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Amulets & Talismans Among the most ancient forms of magic, amulets and talismans have long been used in spiritual traditions worldwide. These are the pendants, symbols and charms that either contain magic within them. Find the one that's calling you
Image Name Model Price
Crescents Rising Celestial amulet ACCRER $12.95
Moon Wishes amulet AMOOW $6.95
Wicca Attraction amulet AWATT $12.95
Wicca Balancing amulet AWBAL $12.95
Wicca New Beginnings amulet AWNEW $12.95
Wicca Protection amulet AWPRO $12.95
Wicca Spiritual Rebirth amulet AWSPI $12.95
Wicca Wisdom amulet AWWIS $12.95
All Seeing Eye Pentagram amulet AEYE12 $12.95
Cauldron with Pentacle amulet ACAUP $9.95
Black Cauldron amulet ACAUL $8.95
Celestial Repose amulet ACCELR $12.95
Wicca Direction amulet AWDIR $12.95
Spell Charm amulet AZSPEC $9.95
Buddha pocket stone A4502B $3.95
Clover pocket stone A4502C $3.95
Cross pocket stone A4502CR $3.95
Goddess pocket stone A4502GO $3.95
Heart pocket stone A4502H $3.95
Hamsa pocket stone A4502HA $3.95
Om pocket stone A4502OM $3.95
Peace pocket stone A4502P $3.95
Pentagram pocket stone A4502ST $3.95
Witchs Hat pocket stone A4502WH $3.95
Raven mystical stone A4506RA $7.95
Guardian Angel pocket stone A4499GU $3.95
Peace Angel pocket stone A4499PE $3.95
Love Angel pocket stone A4499LO $3.95
Witch on Broom pocket stone A4502WI $3.95
Wolf mystical stone A4506WO $7.95
Angel pocket stone A4502A $3.95
Fools Gold Charm AFOOG $4.95
Chinese Money Cat amulet ACHIM $9.95
Bear Power amulet ABEAR $8.95
Howling Moon Celestial amulet ACHOW $12.95
Guiding Wolf amulet AHHW $8.95
Stag Power amulet ASTAG $8.95
Bear totem amulet ATBEA $12.95
Raven totem amulet ATRAV $12.95
Wolf totem amulet ATWOL $12.95
Keep My Pet Safe Guardian Angel amulet AKEEP $9.95
Black Cat & Pentagram amulet ABLACP $9.95
Cat amulet ACAT $5.95
Owl in Circle amulet AOWLC $8.95
Dragonfly with Blue tail amulet ADRAB $8.95
Hare Trinity amulet AZHART $9.95
Raven with Wings amulet ARAVW $8.95
Celtic Moon & Cat amulet ACELM $8.95
Wolf Lovers amulet AWOLL $8.95
Triskele with Cat amulet ATRIC $8.95