My name is Phelan, I am a solitary Witch by heart, I do not belong to, nor am I affiliated with any group or coven, other than that of my own.

I practice many different aspects of magic and I live my life in an effort to create balance and harmony with the world around me.

I am based in Atlanta, GA and thankfully to the internet I now have a clientele that is truly worldwide.

I take a pragmatic approach to dealing with life's problems and this is the same approach that I take when I am working with a client, my clients issues range from reuniting with a lover, bringing a new love into their life, creating a positive flow of prosperity, uncrossing the flow of their energy allowing their desires to fully manifest, I have also worked with clients who have been hexed or cursed causing them great physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pain, overcoming the hardships caused by black magic can be challenging, but, not impossible.

In addition to the above I have also provided magical help in the areas of fertility, court cases and custody issues, just about any situation can be dealt with esoterically and I specialize in customizing energy work and spell castings to suit the needs of my client.

I am also a gifted psychic, I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient and I am clairempathic, I often combine my psychic gifts with my magical workings in order to tune into my client and to lend greater insight to the issues that they are dealing with, it is my belief that we are all magical beings, some of us are still searching for the key that will unlock our inner vault that will allow our magic to flow freely upon the winds of change.

I look forward to assisting you in any manner that I can, please note that I am a Witch who practices White Magic, magic is pure energy and it is the intent of the practitioner that decides whether a spell casting is black, white, good, bad or indifferent, my belief is that magic is best kept pure as not to reap any negative backlash and to avoid incurring any negative karma.

Blessed Be

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