Protection from Attackers amulet APRO2 $8.95
Protect from Accidents amulet APROTP7 $8.95
Rosetta stone amulet AROSS $8.95
Sabbatic Goat amulet ASABG $9.95
Saturn Seal of Protection ASATP $8.95
Seal of Schemhamphoras amulet ASCHM8 $8.95
Solomons Magic Triangle ASOLG2 $8.95
Second Pentacle of Jupiter ASPJ $8.95
Second Pentacle of Mars ASPM $8.95
Second Pentacle of Venus ASPV $8.95
Third Pentacle of the Sun talisman ATHIKS4 $8.95
Transformation Spiral amulet ATRAS $8.95
Abracadabra amulet AZABR $8.95
7 African Powers coin A7AFRC $8.95
Seal of Solomon Health and Prosperity amulet AAMSEAS $9.95
Sun Disk, Mother Protector amulet AAMSUND $9.95
Tree of Life amulet AAMTRE $9.95
Seal of Antiquelis amulet AANTM11 $8.95
Goat Head 666 amulet ABAP666 $9.95
Goat Head Star amulet ABAPG6 $8.95
Circle of Protection amulet ACIR862 $8.95
Discover Hidden Secrets amulet ADIS10 $8.95
Discover Treasures amulet ADISTP3 $8.95
Divine Protection amulet ADIVPRO $8.95
The Seal of the Earth AEARM16 $8.95
Fourth Pentacle of Mars amulet AFOUKS3 $8.95
Fourth Pentacle of Mercury amulet AFOUKS6 $8.95
Gnostic amulet AGNO $8.95
Healing Power amulet AHEA21 $8.95
Help Read Thoughts amulet AHELTP11 $8.95
Hexagram of Solomon amulet AHEXG5 $8.95
Charms of Luck amulet ALUC $5.95
Lucifer Sigil ALUS $9.95
Pentacle Moon Celestial amulet ACPENM $12.95
Endless Light talisman AENDL $8.95
Garden Pentagram amulet AGARP $8.95
Harmony talisman AHAR678 $8.95
Internal Change amulet AINTCHA $8.95
Inverted Pentagram AINVP $9.95
Magical World amulet AMAGW $8.95
Mystics Waxing Moon amulet AMYSWAX $8.95
Protected Life Pentacle amulet APROLIF $8.95
Triple Moon-Pentagram Spell amulet ATRIMP $8.95
Wish Fulfillment Pentagram AWISF $6.95
Wicca Stability amulet AWSTA $12.95
Protection Pectoral talisman silver color ACPROP $28.95
Inverted Pentagram AINVPEN $9.95