Your Bottom Line

Working with energy it is imperative that one learns to conduct their day to day life in such a way that they lend strength to their overall magical goals by attuning their will to their desires. The first step in any successful magical process is to determine what your bottom line is and outlining the steps that you need to take, in order to manifest your desires, casting a spell or conducting a ritual is simply not enough, in order to be successful and produce results from your spell casting or ritual weaving you must align your thoughts with your actions, meaning that you cannot cast a spell to bring a lover back into your life and then after the ritual or spells have been weaved constantly question whether or not you will see results from the metaphysical work that has been done.

I am unsure how many ways that I can put this or how many articles I have to write in order to get some of you to pay attention, but the bottom line is this, you are seeking change within your life, whether that change is to reunite with a lover, attract a new lover, shield yourself from the attack of the evil-eye, enhance your personal prosperity, better your finances, whatever the case may be, the bottom line is your bottom line and what you are going to do in order to get what you want, need and desire out of life and my belief has always been that we as individuals are only entitled to what we are able to create out of our lives for ourselves, meaning that the universe owes you and I nothing, it is up to us to tap into the magic that is contained within our lives, within our bodies, within our minds and within our souls and to create for ourselves the reality that we most desire out of life, magic works when it is allowed to flow unhindered from worrisome thoughts on behalf of the petitioner.

Most clients who come to me, especially individuals whose goal is to reconnect with a lover is coming from a place of a hurt child and is clinging to the victim mentality and as long as you cling to this mindset there is nothing that I, nor can anyone else do for you in the metaphysical realm, stop seeing yourself as a victim and stop acting like your in grade school, get a hold of your emotions and get a grip on yourself, this is the only way that you are ever going to manifest results from your magic and keep in mind that most people want a partner who is balanced, centered and coming from a place of strength, I can personally tell you that a whining dog gets on my nerves and a whiny man will drive me nuts in no time, I have a very low tolerance for whiny people period and please do not get me wrong, there is a difference between dealing with and working through your emotions, which may call for a good cry every once in a while, which is a good form of release and someone who is constantly looking for sympathy because life has dealt them a hard hand to play, if you do not like the hand that you have been given, recreate it, magically recreate it, magical thinking works miracles!

We as magical beings have to learn to mirror what we seek in our life-mate, you may notice that I did not use the term soul-mate, a life-mate is someone that we spend far greater time with learning our mundane day to day lessons, life lessons, a soul-mate is someone that we would rarely have a sexual experience with, hence the word soul, which implies a connection on a much higher level and when a soul-mate comes into play, it is normally to help us settle some aspect of our karma that we have been having a difficult time dealing with or a particular lesson that we have had a hard-time learning and once our soul-mate has served their purpose they will leave as quickly as they arrived, psychics tend to loosely throw around this word because it sounds good, but their interpretation is misleading and shows just a wee bit of incompetence on their behalf, a life-mate is what we seek in this life in order to excel and to grow spiritually, soul-mates have a purpose to fill and will come and go as needed.

Getting back to mirroring what we want, need and desire out of a life-mate, as magical beings what we project is what we attract, therefore in situations where our needs are specific, we have to learn to take those needs and focus on them daily projecting them unto the universe, or in a case where there is a specific person that we desire to build our life with to that individual as well. If we desire strength, honesty, courage and fidelity in a relationship, which are all positive traits, we have to learn to mirror those traits, we have to learn to turn our magnets on and pull to ourselves that in which we desire the most in life, magic never fails to work, in most cases we are so blinded by our own greed or grief to see the fruit that has manifested as a result of our magical workings, for even the smallest of victories, is still nevertheless a victory.

Mirroring our desires and needs is simple, if your desire is to have a lover who is faithful, you have to become a beacon of that desire, for you cannot expect someone to commit to you and to be monogamous with you, if you are unwilling to do and to be the same for them. I recently had a grief stricken young woman who was a potential client contact me and in the process of listening to her troubles and woes about how her man fooled around on her with another woman and eventually left her for this other female, she expressed to me how badly she desired to bring her man back home and put an end to his affair with this other woman and in the same breath she divulged that she cheated first by carrying on a seven month fling with a coworker on her lunch break, but that it was all good because her man knew nothing of her indiscretions and she was not going to tell him, well, she was a potential client until I finished talking and she hung up and just like I told her, cheating is still cheating even if you are not caught, after all the universe is the all seeing eye and nothing goes unnoticed and we must keep in mind that it is through our actions and our thoughts that we mirror our needs to the universe and unto those who come and go from our life, just as her man went because she mirrored infidelity unto the universe and her man brought it home to her in the form of packing his bags and stepping off and if you and I take the approach that she took we will spend many cold nights mourning the loss of our life-mates and relationships.

Turn your magnet on and mirror your truth unto the universe and all that you honestly seek in this life will be yours for the taking, do not make the mistake of believing that what someone doesn't know want hurt, for it may not hurt them, but our deepest and darkest of indiscretions have a way of coming back home to roost, just as the young woman above indiscretions came back to haunt her in a way that I know that she will regret for the rest of her life, let us not make the same mistakes, let us cast our magic upon the four winds with no regret and with no fear of retribution.

Blessed Be



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