New Age & Traditional Jewelry Accenting your ritual wear or providing the perfect highlight for your favorite shirt or simply providing you with an elegant expression of faith, our large collection of jewelry is intended to offer you the selection you need to express yourself and your faith
Image Name Model Price
8mm Obsidian, Goldsheen/ Quartz with Frog JB8OBGF $6.95
8mm Angelite/ RMS Angel JB8ANMA $20.95
8mm Chakra/ Flower of Life JB8CHAF $15.95
8mm Chakra/ Tree of Life JB8CHAT $15.95
Celtic Knot ring size 5 sterling JRCK5 $23.95
Celtic Knot ring size 10 sterling JRCK10 $23.95
1 1/4" Celtic Goddess earrings sterling JES254 $24.95
Thors Hammer w/ Celtic Knotwork JTHOR $8.95
Celtic Oval Garnet necklace sterling JMS216G $63.95
Celtic Cross Pentagram pendant JCCP4 $14.95
Celtic Cross JCC652 $23.95
8mm Malachite/ Quartz with Celtic Knot JB8MALC $6.95
celtic knots,cross,seven creations,aventurine,quartz,energy, JB8AVEC $5.95
Copper and Brass Celtic Knot bracelet JB111K $6.95
Celtic Scent Locket JL564 $13.95
Celtic Wolf Scent Locket JL559 $13.95
Thors Hammer bracelet JTA98 $63.95
1 1/2" Egills Torque pewter JEP866 $39.95
Thunder Torque bracelet JBA107L $84.95
Dragon Slave bracelet with ring JB783 $26.95
Triquetra bronze JB156 $19.95
Pentagram Engraved Copper bracelet JB111P $6.95
Celtic Cross with Black stud JCC651 $24.95
7/8" Pentagram Celtic sterling JMS222 $34.95
Ashes Chamber Celtic Heart JME204 $13.95
Celtic Knot Raku Oil Bottle JORCEL $18.95
Celtic Knot ring size 9 sterling JRCK9 $23.95
Celtic Knot ring size 8 sterling JRCK8 $23.95
Celtic Knot ring size 7 sterling JRCK7 $23.95
Celtic Knot ring size 6 sterling JRCK6 $23.95