White Witch Love Spells

I am always amazed, stunned and flabbergasted by those individuals who contact me in reference to reuniting them with a lover gone awry! They claim to love the person they desire to be with, but they are willing to go to any extreme to get them back, even black-magic! That is not love!

In most cases after I explain to them the ramifications of partaking in black-magic I almost always decline working with and accepting them as a client. Why you may ask? Because what they have already participated in can and will have a negative impact on anything that I attempt to assist them with.

Throughout life and our many incarnations we incur a little thing called karma, most people have no idea what that means and in layman's terms it simply means that you are responsible for your actions and thoughts and everything be it good or bad will come home to roost, the Universe will hold you accountable! It is far better that your actions be of a higher standard than end up having to pay the piper for the wrong that you have done someone and all in the name of love!

If you have ever taken the time to read through my site you will find a wide array of topics, now just because I refuse to participate in black-magic doesn't mean that I do not acknowledge and respect your right to participate in it, if you so choose, but let me tell you that when you are dealing with love and you cross the line and decide to wield a negative love spell in an attempt to be reunited with someone, the sad fact of the matter is that in all probability that love will be lost forever.

Even when I perform the Blood Moon Ritual for a client which in nature can be negative and even produce negative results if the practitioner (ME) and client (YOU) alike are not on the same page and coming from a good space, I take extra precautions to insure that the energy that we produce is of a positive nature, but even that is not enough if the person in which I perform the ritual for is not being honest with me about their true motives and the driving force behind their feelings!

I am very good at what I do as I have be doing it for a very longtime and my teachers were and are some of the best practicing Witches that you could ever have the good fortune to meet, let alone study under! As true as that statement is we all have a higher power that we have to answer to, and for me that is the Goddess and the Universe, but laying all of that aside at the end of the day I have to be able to live with myself and feel good about my dealings with my clients and those around me, the one person that you cannot hide from is you and you are in big trouble if you cannot look at your reflection in the mirror and feel good about it!

This is the exact reason that I set standards for myself and my practice and one of the ways that I define those standards is by calling myself a White Witch, now if you have read other articles that I have written, you already know and understand that there is really no white or black magic, magic is pure energy and is determined by the intent and the will of the practitioner!

Names are pure energy and holds a vibration, whether it is a name that was given to you when you were born or a spiritual name that you accepted later in life, whatever the case may be, each and every individual must strive to grow into the vibration of their name, names are very powerful and unique to the individual that possesses them and even though we may have thousands, even millions of people on the planet who are named Ronnie, each and everyone of those individuals vibrate at a different level making them and their name unique and distinctive to their personal incarnation!

The same goes for a business, when you name your business you should take great care in selecting the name in which the energy of your business will strive to grow into. I took the time to consider the message and the image that I wish to convey to the World Wide Web and my potential clients, when you look at what I have put into place, it defines who I am and what I am about very clearly. Phelan (Celtic) and means the lone wolf. Malewitch (Wise Man) A weaver of magic and a follower of the Great Mother (Goddess).

I took it a step further by choosing to label myself as a White Witch, A White Male Witch, A Practitioner of the White Magical Arts, A weaver of White Magic Love Spells! By doing so I am constantly reinforcing who I am and what I do and better yet what I will not do, and that is to cross the line and weave black-magic that will force another back into the arms of one my clients, it can and has been done before and will undoubtedly be done again, just not by me!

There is no harm in casting a love spell, a white love spell to re-attract or to attract that man or woman that your arms are aching to hold and your loins are pulsating with passion to get him or her back into your bed and between the sheets, no harm at all! As long as the magic that you wield or have wielded on your behalf is true to life white and pure as the driven snow!

I have cast many love and lust spells on my behalf over the years and I was always careful not to cross the line into the never-ending cycle of the darkness and dank energy that comes from casting a black-magic love spell, now I will be the first to tell you that black-magic has its place and I have used it in my own self- defense or in the defense of a loved one, admittedly I have conjured up a demon or two and sent them calling in the middle of the night for someone who has wronged me and I always make certain that my actions are and were justified and that I use no more force than necessary to set things right for myself and the ones that I love.

There has to be a balance in nature and in the Universe, you cannot have a positive force without its negative opposing force, even the Christians can relate to this concept with their belief in Heaven and Hell! Good would not exist in the world without bad, we would not even have an understanding as to how to define the word itself without its opposition.

