Ritual Athames

Ritual Athames  Athames are ancient and powerful tools long used within ritual magic. Usually taking the form of a ritual knife or sword, most modern tradition holds that the Athame should never be used to cut, or otherwise perform mundane work; it is only used to direct energy within your ritual magic, such as when the circle is cast. However, less commonly held practice sometimes dictates that an athame should be born of nature, and perhaps be crafted from wood or bone. Some also hold that if the ritual practitioner uses it as his or her favorite tool, using it to even cut their food and otherwise go about everyday life, more of their energy and power can be directed through the blade during ritual practice. Please note that the athames are shipped in a sheath these are considered a gift and not part of the pricing, many of are to small and may or may not have imperfections.
Image Name Model Price
9" Triquetra Acrylic athame RATM2C $14.95
9" Pentagram Acrylic athame RATM2P $14.95
9" Triple Moon Acrylic athame RATM2T $14.95
7" Triple Moon Acrylic athame RATM1T $8.95
7" Triquetra Acrylic athame RATM1C $8.95
7" Pentagram Acrylic athame RATM1P $8.95
Winged Dragon Letter Opener 5 1/2" RLWDR $9.95
Lords Sword RS868 $49.95
Medieval Boline RB867 $23.95
Medieval Boline RB866 $23.95
Boline 4" RBOL600 $14.95
Scottish athame 8 1/2" RA136 $41.95
Bone Damascus athame RA030 $73.95
Rosewood Damascus athame RA076 $125.95
Dirk Wod Damascus athame 13 3/4" RA077 $135.95
Binding Rune Sword, Strength athame RAKNR1 $29.95
9" Horn athame RA021HN $34.95
7 1/2" Bone athame RA392 $21.95
7 1/2" Horn athame RA394 $21.95
9" Acrylic athame RAACR $13.95
9" Bone athame RABON $13.95
Fleur de lis Medieval athame RA835 $30.95
Two Piece Scottish Sgian athame set RA928 $35.95
Pentagram athame RAK06 $41.95
Pentagram athame RAK09 $30.95
Tree of Life athame RAK3T $41.95
Moon Phase athame 9 1/2" RAK28 $41.95
Rune Pentagram athame RAK31 $41.95
Triquetra Pentagram athame RAK53 $41.95
Hecates athame 9 1/2" RAK60 $41.95
Hecates Winged athame RAK60NB $41.95
Deva Fairy Queen athame RAK401NB $41.95
Rune Triquetra athame RAKB4 $41.95
Silver Handled Egyptian athame RAS11 $38.95
6" Wood Handled athame RATH6 $9.95
7" Wood Handled athame RATH7 $10.95
9" Wood Handle athame RATH9 $13.95
Engraved Silver Boot athame RATHB $15.95
Scottish Pentagram athame RATHS $40.95
Druidic Boline With Leather Sheath RBOL $36.95
Folding Boline 7" white bone RBOLM $19.95
Gothic athame RA002 $27.95
Stag Damascus athame RA027 $71.95
Bone Stag athame RA028 $71.95
Egyptian Mummy athame set RA70D $86.95
Two Tone athame RA74DX $51.95
Black Renaissance athame RA105BK $30.95
Bone Renaissance athame RA105BO $32.95
Roman Black Handle athame RA152B $25.95
Ornate Greek athame RA176 $23.95

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