How long have you been helping clients?

My professional career dates back to 1985, although my spiritual path as a witch officially started in 1977. There is a difference between Witchcraft, and magic, Witchcraft is a nature religion that honors duality of the Goddess, and God; hence, the spiritual aspect of my life, and magic is the formation of will, mixed with the elements, along with other ritualistic items, roots, bones, and stones, and tools to manifest a desired outcome!

I became aware of my psychic abilities around the age of seven, although I didn't understand what I was seeing, feeling, or hearing, luckily for me there was someone in my family that was already paving the path ahead of me, she crossed the bridge into the Summerland in June of 09, she was a surrogate mother to me, and a valued teacher, and the absents of her physical presence in my life have been greatly felt. In all honesty when it boils right down to it, to me there is no difference between Witchcraft, and magic, as far as I am concerned they are one in the same, for both aspects have been deeply rooted in my life as far back as I can recall.