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As I sit here and reflect back in time. I think about things I have done, somethings I could have done differently, people I have hurt, people I have helped, luckily the people I have helped outweigh the people I have hurt! I have meditated, visited the water Goddess at the branch behind my house. I have scried and used my tarot cards, and I can tell you the future looks bleak.

I am one of the most positive people that I know, and when the storm clouds pass, the light returns. But here are the problems folks, we have a president that would rather put American lives in danger by holding rallies, such as the one in Oklahoma #OklahomaTrump that flopped on its ass. 

This man's ego is so big he actually thought a million people were going to come and listen to the ramblings of an old delusional fool. We all have to get out and vote in 2020 or mail in our ballots, the current administration and by that I mean Donald Trump is trying to scare people away from mail-in ballots. How do you think the Soldier's abroad are voting? Expats living in other countries vote? Is Trump going to tell our soldiers on our front lines they cannot vote?. Joe Biden #JoeBiden may not be your first choice, but he is all the hope that we have to save what is left of the United States.

Donald Trump is not a businessman, he is a fraud. Millions of dollars meant to bail out the American people went to Big Business, his cronies! And still the Beer bellies out west continue to support him. I wonder what they are willing to pay to put this man back in the Oval Office, perhaps the life of one of their kids lost to the #coronavirus. 

Trump is already setting the stage to contest the election when he loses, and he will lose! He will contest all of the mail in Ballots and call it fraud. The American people need to stand up and say enough is enough, no more lives are going to be lost, he doesn't care, he has told his people to slow down the testing to keep the numbers from rising. The more testing the more people will be found who are sick and suffering and he would rather those people go to sleep and never wake up again than to be counted as a #coronavirus victim!

We are a disgrace on the world stage, dictators of other countries have done a far better job at controlling the #coronavirus #covid19. He insults the Asian people by calling this the #kungflu. Kellyanne Conway acted like she was going to do something about it, oh she wanted to know who would say such a thing. Well, Kellyanne knows, girl you know. 

I wonder how this little ménage à trois is working out between Trump, Kellyanee, and George Conway, Kellyanne's husband who happens to be a member of the lincoln project. If you haven't seen the commercials that are very damning of Trump. I just wonder how the current administration can justify over 122,000 American deaths? How do you sleep at night? Mister Pretend President? By the way, a little water on the tie would look better than the drool down your chin on the tie and you know your old tired ass couldn't walk down that ramp! 

If there is a Hell, unfortunately, I do not believe in one, but if there is a hell there is a special seat at the table for you and your fake first lady. Trump, you are an enlarged cyst on society and I hope Dr. Fauci is the one who gets to stick you with the scalpel to drain it, after all, you were supposed to drain the swamp, and I cannot think of no better place than to start with the boil on the asses of the American people, let's wash the last four years off of our reputation and say goodbye to Trump as him and his cronies circle the drain.

The administration is trying to spin his comments as he if were joking about the 122,000 Americans who have perished to the #coronavirus. Let me ask you this, have you lost a loved one? If not, what if you lose a loved one in the future will you still be willing to accept he was joking. He doesn't care about you just your vote! 

Vote By Mail!

Blessed be, Phelan




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