Magick Crafts (Made in USA)

Image Name Model Price
Crescents Rising Celestial amulet ACCRER $12.95
Wicca Attraction amulet AWATT $12.95
Wicca Balancing amulet AWBAL $12.95
Wicca New Beginnings amulet AWNEW $12.95
Wicca Protection amulet AWPRO $12.95
Wicca Spiritual Rebirth amulet AWSPI $12.95
Wicca Wisdom amulet AWWIS $12.95
Cauldron with Pentacle amulet ACAUP $9.95
Black Cauldron amulet ACAUL $8.95
Celestial Repose amulet ACCELR $12.95
Wicca Direction amulet AWDIR $12.95
Buddha pocket stone A4502B $3.95
Clover pocket stone A4502C $3.95
Cross pocket stone A4502CR $3.95
Goddess pocket stone A4502GO $3.95
Heart pocket stone A4502H $3.95
Hamsa pocket stone A4502HA $3.95
Om pocket stone A4502OM $3.95
Peace pocket stone A4502P $3.95
Pentagram pocket stone A4502ST $3.95
Witchs Hat pocket stone A4502WH $3.95
Raven mystical stone A4506RA $7.95
Guardian Angel pocket stone A4499GU $3.95
Peace Angel pocket stone A4499PE $3.95
Love Angel pocket stone A4499LO $3.95
Witch on Broom pocket stone A4502WI $3.95
Wolf mystical stone A4506WO $7.95
Angel pocket stone A4502A $3.95
Chinese Money Cat amulet ACHIM $9.95
Bear Power amulet ABEAR $8.95
Howling Moon Celestial amulet ACHOW $12.95
Guiding Wolf amulet AHHW $8.95
Stag Power amulet ASTAG $8.95
Bear totem amulet ATBEA $12.95
Raven totem amulet ATRAV $12.95
Wolf totem amulet ATWOL $12.95
Keep My Pet Safe Guardian Angel amulet AKEEP $9.95
Black Cat & Pentagram amulet ABLACP $9.95
Cat amulet ACAT $5.95
Owl in Circle amulet AOWLC $8.95
Dragonfly with Blue tail amulet ADRAB $8.95
Raven with Wings amulet ARAVW $8.95
Wolf with Feathers amulet 3 1/4" AWOLF $9.95
Celtic Heart amulet ACCELH $12.95
Celtic Moon Celestial amulet ACCELM $12.95
Celtic Knot Pentagram amulet ACELP $8.95
Celtic Greenman amulet ACGRE $12.95
Nathair amulet ACNAT $12.95
Celtic Tree of Life amulet ACTRE $12.95
Celtic Harmony Protection amulet AHPRO $12.95