* Nathaniel - Hollywood Florida (04/04/2011)

I had a gamblers ritual done a few months back, I live in Hollywood Florida, here we have the Hardrock and Seminole casinos, when you sent me my money mojo bag you told me to play at Seminole. Normally I do not like the Seminole casino because of the cigarette smoke and poor ventilation, but I felt that since you had done my money rituals and you can see the future that I would follow your advice and I am glad that I did. I carry my money bag in my pocket with my wallet, I place the money that I am going to gamble with in that pocket as well. I play blackjack and have never really been able to make money, this past weekend I went there three times, each visit was better than the last. On Friday night I took $200 with me and brought home $1700. On Saturday night I took $400 with me and brought home $3200 and change. Sunday night I took 1200 with me and brought home close to $7000. Phelan in all my original investment of $200 netted me $11700.00. I banked most of it, kept some to reinvest this weekend and I put a little something in the mail to you today, just my way of saying thank you. I made six months of hourly wage in three days and I know without your help I would not have been able to pull it off. Thank you so very much Phelan.

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