Witch's Dread

Heart-beats out a thunderous scream, lights flash and mirrors gleam, prickly hairs rearing tall on the backs of their neck as the ravens caw, trouble times are dead ahead for those who ignore the Witch's dread, Witch's eyes light up the night, silver star burning bright, a curse we fear as trouble unfolds-a curse we fear of a future untold, heed the warning of the Witch's hound, for howl he will as trouble abounds, bringing news of the grim in his growl foretelling a future once bright that will turn deadly upon this night, moss and mold hang everywhere-negative magic is in the air.
Black magicians conjuring hard to raise the dead out in the yard, the wheel of the year spins out of control, where will this night take us nobody knows, conjure, conjuring, raise and rise, black spirits to the moon take wings and fly, encircle the maiden thrice abound-deosil in reverse is where she can be found!

Fear not the night in which you misunderstand and keep the uninvited spirits at bay by shielding your hearth with salt and sand; place a besom crossways of your door and answer not the chiming sounds of the spirits calling your name as they walk your grounds, speak ill, not of the dead for they are not immune to our sound and a curse can be laid upon a human with just a glance, so chance not the rendering of a curse to your core and cover your mirrors with sheets of white, for it is within the looking glass that they gain their sight!

The looking glass shines with their eyes peering through, the eyes of the dead are watching me and you, the looking glass is a portal that they'll walk through, the looking glass is how they will come for me and you, the dead will walk the earth one last night they will rule, the dead will walk the earth without fear of me and you, fear not the dead for the evil ones can smell your fear, fear not the dead for your guardians will be looking after you!

Halloween is the Witch's new year, it is a very sacred and powerful time of the year, upon this night we hold many different types of ritual, I perform several different types of ritual during the days leading up to Hallowmas as well as the days that follow, Halloween is also the night of the dead, but not in the scary way that I described above, it is the night in which we say our final good byes to our loved ones, friends, family and even pets who have crossed the long bridge into the Summerland during the previous year, we hold a circle in which our formal good byes are said in and those of us who have lost someone will put our wine and cakes or even our loved ones favorite meal prior to going to circle, this is known as the Dumb Supper, the Christians took it and derived their version of the Lord's Last Supper, funny how things come into being!

I wish each of you a happy and safe Halloween and would like to remind cat lovers that the number of black cat deaths increase during the month of October, some simply fall victim to pranks that are taken a little too far, while others are used in ritualistic sacrifice by those who still practice certain religious beliefs, a Witch doesn't believe in harming or sacrificing any living thing, although I must admit in my single days there were a couple of guys that I certainly fantasized about cutting something off and it wasn't the head on their shoulders! (lol) But, on a more serious note those of you who have black cats or kittens that you are trying to place into homes please wait until after Halloween to do so, unless you know the parents to be well enough that you can say with certainty that their only motive is to provide the little one with love and a good home.

Blessed Be


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