Winds Of Change

When we are dealing with difficulties and negative events that continuously manifest over and over in our lives we have to look at the possibility that our energy is severely crossed up! In today's world we are so afraid of being infected with a disease that we are taught to wash our hands over and over, in my opinion one has to be very careful during a hand washing, you see in the palm of your hand there are what we call minor chakras, these chakras are minor but should not be discounted as we use them to send and to receive healing energy, another words we channel energy through the palms of our hands, whether we are sending or receiving, it is still part of the channeling process.

I believe that any repetitive act is unto itself a ritual, and therefore washing the hands on a daily basis is thereby a ritual and it is also my belief that if we are not careful we will wash away not only the valuable healing energy that we need and that we need to share, but, we will also wash away our luck when it comes to relationships and our money, now, I know that you are sitting there and thinking that I do not want you to wash your hands, but, let me assure you that isn't the case, but, if since you are going to wash your hands on a daily basis you may as well do so in a manner that it will not only prevent modern day disease, but, will work in your favor to improve your love and luck, as well as the overall daily flow of your life.

I use a natural base soap, in which you can find at any health-food store and I make my own herbal based house wash and hand rinse, the house wash is used to cleanse all of the surfaces in your home and will aid you in setting the vibration of the energy right and will dispel negativity and aid you in attracting the positive energy that you want, need and desire so very badly, the hand rinse is used after each hand washing to enhance health, wealth and love, there are many different formulas that can be used in a hand rinse that can help keep the minor chakras in the palm of the hands unclogged, thereby keeping the energy free flowing.

Like it or not, if you are a part of the human race you are a ritualistic being, if you step back for just a moment and take a look at your daily life you will see exactly what I am talking about, a ritual is best described as a rite that contains a repetitive set of actions, well, what could be more repetitive than going to bed at night in the moon's dim light and waking to the healing rays of the Sun's morning light and let us not forget that we repeat the same actions every morning, we bathe or shower, shave, brush our teeth, comb our hair or in my case shine my bald head (lol) and off to work we go, you see even the mundane day to day events in our life have taken on a repetitive-ritualistic-rite of their own and each of those activities provide us with a certain benefit, if you are well groomed and clean, you feel better, not to mention that you will smell better and if you are looking for love your odds of finding a mate with the allure of the aroma that is you, are considerably more favorable, so you see although these examples are somewhat simple, I feel the need to point them out because we sometime forget that there are ritualistic reasons as to why we do the things that we do, and just as we needed our parents guidance to teach us the daily ritual of brushing our teeth, we also need guidance when it comes to the larger repetitive-ritualistic-rites in our lives, such as finding and keeping our mates, increasing our metaphysical and magical knowledge, unclogging and increasing our repetitive-ritualistic-rite-prosperity energy and it is my belief that prosperity and love are two areas of our lives that should be included in our repetitive-ritualistic-rites on a daily basis, for we all know that when we focus positive energy on our desires day in and day out, we will manifest them with greater ease, we will take that difficult love situation, you know the one where our lover has walked away and has told us that he or she will never be with us ever again and may even said such hurtful things like you are dead to me, don't call, don't email, don't send snail mail, and for God sakes would please quit stalking me, now, ladies and gentlemen, I do agree that you shouldn't stalk your ex-lover for it is a waste of your valuable energy that you can utilize in a magical way and the best thing of all it will not land you behind bars!

There is nothing to be gained and everything to lose by acting out negatively when you are dealing with a breakup, the harder you push the more your lover will pull back and the thicker that imaginary but very solid glass wall between the two of you will become! If you have read my articles by now you know my stand and approach to love reunification rituals and you know that love spells will not manifest overnight, many of my clients believe that once their ritual is done that they should immediately run to the open and waiting arms of their mate, wrong, couldn't be more wrong if you tried, it doesn't mean that just because a love spell or in this case even the Kundalini binding has been performed that your lover's attitude will just suddenly change and for some of you it will take longer than others, whatever is going on with the one that you love is still going to need time to completely heal and that should also be included as part of any good process for reuniting two lovers.

I started this article talking about the repetitive nature of human beings and while there are many good and needed daily repetitive-ritualistic-rites, there are also some very bad and not needed at all daily repetitive-ritualistic-rites that influence and impact our lives in a very negative manner, self pity is one of the worse, because it inevitably leads one down a very darken path of depression and once you crawl into that deep-dark-hole it is even harder to dig your way out of. Self-denial ranks right up there, because if one believes that he or she is unworthy of having or holding their desires, it will not matter how many spells are cast to aid them in their plight, for they have already made up their minds that their magic will not manifest and from the Universe's point of view why send you something that you are going to muck up anyway!

Passing the buck, you know the blame game and just so that we are clear my dear sister or brother you and only you are responsible for the chaotic mess in your life, not me, not your parents and not your lover and the chaos is not caused by the lack of magic, because there is never a lack of magic, only a lack of acceptance, magic is only absent when one fails to accept and to acknowledge its presence within their life, chaos will run amuck in our lives when we do nothing to restore balance and order, in the past, it wasn't that long ago when I was a young Witch, some of the experiences that I had back then are down right painful to recall, but denying or dismissing them is something that I would never do, you see, a Witch believes that one should never speak ill of their past, because the past is the doorway that leads to their future, and our battle scars are proof that we have lived and yes let us not forget that what doesn't kill us will only make us stronger and that also applies to our love lives as well, love is about the messiest energy one can partake in, a good fight with your lover can leave you about as drained as a three minute orgasm and while the orgasm is a good thing and while a fight can also be a form of release it can lead to the opening and the closing of doors that we may live to regret, so, instead of fighting with the one that you are trying to reconnect with, which by the way is counterproductive and will delay the manifestation of any spell that you have cast or if you have enlisted the aid of a practitioner any spell cast on your behalf will be influenced by your behavior, be it good or bad you will influence and impact the outcome of your ritual work and knowing that is the case, why would you continue acting out in a derogatory fashion?

