Dark Hecate Income And Personal Protection Ritual $424.95

We will call upon the Dark energy of the Goddess Hecate, a powerful aspect of the threefold mother. Tapping into the dark energies is not necessarily negative. There are times when one must utilize certain aspects of magic to achieve the desired results.

The Dark Hecate Protection and Shielding ritual can be utilized by those who have experienced unprovoked psychic or magical attacks; such attacks can be extremely detrimental to personal safety and spiritual growth.

It can negatively impact your business or your stream of income. We will beckon Dark Hecate to increase your revenue and protect your prosperity and money from those who wish you harm. We will summon her to take from your enemies three-dollars for every dollar they intend to take from you. We will interrupt their cash flow and make it so they feel the pain you would have felt times three!

Please provide me with a written request that outlines your needs and desires, names, birth dates; let me know what you have experienced in the way of magical or psychic attacks; if the attacks have led to the demise of your relationship, I need that information as well.

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