World Unity

The disaster in New Orleans should give each and everyone of us food for thought, while it is devastating, there is something going on here that was foretold long ago. Prophets have known for centuries of the destruction that is yet to come. The Earth, which is one of the largest symbols of the Goddess, aside from the Moon can only withstand so much drilling and can only afford to lose so much of it's natural resources.

In my opinion the great shift started with the Tsunami and is now advancing, the terrorists and the war on terror is becoming obsolete, we do not need anyone to destroy us, we are taking care of that ourselves. We cut down trees to put up more shopping centers and malls, we pollute the environment by throwing our waste into the streets; our rivers and our streams are toxic because of all the chemicals that are poured into them and we wonder why there are so many diseases that plague our society as a whole.

In the next ten to fifteen years there will be a disease that will plague us far worse than aids ever could, I predict that it will be airborne and it will have a sweeping effect on our society as a whole, the air that we breathe is not safe, the smog alone is enough to infect your lungs and the heat from the Sun is intensifying and will play a dramatic role in the events to come.

Energy is energy and thoughts are living things and that is why it is very scary when you realize just how many people are focused on the demise of our planet and our civilization.

For example take the bible, full of prophecies and the resurrection of Christ is foretold, the interesting thing about the bible is that it too was written by human beings just like you and I, therefore the bible is subject to human error the same as everything else.

But, when you have millions of people on the planet who are all preaching and believing in the same thing, they are constantly creating thought forms and projecting them out unto the Universe, creating a huge energy pool, folks that energy has to return somewhere and it returns right back to the planet where it reeks havoc!

The Christian belief and philosophy is supposed to be all about teaching the word of Christ and spreading his message of love, where is the love in? Suffer ye not a witch to live (Exodus Chapter 22 verse 18) or condemning someone, because he is not of your race or skin color or perhaps he might be gay.

I have heard this saying a million times throughout my life, God doesn't make mistakes now who are the ones who go around saying that? The die-hard Christians of course, now I am not knocking anyone's belief system or religion, but on the same token I am also not trying to impose my beliefs off onto them, I am not trying to keep them from marrying or even hinder their right to have children on a planet that is already busting at the seams!

I, nor any other Witch would try to convert them to Wicca, we do not form colonies of television shows and blast our messages out onto the airwaves on Sunday morning, which by the way has nothing at all to do with worshiping Christ, they could do that in their bare feet out in the back yard just like us Witches do, when we worship and pay homage to our Goddess.

Christianity has and will always be trying to control the masses, the same holds true for any other Christ-oriented religion, when you take a look back through history it is very hard not to see the truth. Christianity has stolen so many of our holidays, rites and rituals, for Christ's sake they couldn't stand the fact that we celebrate Yule, so they had to steal it and turn it into the ever so popular Christmas, which by the way I find very entertaining in light of the fact that their God is a jealous God and in the bible it states that it is a sin to deck a tree in silver and gold, the message here is that he doesn't want you to behold any other Gods before him, not even a tree, how pathetic is that! (Jeremiah chapter 10)

God has not distorted the Christian religion, it is the Christians who have done that and today in our modern world the bible is being used to control and manipulate people, mainly the ones who are poor and who feel defenseless and unable to fight back, the same thing took place during the burning times, today the executions just take place in a bit more subtle way so as not to alarm people or tip them off.

The belief in Jesus and his father is what created them, neither would exist without followers, one might say the same about the Goddess, although you can actually see her in action, the Earth is her massive body, the Air that we breathe, the Water that we drink to hydrate ourselves with, the Fire that warms our homes are all gifts from the great Mother and proof that she and her energy exist. Other than faith and a picture of a hippy where is the proof that Jesus and the icon in which the Christians label as God exist?

The Goddess is a kind and caring Mother who doesn't persecute her children for living their lives and loving those around them, she is a Mother, but she gives you the right to choose whether or not to have an abortion, the Goddess is pro choice, as is the bulk of her followers.

The Earth is upset, she has been ripped apart and destroyed for far too long, she is taking back the reigns, order will be restored among her people, the coming days will prove to be interesting and that I can assure you, it is not us that has to fear the resurrection of Christ, but those who are set against us, those who condemn us and those who maliciously take it upon themselves to do harm to others, the Goddess is a Mother and like all Mothers when their offspring's are threatened, she will come to our defense, she has already, the Earth is starting to cleanse herself, a purification process is already taking place and as nervous as it makes me to say this, we have only seen a small sample of what is yet to come.

We do not need any help from our enemies, we can do the job for them, we have failed to respect that in which we were gifted with and the consequences will be our cross to bear, take a look around you, honor and respect the life in which you were given, it is a gift and should be treasured, we were never meant to go to war, love is about finding a peaceful way to settle our indifferences, mankind was supposed to teach and exchange energy, every color of the rainbow is reflected in the skin of every single individual on this planet, where love exist there is no room for prejudice, there is no room for hatred, bigotry or senseless acts of violence and cruelty!

It doesn't matter what religion you believe in or the color of your skin, the country you were borne in, is obsolete, we are all citizens on this sweet planet that we call home, we do not own her, yet no one is excluded from her, when you stand in your yard at night, you and I share the same sky and the exact same view, the life that you feel pulsating under your feet, I feel it too, it is simply amazing, you are my worldly brothers and sisters, please, allow me to reach out to you, allow me to give you the same respect that I expect, allow me to take away your fear and be the first to assure you that if it were up to me, you would all be welcomed here, we have so much that we need to say to one another, we have so much to teach, I want to know all about you and I want the chance to reveal my mysteries to you as well, one day when common sense is resurrected and takes the place of the insanity that we are suddenly plagued with, maybe you and I will have the chance to share the things that we were meant to share, the best that we can hope for is that the people in power whose hearts are harden will soon begin to soften and find a way to love again, they are consumed by hatred which is spawned out of fear, fear of the unknown and that in which they find queer, they believe themselves to be educated and some even go so far to try and educate, their attempts are futile and their progress will be hindered, as the Goddess movement resumes it's motion and presses onward, the day of freedom awaits us all, until then stay alert, stay strong and listen to your inner voice, allow it to be your guide and at night when you are standing beneath the heavens think of me and I my friend shall be thinking of you.

Blessed Be, Phelan