The bottom line that you have to look at when you are considering casting or having a love spell cast on your behalf is this: Will the end result justify the means and will I gain more than I lose? I can tell you that if the love spell that is being cast is of a dark nature and it is not a White Magic Love Spell, you will lose far more than you ever gain!

The end result will always justify the means, the end result will reflect your true intentions, this is why I always tell everyone that I decide to work with, to make certain that they are coming from a place of love, it is easy for them to lie to me and to fool me into working and weaving a love spell on their behalf, but they cannot lie to the Universe or to the Goddess and therefore the end result that is received will always reflect their true motivation!

Any work that is performed by a practitioner on your behalf will have an impact on your personal karma and when I perform a White Witch Love Spell for a client I never allow myself to become emotionally involved, if I did I couldn't be effective and I go to even greater lengths to shield myself from any negative repercussions that may arise due to a clients dishonesty with me and with themselves about their motives!

There are a lot of websites out there that offer black-magic love spells and I have to stop and wonder why any reasonably intelligent man or woman would stoop to such a level, casting a pure White Magic Love Spell is one thing, nurturing and growing the feelings that are there or even once were there, is another, but blatantly crossing the line and pulling someone back to you in a negative way is ludicrous!

I mean you may get what you want for just a little while, but if what you receive wasn't manifested out of love it will not last and your results will be minimal! Furthermore you will never really know whether or not that person loves you or if their feelings were forced upon them, you will always be left with doubt which will eventually undermine and destroy your relationship beyond repair!

White Magic Love Spells may take longer to manifest and produce the desired results, after all it takes more energy to do something of a positive nature than that of a negative, people are so much more comfortable with focusing on the negative and of course it takes less energy to be negative and that is why we have all the meanness, nastiness and mischief on the planet!

My advice to anyone who is considering casting a love spell or having one cast is to make certain that you have done a great deal of soul searching and make sure that you are coming from a very sincere and positive space, magic should always be taking seriously and the pros and cons weighed very carefully, to set about casting a white magic love spell with anything less than love in your heart is to set sail in a ship that will surely sink to the bottom of the ocean.

Love is a wonderful thing when it is reciprocated, often my clients find themselves in very negative situations with little or no communication, communication is important but not necessary in order to manifest positive results from a love spell. I often tell my clients that if they can keep the conversation light and airy and it doesn't impact them in a negative way try and keep the communication open and flowing!

Some people definitely have the wrong idea about magic and how the process works, it is entirely unreasonable to expect any kind of results overnight. You have to look at it this way, the situation that you are dealing with at the moment didn't happen overnight and more than likely the resolution will take even longer, the best approach to magic and especially white witch love spells is to throw it to the four winds and be open and ready to accept what the Goddess and the Universe returns to you.

Dealing with magic and love spells in particular you can define exactly what you are looking for or desire in a mate, but sometimes the Universe will send you something entirely different, when you cast a love spell you never really know what the Goddess holds in store for you and what she decides to send you may just be for your highest good!

Last year I had a lady from Arizona who was trying to reconnect with her ex-husband, she contacted me and I agreed to work with her, I performed the Kundalini binding, love spell and did a thorough cleansing, a few weeks later she called me and invited me to her wedding, I was amazed that it happened so fast and upon further conversation she told me that her high school sweetheart whom she hadn't seen or heard from in twenty years walked back into her life, he came into the dealership that she worked for looking for a particular car, he told her that he had driven by that location everyday for the past seven years and never had the inclination to stop in, he was so delighted to see her that he took her on a weekend getaway to the Bahamas and they have been together ever since and they were married on her birthday last year in October.

The above is a great example as to how the Universe will provide for you once the door is open, magic can open many doors and is not limited to just our love life, I for one believe that all aspects of our lives can be improved by utilizing the magical force within ourselves and tapping into the cosmic energy pool. Magic is everywhere and as long as you remember to give back and to pay respect to the Gods and the Universe and you never take more than you need you are fine to go about fulfilling all of your desires.

I challenge you today to take control of your life and to stop procrastinating, as a human being you have the right to be happy and you have every right to love and to be loved as long as you do not harm yourself or another, the Universe will provide for you that which you seek and ask for. Love is in the air as it is nothing more than energy, love can and will manifest in your heart if you are open and ready for it, do not let love pass you by, do not let the one chance that you may have at true happiness escape you because you are afraid, remember that love is an investment just like everything else, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Blessed Be, Phelan