Soaps Sit, soak, and let your worries and troubles wash away.  Here you'll find our wide range of products intended make your bath waters and hot showers relaxing and cleansing. From Ayervedic soaps to epecially blended bath salts to washes commonly used in Santeria, you'll find it here.
Image Name Model Price
100g Dragons Blood soap RSKDRAB $4.95
100g Sandalwood soap RSKSAN $4.95
100g White Sage soap RSKWHIS $4.95
100g Patchouli soap RSKPAT $4.95
Coconut glycerine soap 3.5oz RSCOC $13.95
Nag Champa soap 75 gm RSNAG75 $5.95
100g Rosemary soap RSKRM $4.95
100 g Lavender soap RSKLAV $4.95
100g Sandal Musk soap RSOASM $4.95
100g Nag Champa soap RSKNAGC $4.95
100g Neem Pet soap RSKNEEP $4.95
3.5oz Refreshing Vetiver saucha soap RSSREF $8.95
3.5oz Relaxing Lavender saucha soap RSSREL $8.95
3.5oz Uplifting Tulsi saucha soap RSSUPL $8.95
100g Dreamy Rose soap RSHROS $4.95
100g Earthly Spice soap RSHSPI $4.95
100g Sacred Neem Tulsi soap RSHNEE $4.95

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