* Renee - N Carolina (10/18/2010)

I became your client in September 2008 and in October you performed the hallowmas rituals for me, my desire was to reunite with my husband, he and I had been apart at that time for three years and there was little to no communication between us. I pretty much drove myself and everyone else around me crazy throughout 2009 and in July all communication ceased between me and my husband. I contacted you and you told me that this was part of my process and to maintain my focus on moving forward with reconnecting with my man, honestly Phelan I thought you were crazy and I even stopped writing to you for a while and then January 2010 rolled around and several things that you told me to look for started happening, I could continue writing all of this out, but to sum it up you my dear Phelan you were right, everything that was happening was a part of my process, I happily report that my husband and I are back together and we have never been stronger as a couple, but as a measure of protection from those who wish us harm and wish us to breakup I opted for the hallowmas rituals again this year. I attribute reuniting with my husband to the halloween rituals in 2008, I am now a firm believer in magic and will always hold a very warm spot in my heart for you Phelan. May God bless you always!

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