* Starla - Alabama (10/20/2010)

I have been a client of Phelans for the past two years, at the time of coming to Phelan for help I was separated from my husband four years. I never thought much about why Phelan would tell me to stay focused and proactive, until late one night when I was going through my crazy routine of obsessing over why my man left me. I had my candles and incense burning and it was at that moment that I realized just how much time I was wasting on worrying about whether he was sleeping with someone else or not. Not only was I obsessing about this when I was alone, I would talk to my friends and family and of course they would always tell me to move on and to let go and worse I would talk to my spouse and try and police his activities, I would question his interaction with other women and each time that I did this we would end up in a fight and as a result we would not speak for weeks. I decided to listen to what Phelan advised me to do and when I did I started seeing a very different scenario. I am happy to say that after being pulled apart from my man for six years and two of those years spent undoing Phelan's work we are now reunited, this is by far the best Christmas gift I could get and Phelan I am sending you a little something to put in your stocking this year, you are the best!

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