White Magic? Or Not!

Magic is considered the most powerful science in the world; when a Wizard, Witch, or Practitioner successfully applies its principles, they can effect change within the universe in attunement with his or her will.

I believe that magic is indeed a very personal thing, and this is one of the main reasons that I encourage my clients to put forth as much energy into their desire as possible, in a positive way, of course, and not in an obsessive manner.

When I tell a client to stay focused, what I am really trying to stress is the need for them to direct their energy towards the goal that they wish to achieve or accomplish. In essence, staying focused on the bottom line will indeed allow them to effect change in their own lives. (Mental Energy=Mental Magic)

There are three planes on which magic works in the universe: the physical, astral, and mental planes. As living, breathing residents of earth, we inhabit all three of these planes simultaneously: our physical bodies, our souls, and our spiritual selves. The physical plane can best be described as the material plane where our body actually resides, and the astral plane is where our astral body or our soul resides, and the astral is sometimes called the formative planethis is where ideas are formed.

Magic practiced on the astral plane has a definite and very powerful advantage of being brought one step closer into manifestation or into the physical plane. The mental plane is where our spirits or our minds reside, this plane is also referred to as the creative planeor the power of creation.

Let us take a look and consider the following magical principles.

1. To Know: Before any magic can be performed, you have to know and understand a specific magical technique or practice. If you wish to perform an evocation, you have to know step-by-step how to perform it, and you must understand what is occurring in each part of the ceremony.

2. To Will: The power that makes a magical ritual work comes from the practitioner's will. To effectively work any type of magic, you have to have a strong desire to attain some end and then be able to channel that desire in a ritual. An evocation is usually performed with two desires in mind: the desire the called entity will appear and the desire that it will accomplish the task that the practitioner assigns.

3. To Do: The ritual has to be performed correctly for the desired effect to be achieved. A practitioner has to be able to do more than go through the motions and pronounce the words of a rite; he or she has to be able to supply the necessary power and perform the necessary mental workings, such as creating visualization and affirmations.

4. To Be Silent: Silence is necessary, and while few people actually practice this, keeping silent about what type of magical work you do or that you have done on your behalf is crucial to a successful outcome. By telling everyone that you did a ritual to accomplish a task or to return a lost love, you are allowing them to build up unconscious thought forms that will be destructive to your ritual's success. It is best to keep quiet about the magical workings that you partake in; other people's thoughts are far more damaging than you might realize; in the craft, we have an old saying that goes like this. "Speak not lest the spell be broken."

There are many different types of rituals and magic; the type of magic that a practitioner practices will normally vary from culture to culture, just as you have your different types of religious sects; the same is true for the art of magic, the easiest type of magic that I have found thus far for a beginner is candle magic, with a strong desire or need, and a little practice even a novice can successfully work a candle ritual, and effect the desired change.

Before deciding to do a ritual or work with a practitioner of the magical arts, you should always question your motives. Are you coming from a place of love? Are you motivated by need or greed? Are you attempting to use magic because you are looking for an easy answer, or are you just too plain lazy to physically do the work that is necessary to achieve or accomplish your goals?

If you have asked yourself the above questions and your response was of a positive nature than you are pretty safe to proceed. But keep in mind that there is a very thin line between White Magicand Black magic, and remember that your karma hangs in the balance, and this applies even if you have decided to ask for help from a Magicianor Practitioner of White or Black magic.

The bottom line is that the type of magic is decided by the will of the practicing witch. I described myself as a White Witch, a practitioner of White Magic, but I am just as capable of working a Black spell or laying a curse on someone who has offended or ruffled my feathers, again for those of you who doesn't know me I very seldom loose my temper, and I absolutely weigh the consequences against the benefits before moving ahead with any dark working!

Before I ventured out onto the World Wide Web, the vast majority of my clients were based out of Atlanta, GA, to date I have worked with clients from all parts of the globe, and I can truly say that it has been a real interesting experience, and quite educational for me.

The most common issues that I assist my clients with are normally prosperity and love-related or matters of the heart. I know that I am quite good at what I do, all jokes aside, and I am not at all coming from an inflated ego; my track record over the years can speak for itself. I have helped many of my clients who were dirt poor rise to the top in their professions, and I have assisted many of the brokenhearted to pick up the pieces of their hearts and find their way back to the one that they love; it is not always easy, and if it were I would be very much concerned as to the longevity of their accomplishments because it is normally a pretty good indication that anything that comes too easily just isn't going to last!

