You Are Psychic Too!

Relationships take time to build and need nurturing along the way, people in general are not perfect and even the most educated and respected of men make mistakes. When we are relating to our mates we often look at them through rose colored glasses, we are so head over heels in love that we see them just the way that we want them to be, momentarily overlooking their imperfections and often the end result is that we have lied to ourselves and succumb to the ultimate betrayal, self-betrayal, which in my opinion can be the worse kind!

Self-betrayal comes into play when we fail to listen to our inner voice, some call it intuition, I call it "my voice of reason", my inner voice speaks to me all of the time and indeed my inner voice is directly connected to my very own personal Psychic network, and speaking from personal experiences anytime that I fail to listen to that nagging and often annoying little voice I royally screw up, spiraling down a tunnel of self defeat, follow by a big gulp of denial and remorse, pondering over what could have been, instead of rallying in victory because I listened to my Psychic Self.

Over the years I have grown and I have learned to employ the same gifts and skills that I have used for my clients, within my own personal life, most Psychics find it almost impossible to read the future for themselves, the main reason for this is that they predict exactly what they want to happen instead of what they are seeing, why? Because they are too close to the situation, they are too emotionally connected and involved to be unbiased.

In order to take in and process Psychic information you have to learn to disconnect from it, in essence you have to have the ability to shield yourself from the feed of information that is flowing into your receptors from the Universe or directly from your client or a given situation, Psychics are human and we are subject to the same feelings and we also react emotionally in the same manner as our non-psychic counterparts, for instance, I recall a lady that I worked with and read for on numerous occasions in 1989, she was referred to me by someone who had used my services a few years earlier.

She had recently divorced and her husband insisted on maintaining custody of their two children, a boy who was eleven and a younger child of six, when she contacted me I felt an overwhelmingly flood of emotions pouring from her and immediately knew that she had suffered the loss of a child, back in those days I had not learned an effective method in which to shield myself with, after the first session with her I spent three days in bed trying to recoup my energy and regain my strength, the situation and lady both took it right out of me.

Her story is one of sadness, greed and the malicious acts of inhumane treatment that we can suffer when anger takes the place of love and often the ones who end up hurting the most are the ones who stand between the two people who are battling, my client's situation is like most others, however, her eleven year old son died at the hands of his father, he was killed taking a shower, the death was ruled accidental, it seems that the ground wire on the water pump shorted out or came loose, any way when he reached to turn the water off a surge of electricity erupted through his body and he was electrocuted.

I still find the above shockingly hard to believe, but, I stand strong and firm by the visions that I saw and whatever happened in that bathroom that night had nothing at all to do with a faulty wire, at one point I had started second-guessing myself, until, that is I learned that both children were covered by a large insurance policy that the husband had initiated three years prior, he profited from the death of his own child, had the authorities dug just a little bit deeper they wouldn't have been so quick to rule the death of that child accidental, my client's ex-husband had managed to get in over his head gambling and was on the verge of losing everything and that little boy was sacrificed so that he could continue to feed his addiction, sad but true!

My client suffered a great loss loosing her child, her loss would have eventually been greater had she not listened to her inner voice and fought hard to remove the younger child from her husband's home, she eventually proved him unfit and was awarded custody, she took her child and left the United States, returning to her homeland and although I have not spoken to her in a very long while, I feel in my heart that she and her child are both doing fine, she was so blinded by the love that she felt for her ex-husband that she agreed to allow him to have custody of their two children and even after the death of her son she still clung to her love, holding on tight, refusing to let go, but at some point her own inner voice nagged her until she had no choice but to listen, by listening to her Psychic Self, her spirit enabled her and guided her to insure the safety of her youngest child.

Every single individual on the planet has the ability to develop their own Psychic senses, however, not everyone chooses to develop their gifts, some are afraid of what they may Psychically see, feel or hear and even the ones who choose to develop their gifts must learn an effective way of shielding themselves as not to take on the emotions, ailments and frustrations of those around them.

Personally, my Psychic gifts were not a choice, I was one of the lucky ones who was born with the veil, my third eye was open and working the moment that I took my very first breath in this lifetime and I have learned through past life regressions of other lifetimes, where my gifts were very much a part of my incarnation, I have carried my gifts from one life to the next and there have been times when I felt that it was somewhat of a curse, but overall I would say that it has been a blessing more than a burden.

My gifts have allowed me to connect with others, to feel their pain and has allowed me the ability to help them through what they may consider to be their darkest hour, intuition seems to come from some mysterious place outside of ourselves, but the fact of the matter is that it comes from within, we do receive information by tapping into the Aura, energy field of another, your Aura contains a rainbow of color and information and when you are feeling well it stands out and expands from your body, this is why at times you may feel crowded when someone else walks into a room that was occupied only by you, at other times when you may not feel so well, your Aura will shrink much like a tight fitting pair of gloves, by tapping into the energy we can learn and discover all sorts of information and we can also find the keys that will help us unlock the doors that seem to have closed to us.

Not only are we able to open doors that have closed to us, but, by opening our hearts and our minds to a new way of thinking we discover a whole new world, a world where anything is possible and there are no limits on what we can accomplish. By allowing your third eye to open you are expanding your awareness, an awareness that will help you solve your greatest mysteries.

Here is one example as to how I utilize my gifts and my expanded awareness.

At night before I go to sleep I meditate, sleep is required for the physical body to heal and rejuvenate itself, the spirit may at times choose to rest, but the spirit doesn't sleep, over the years I have trained myself to expand my awareness to fit my surroundings while I sleep, by placing a bubble around my dwelling, I think of it as my invisible force field and any movement made to breach it I wake up, this technique has been useful in deteriorating Psychic Attacks, as well as preventing two burglaries on my home while the occupants within were asleep.

By learning to develop our Psychic skills we are able to expand our awareness beyond our waking mind and therefore we are able to accomplish our life goals with greater ease, because we are utilizing 100% of our energy.

We often fear what we do not understand, if you are one of those individuals who are teetering on the sidelines afraid of taking that next important step in embracing your Psychic Self, I urge you to do so, let go of the fear and claim that which is your birthright, there is a whole other world just awaiting your discovery, do not pass it by!

Blessed Be, Phelan