Pendulums  A divination tool used to communicate with source and for seeking answers to many of lifes questions
Image Name Model Price
6-sided Mookaite Jasper pendulum GPEND63 $8.95
6-sided Golden Quartz pendulum GPEND64 $8.95
6-sided Amazonite pendulum GPEND66 $8.95
6-sided Garnet pendulum GPEND67 $8.95
6-sided Vasonite pendulum GPEND68 $8.95
6-sided Pyrite pendulum GPEND69 $8.95
6-sided Iolite pendulum GPEND70 $8.95
silver plated pendulum GPEND6A $8.95
Rose Quartz chambered pendulum GPCRQ $10.95
6-sided Chrysolocolla pendulum GP6CHR $14.95
6-sided Lepidolite pendulum GPEND47 $8.95
6-sided Dalmatian pendulum GPEND48 $8.95
6-sided Howlite pendulum GPEND49 $8.95
6-sided Smoky Quartz pendulum GPEND50 $8.95
6-sided Peach Moonstone pendulum GPEND51 $8.95
6-sided Malachite pendulum GPEND52 $8.95
6-sided Calligraphy Stone pendulum GPEND53 $8.95
6-sided Turquoise pendulum GPEND54 $8.95
6-sided Amethyst & Rose Quartz pendulum GPEND55 $8.95
6-sided Multi Fluorite pendulum GPEND56 $8.95
6-sided Green Fluorite pendulum GPEND57 $8.95
6-sided Scolecite pendulum GPEND58 $8.95
6-sided Red Goldstone pendulum GPEND59 $8.95
6-sided Red Carnelian pendulum GPEND37 $8.95
6-sided Tiger Eye pendulum GPEND38 $8.95
6-sided Red Aventurine pendulum GPEND60 $8.95
6-sided Spiral Matrix pendulum GPEND61 $8.95
6-sided Kambaba Jasper pendulum GPEND62 $8.95
6-sided Yellow Aventurine pendulum GPEND24 $8.95
6-sided Peach Moonstone pendulum GPEND25 $8.95
6-sided Tree Agate pendulum GPEND26 $8.95
6-sided Rainbow Moonstone pendulum GPEND27 $8.95
6-sided Grey Aventurine pendulum GPEND28 $8.95
6-sided Sodalite pendulum GPEND30 $8.95
6-sided Serpentine pendulum GPEND31 $8.95
6-sided Black Tourmaline pendulum GPEND32 $8.95
6-sided Opalite pendulum GPEND33 $8.95
6-sided Mahgony Obsidian pendulum GPEND34 $8.95
6-sided Indigo Gabro pendulum GPEND35 $8.95
6-sided Ocean Jasper pendulum GPEND36 $8.95
6-sided Sunstone pendulum GPEND39 $8.95
6-sided Blue Pearl pendulum GPEND40 $8.95
6-sided Dark Green Agate pendulum GPEND41 $8.95
6-sided Amethyst Orgone pendulum GPEND42 $8.95
6-sided Rose Orgone pendulum GPEND43 $8.95
6-sided Moss Agate pendulum GPEND45 $8.95
Brass pendulum (various) GPNDL1 $6.95
Apatite Orgone pendulum GPOAPA $12.95
Citrine orgone pendulum GPOCIT $12.95
Lapis Orgone pendulum GPOLAP $12.95

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