* Eileen - Florida (01/16/2011)

My husband left me for another woman and it seemed like every time we would get to the point of reconciling, this bimbo would come back into the picture. One day I was talking to a friend of mine who runs a little botanica in south Florida, she spoke of Phelan and how he had helped her. I gave Phelan a call and then visited his website to read more about him. After spending a few hours reading his articles I decided that I would use his service, and that decision was by far the best one that I have ever made. My man is at home and the little harlot that he left me for has stopped messing around with him, this woman practices black magic and one night she had her brothers tie my man to the bed and she burned an upside down cross into his scrotum, he said at that moment he knew if he try to leave her that she would do worse to him or me. I am not sure what you did Phelan, but we found out that she has left south Florida and so has her brothers. Thank you so very much!

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