* Stanley - Arizona (04/23/2006)

My lover and I have been living apart for the past two years, we have been together for a little over five years and I guess that we not only started taking one another for granted we allowed the wrong people in our house, people who presented themselves as friends but had other motives that were not obvious to us at the time, Phelan you opened my eyes to that fact and with your expertise, advice, guidance and the services that you provided me with we are once again back together and doing well. I cannot thank you enough, it is hard being a gay man, but Phelan you do it with such ease and grace you are absolutely a model for the rest of us and I personally feel that it would absolutely be a wonderful thing if you were to run for public office, for some reason I feel that you could influence those in power and get us gay people the rights to marriage that we so deserve, I know that this may not be in your future, but we are so desperately in need of a voice and I cannot think of anyone better at motivating people than you, you certainly motivated me and for that I will always be grateful!

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