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We will call upon the passionate energy of Freya, Lady Of Love, Mistress Of Romance, and defender of justice. This will be a 7-day intense ritual in which we will focus on asking for the assistance of the Goddess Freya, we will call upon her to bring the one that you love back into your open arms and to create a whirlwind romance between the two of you, and we will beckon her help in removing intruders and seeing that justice prevails and that you prevail in your magical goals.

This is a powerful ritual and must be used with care. Please provide me with names, birth dates, dreams, and desires for your relationship and the terms of anyone that you feel is a problem in your relationship. May the Blessings of Freya be yours! 

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Lady Freya Love Ritual Lady Of Love, Mistress Of Romance Ritual 08/09/2022 08/16/2022
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