Each and every time that we exhibit negative behavior we become more and more less attractive, in fact our aura becomes a repellent instead of a magnet, and all of the whining and crying that we do is nothing but a waste of valuable energy, I will be the first to tell you that you have to work through and deal with your emotions and if there is ever a chance of being happy with someone at all whether that someone is your ex-lover or someone new, you have to come from and work from a place of strength, this is vital for your own happiness and this is vital for the successful flow of your life energy, otherwise you are going to spend a life filled with daily repetitive-ritualistic-rites that will consume you and your desires because they are so negative.

Listen to me, if your desire is to reconnect with a lost love and if you are going to take the magical approach to aid in the manifestation of that desire, then you may need to momentarily stop all verbal-communication with him or her and with those mutual friends as well, which you may just find are not so mutual to begin with, because like most people they may have a taste more for your ex-lover than they do for you or vice versa, but the one thing that you will not do if you and I are to work together in a metaphysical fashion and that is to talk about your magic with anyone other than myself, it is for this reason that while my staff may answer a generic based question or if it is a pressing matter they will consult me before responding to your email, but, not even my staff will openly discuss the work that I have done or may do for you and please whatever you do refrain from calling up Suzie Q the Psychic to discuss the situation with her, for Suzie Q's opinion will affect how you feel about the situation and we don't need her influencing an already negative you, and if you are working with me correspond with me through the website or call me when I am taking calls, but, in order for your magic to produce results you have to keep your mouth shut, I am curious, have you ever heard the saying "loose lips sink ships" the same applies to your magic, speak not lest the spell be broken!

One last thing before I go, here is a snippet of how things proceed when I am conducting a ritual on your behalf, you place your request by submitting your order, you log back into the website and you provide details of the situation, I do not need a novel, what I need are your desires, names and dates of birth, I do not need to hear all about the negative goings on and it is better for the outcome of your magic that I do not soak in that energy anyway, as you do not want me to approach your situation with a predisposed attitude, especially since I am the one who is conducting your rituals or casting your spells, after I receive your request you will receive a schedule in which I will be performing whatever it is that you have requested of me, the name of the ritual will be displayed, along with the ritual date and there will be a shipping date if you are to receive any items from me for that ritual, not all rituals will come with a ritual item, after I begin your rituals you may keep me informed of any changes that have taken place, but, I do not need to know every time that you and your ex-mate has had a negative encounter and once I have started your rituals you do not need to send a request for me to update your work with, unless you are having additional work performed, because once the rituals have completed I do not go back and redo them just because you spoke to Larry Lee and he said something nasty and please keep in mind that I have already told you that you just might need to halt communication with ol' Larry in order for your desire to reconnect with him to manifest, now, if you and Larry are being nice and civil to one another please by all means keep the lines of communication open, if the communication takes on a sour note halt, halt and halt!

The other thing to keep in mind is that a great deal of the negative issues that you are dealing with and will deal with were already in motion prior to any spell casting and while the blow can be softened, some events still have to be allowed to play themselves out in order for things to turn around, so when Larry Lee says to you we are finished, you just say okay, and keep in mind that you have enlisted magical help and if you give it a chance, magic can do just that, magic can help change the outcome of any situation that you are dealing with, a little belief and faith goes a long way, however, a negative attitude and approach can rip the foundation of your magic right out from under you, and if by chance Cindy Sue, Larry Lee's new squeeze used a little magic of her own to get your man, you are giving her even more ammunition to work with by exhibiting negative repetitive-ritualistic-rites on a daily basis, your negative behavior is only proving to reinforce their bond!



Forcing Larry to be nice will not work and while there are parts of Larry that work best when they are hard, Larry's heart is not one of them, so we just might need to add a little sugar and spice to your magic, a little honey certainly never hurts and it just might be the concoction that is needed to sweeten the deal, the same holds true whether your lovers name is Linda or Larry, if you think about the concept and the principals of cause and effect and you take those same principals into consideration and apply them to the your relationship the cosmic tide will eventually turn in your favor, from where I am sitting in life we have several choices and many directions that we can go in and personally I will never be a do nothing Witch, because I am constantly looking for ways to improve my life and my relationships, in today's world it would be easy for us to become a hermit, like a turtle or crab we could crawl back inside of our shells in hopes that whatever danger lurks outside will pass us by and then the day finally comes when we feel safe enough to stick our heads out of our shell just to be hit with a blinding moment of reality, because we discovered that while we were trying to avoid that in which we fear the most, that in which we need the most, life, has passed us by, do not be a bystander in the game of life, you only need to figure out how to play the game in such a way that you will gain the most benefit from and by keeping in mind that winning is not the objective you will find it much easier to overcome your hurdles, because as we have discovered there are no winners, but yet the ones who lose are the ones who failed to play the game in the first place, they are the ones who have chosen to throw the game and to discount and discard all of the benefits that are derived through the process of living life and relating to those around them and in particular to the one that they call their life-mate, life is a spiritual game of chance and it is a game that one cannot advance in alone!

I hope this article finds you well and in good health, and it is my request that the Universe smiles upon you and those that you love!

Phelan's call to action!

Throw open the doors and raise the windows, allow the winds of change to blow through, do something today that will influence the flow of your life energy for the better and there is no better place to start than with the clearing and cleansing of your personal space, so throw out the disinfectant that contains harmful chemicals and breakout the smudge sticks, floor wash and hand rinse, if your energy is severely crossed up an Aura cleansing and clearing herbs may be called for!

Blessed Be