* Stephanie | CA | 10/04/2022

My husband and I got into the bad habit of playing around with other men and women. Unfortunately, I became very unhappy and wanted to stop. My husband wanted to continue, and he ended up falling for one of the single women we played with. He left me for her, she dumped him, and then he started hanging out at single clubs. We were apart for three years and would see each other, but it wasn't the same. I came to be a client of Phelan's in 2019, and he helped me with my anxiety issues through covid19; he was a rock for me. The good news is that I reconnected with my husband and our relationship is better than before, and I still have some trust issues that Phelan is helping me with; without him, I am not sure where I would be or what I would do! You are a great man Phelan, and I thank you for everyone you helped. 

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