Why cleanse your aura? Because you want to attract positive people and situations into your life, rather than negative ones. You are born with a "clean" aura, but over time, it becomes "dirty", this is due to various negative factors in your environment (emotional, mental and physical). When this happens, you attract negative energy, instead of positive energy.

I'll be glad to assist you in anyway possible, the first step would be to uncross and balance your energy. (Aura Cleansing) Part of this process is the natural discovery of Self. Many of my clients have found that what they thought they wanted, was just a refusal to let go of the past and work towards the future. Fear at times can be all consuming and often we hold on to what is familiar to us out of the fear of the unknown.

Magic is real as real as any thought that you may have or any prayer that you may pray and should always be taken seriously and used with extreme care and caution, make sure you've exhausted all of your options and that your desire is worth the price that you may pay spiritually, emotionally and mentally everything we do comes back to us and we must accept responsibility for our actions (Karma). All things in nature have free will and trying to bend the will of another is crossing the line. The best solution would be to uncross and balance yourself and to project positive energy, turn your magnet on and see what happens!


Example: I was recently contacted by a young lady whose ex-husband was stalking her. She was very distraught and was asking for a protection spell, I asked her if she had contacted the authorities and she said no! I instructed her to do so first and foremost, therefore she is accepting responsibility for her actions and exhausting all resources readily available to her. Magic should never take the place of common sense but should be used together to create balance and harmony.

I charge a small fee for supplies and my time just like with any service or business there are expenses that have to be taken care of. Consider this an exchange of Energy The Natural Law Of The Universe.

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