* Meredith - United Kingdom (01/23/2011)

In 2009 I became emotionally involved with a woman who was six years younger than me. I am a lesbian and have been out since my early teens. At the time I came to Phelan this young lady and I had not been sexually active with each other, and while we were very much connected emotionally she assured me that we would never be intimate in a sexual way, that she found the idea of being sexually involved with a woman disgusting. I came to Phelan looking for a way to resolve the situation, I knew in my heart that she was attracted to me and was scared. Phelan was upfront with me and told me that turning someone gay would not happen, but he agreed to work with me, he told me that he also felt the attraction and connection and he was right. I had Phelan do several rituals for me, the last one was this time last year at Valentines, so I thought posting now was fitting. Phelan I owe you so much, I am delighted and overjoyed to tell you that I have united with my lover, she confessed to me that she had always been attracted to me, but was terrified to act on her feelings. During the time that you were working on my behalf she had turned to a young man her age and they started having intercourse, I was devastated, but you told me that she would find the path to me through her dealings with this young boy and she did. Thank you so much Phelan. I have a very special gift for you and will be dropping it in the post today.

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