I would be tempted to say that the Love thing is the most common occurrence that I deal with, and you might be surprised as to how many of my clients are determined to work against and undermine their own desires and goals. Some of the ways that a person will undermine their goals when working with magic is to constantly focus on what they do not have at the moment, as opposed to what they are seeking. They worry over every little detail or freak out if things don't immediately go the way they want it to, or constantly talk about the work that they have had done, it is simply not a good idea, with me or anyone else, now I understand the need that someone may have to want to know if things are changing or if what they desire is any closer to manifesting, and believe me that I more than anyone wants a quick resolution, but it doesn't always happen.

If you are in a position where you are considering having a practitioner of the magical arts to work and weave a spell on your behalf, you should make certain that he or she is a spiritual individual with a strong concept of who he or she roots firmly planted in their belief system, any dealings that you initiate with a practitioner will have an impact on your personal karma as well as theirs, so you need to make sure that they are a practitioner of White Magic, and you need to feel comfortable with them as well as the type of magic that they practice.

There are a lot of websites out there, some good, and I am sure some not so good. I have read horror stories where people were bilked out of ten, fifteen, and even twenty thousand dollars. Now I will be the first to say this to you: I provide a service, and I sell products; I treat my clients with dignity and respect, and I do not use scare tactics to get their business; I have earned their business through my good name, and reputation, I receive referrals from my clients all of the time, just like any other service-oriented business, my clients are my business, and I place great value on their support, and on their patronage, and on their friendship, yes I have made some very wonderful friends over the years, the bad thing about that is if I ever become emotionally involved I have lost a client, and they have lost a practitioner, but we both have gained so much more when you are too close to a situation you cannot be effective!

Now, back to those good or not-so-good websites, the fees that I charge are nominal; when you contact someone, and they ask for thousands of dollars, that has to be your first clue and your first red flag. I read a posting that someone made on another website, and they claim that some unscrupulous individual conned them out of about twenty thousand dollars, now I honestly cannot see anyone paying a practitioner that kind of money, although I have clients that spread back over twenty years who have ordered any number of products, and or services from me, why? Because I treated them fairly, and I treated them with respect, and the bottom line for me is that this is a way of life, a belief system; when I cast a spell, I do so with every fiber of my being; it is not playtime, and just as I treat my clients with respect, I pay that same respect to the universe and the Gods of old.

It takes a fool to step to the Gods with disdain, disrespect, and disbelief, for they will make a believer out of you and give you an upbringing to beat the band! Now, while my heart goes out to those who were cruelly taken advantage ofI have to say that in seeking out a practitioner, you best allow common sense to be your guide.

I have taken the time to visit other websites, and there is one in particular that I will not call by name, but this site is set with a forum that allows surfers to post comments without being registered; the site is also attempting to promote the owners' services by bad mouthing other practitioners, psychics and the such, it wasn't difficult for me to figure out that the majority of the posts are placed there by the sites owner, all you have to do is read, and although she claims that she is not using it in that manner, there will be posts there that will suggest or even tell you that if you are looking for help, or a spell caster you should consider her services, now I am all for free enterprise, as long as it doesn't infringe on my right to conduct my business in a friendly manner.

Now I am not going to get ugly and call her names and say that she is a fraud, but I will say that she is a fool because she is playing with fire, and even if she is not indulging in Black magic, she is projecting that vibe, and she is gaining clients through a very dishonest manner. I am almost certain that she will be visited by the good ole devil himself, when karma comes to call, girl what are you going to do?

The bottom line is that deliberately trying to sabotage someone else also comes from the dark side, black magic, and not the pure wholesome White Magic that produces loving results, after all if you are trying to retrieve a lost lovethe key word is loveyou do not want a practitioner that has wicked ways and wicked practices working on your behalf, and if you do maybe you are not worthy of that love after all.

Choose wisely and with care when seeking out the advice of a practitioner, witch, or spell weaver; make certain that they not only postcodes of conduct and ethics to their site because it looks good and appeals to the vast majority of the population but also what good does it do for them to post it if they do not live it?

Everyone has to take responsibility for their actions in this lifetime; therefore, you must put forethought into what you do; your actions and your thoughts all have consequences and will determine the outcome of your incarnation, and better it be that your motives come from a pure untainted place within your heart, than a dark deep cavity that can never be filled no matter how much you feed it. On a lighter note, work from love, and love shall be returned to ye threefosed Be, Phelan