Ecosmart Designs (Made in USA)

Image Name Model Price
All Seeing Eye Pentagram amulet AEYE12 $12.95
Spell Charm amulet AZSPEC $9.95
Hare Trinity amulet AZHART $9.95
Dragon and Phoenix amulet AAMDRAP $9.95
All Seeing Eye amulet AAMALL $9.95
Avert Evil Eye amulet AAMAVEE $9.95
Magic Hexagram amulet AZMAGH $9.95
Protection, Power & Plenty amulet ARPPRO $9.95
Abracadabra amulet AZABR $8.95
Seal of Solomon Health and Prosperity amulet AAMSEAS $9.95
Sun Disk, Mother Protector amulet AAMSUND $9.95
Tree of Life amulet AAMTRE $9.95
Wiccan Goddess amulet AWICG $9.95
Protection Goddess amulet AGPRO $9.95
Bring Love & Friendship amulet AZBRIL $9.95
Devil Trap amulet AAMDEV $9.95
Irresistible amulet AAMIRRA $9.95
Guard Against Negative Forces Runic amulet ARPGUA $9.95
Love amulet ARPLOV $9.95
Protection Rune amulet ARPPRO2 $9.95
Viking Ship amulet AVIKS $9.95
Rune of Wealth amulet AAMRUNW $9.95
Archangel Michael 1 3/4" amulet ASTM2 $9.95