Worry & Palm Stones

Worry & Palm Stones Are smooth stones that fit in the palm of your hand, or within your fingers. When you are anxious or stressed or worried, you are to rub them with your thumb or otherwise trace their surface. This can be used to help get over other nervous habits, or otherwise soothe yourself when you are troubled. We offer a variety of precious stones, many of which have been inscribed with a symbol or phrase.
Image Name Model Price
Fluorite palm stone GPSFLU $12.95
Rose Quartz palm stone GPSRQ $9.95
Agate, Banded worry stone GWAGAB $4.95
Epidote worry stone GWEPI $5.95
Angelite worry stone GWANG $5.95
Tourmaline, Black palm stone GPSTOUB $18.95
Pyrite palm stone GPSPYR $20.95
Numite palm stone GPSNUM $18.95
Kyanite palm stone GPSKYA $52.95
Larvikite palm stone GPSLAR $17.95
Lapis palm stone GPSLAP $30.95
Tourmaline with Quartz palm stone GPSTOUQ $23.95
Sunstone palm stone GPSSUN $18.95
Ruby Zoisite palm stone GPSRUBZ $21.95
K2 palm stone GPSK2 $24.95
Angelite palm stone GPSANG $17.95
Rhodonite palm stone GPSRHO $29.95
Apatite palm stone GPSAPA $13.95
Bloodstone worry stone GWBLO $4.95
Amethyst worry stone GWAME $6.95
Green Aventurine worry stone GWAVE $3.95
Bone Worry stone GWBON $2.95
Moss Agate worry stone GWMA $4.95
Moonstone worry stone GWMOO $6.95
Quartz worry stone GWQTZ $4.95
Rose Quartz worry stone GWROQ $4.95
Jasper Worry stone - various Colors & Patterns GWOR $4.95
Blue Onyx worrystone GWBLU $4.95
Fluorite worry stone GWFLU $9.95
Unakite worry stone GWUNA $4.95
Yellow Topaz worry stone GWTOPY $3.95
Pyrite worrry stone GWPYR $5.95
Red Jasper Worry stone GWRJAS $4.95
Chevron Amethyst worrystone GWCAME $8.95
Black Obsidian worry stone GWBOBS $5.95
Black Agate worry stone GWBA $3.95