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Amulets & Talismans Among the most ancient forms of magic, amulets and talismans have long been used in spiritual traditions worldwide. These are the pendants, symbols and charms that either contain magic within them. Find the one that's calling you
Image Name Model Price
Black Cat amulet ABLAC $7.95
Black Cat & Horseshoe amulet ABLACH $9.95
Wolf with Feathers amulet 3 1/4" AWOLF $9.95
Celtic Heart amulet ACCELH $12.95
Celtic Moon Celestial amulet ACCELM $12.95
Celtic Eternity amulet ACELET $8.95
Celtic Knot Pentagram amulet ACELP $8.95
Celtic Greenman amulet ACGRE $12.95
Nathair amulet ACNAT $12.95
Celtic Tree of Life amulet ACTRE $12.95
Celtic Harmony Protection amulet AHPRO $12.95
Tree of Life Above & Below amulet ATAB $8.95
Celtic Sun Cross amulet ACELSUN $9.95
Celtic Cross amulet ACELC $9.95
Dragon and Phoenix amulet AAMDRAP $9.95
Dragon Moon Celestial amulet ACDRAM $12.95
Midnight Dragon amulet ACMIDD $12.95
Celtic Dragon amulet ACDRA $12.95
Dragon Thors Hammer ADRAT $9.95
Ganesh amulet AGAN $8.95
Ankh Sword amulet AANK $8.95
Buddha amulet ABUD $5.95
Eye of Horus amulet AEYE1121 $8.95
Hamsa Hand amulet AHANHA $5.95
Tibetan Bone Charm various ATIBBON $5.95
Wealth & Happiness talisman AWEA130 $8.95
Yin Yang I Ching amulet AYY $5.95
Ganesh Success amulet AGANSUC $9.95
Ankh amulet AANK2 $9.95
All Seeing Eye amulet AAMALL $9.95
Avert Evil Eye amulet AAMAVEE $9.95
Control Evil Spirits amulet ACON20 $8.95
1 1/2" Ankh amulet AANK3 $8.95
Hamsa Hand amulet AHAMH $8.95
Buddha, Happy ABUDH $8.95
Magic Hexagram amulet AZMAGH $9.95
Win Mate amulet AWIN3 $8.95
Protection, Power & Plenty amulet ARPPRO $9.95
Pentagram talisman silver color ACPEN $28.95
Tetagrammation talisman silver color ACTET $28.95
A.G.L.A. talisman silver color ACAGLA $28.95
Tetagrammation talisman copper color ACTETB $28.95
Baphomet (Sabbatic Goat) ASABS1 $8.95
Baphomet Goat amulet ABAPG $9.95
1 1/4" Horned God diffuser amulet AOHORG $7.95
Star of David amulet ASTAD $9.95
Magical talisman AMAG206 $8.95
Solomons Magic Circle amulet AMAGG9 $8.95
The Seal of Mephistopheles amulet AMEPM30 $8.95
The Seal of Merbeulis AMERM31 $8.95

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