CDs- New Age Music, Instructional guides, Meditation Music The CDs you'll find here offer a wide range of New Age music, meditation music, and Instructional guides from both large and independent publishers. We hope that you'll find selections here that aid you in setting the mood for your magical craft, meditation, and spiritual growth.
Image Name Model Price
CD: Music for Meditationby Gordon/ Gordon UMUSMED $17.95
CD: My Perfect Rose by Jerry Marchand UMYPER $16.95
CD: Sacred Earth Drums by Gordon/ Gordon USACEAR $17.95
CD: Seven Swords of Wayland by Jerry Marchand USEVSWO $16.95
CD: Short Meditations for Busy People by Margaret Ann Lembo USHOMED $13.95
CD: Reiki Music Vol 1 by Martine Salerno UREIMUS1 $18.95
CD: 13 Tones of Creation by Elvina Munir U13TON $18.95
CD: Chakra Meditations by Alana Fairchild UCHAMED $18.95
CD: Ancient Ones by Kellianna UANCONE $16.95
CD: Elemental by Kellianna UELEMEN $16.95
CD: Fairys Love Song by Lady Moon UFAILOV $16.95
CD: I Walk with the Goddess by Kelliana UIWALWI $16.95
CD: Lady Moon by Kellinana & Jennifer L Greene ULADMOO $16.95
CD: Traditions by Kellinana UTRADIT $16.95
CD: Astral Meditations by Dr Arlenen Alexander UASTMED $17.95
CD: Calya Journey-Wise, Magickal Meditations UCALJOU $27.95
CD: Celestial Zen by Gordon/ Gordon UCELZEN $17.95
CD: Chakra Healing Chants by Sophia UCHAHEA $17.95
CD: Chakra Healing Zone by Gordon / Gordon UCHAHEA1 $17.95
CD: Color Meditation Align your Chakras by Margaret Ann Lemb UCOLMED $13.95
CD: Crossing at Rainbow Bridge by Jerry Marchand UCRORAI $16.95
CD: Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation by Margaret Ann Lembo UCRYSIN $13.95
CD: Deep Within a Faerie Forest by Stadler/ Rule UDEEWIT $17.95
CD: Drum Medicine by Gordon & Gordon UDRUMED $17.95
CD: Enchanted Forest by Jerry Marchand UENCFOR1 $16.95
CD: Garden of Serenity by Gordon/ Gordon UGARSER $17.95
CD: Gratitude by David & Steve Gordon UGRATIT $17.95
CD: Lady of the Lake by Jerry Marchand ULADLAK $16.95
CD: Meditation Drum by David & Steve Gordon UMEDDRU $17.95
CD: Meet your Master Guide by Margaret Ann Lembo UMEEMAS $13.95