Universal Karma

In life there is never a time when we are truly alone, we are sentient beings and we are connected to the Universe and to one another spiritually, each of us come into this life with our own set of lessons and path to follow, we are responsible for cultivating our own personal karma and we share in the karma with those in which we choose to involve ourselves with. A good example of this would be our love relationships; in the singular sense our karma is uniquely our own, when we delve into a relationship and allow ourselves to couple with someone sexually, our souls intermingle, this is just one of the ways that we create what is known as family or shared karma, when you have sex with someone a psychic imprint of that persons energy leaves its mark upon your soul, and vice versa, karma is created and whatever lesson that you have to learn with that particular individual is set into motion, some lessons and even karmic debt cannot be settle with the person in which we created the karma with, in cases like this we will then work through those same exact lessons with someone else, perhaps with the next person that we involve ourselves with.

Sex is just one of the avenues in which Karma is created between two people; karma can be created unknowingly between two people who have a brief encounter of road rage, it is mind boggling when you think about how careful you should be, this is one reason that I take great care in my magical practices, I live my life with the knowledge that thoughts are alive, pulsating with energy and once you set a thought in motion it cannot be easily undone, in most cases a thought form has to be allowed to play itself out, it will continuously feed off of the energy (Individual) in which it was projected towards until it eventually returns back unto its creator, negative thoughts can create havoc, chaos and cause one to have a really bad day, it is for this reason a good practitioner will work at becoming skilled in the art of self-shielding, I am sure that you have heard the old saying that the best offense is a good defense, words to live by!

Family karma is not defined by bloodline; we can share karma with any gender, race or nationality, as a Country we all share in the karma that is the war, how you may ask? Because united we have the power to stop the war and it is for this reason with the impending election pressing down upon us that we must all do the right thing to ensure that Democracy, kindness and compassion is restored, this will in no way undo the damage that has been done, but it will certainly start the healing process of a planet and her people, the Goddess has mothered many races and breed of people, she never intended for us to kill and maim one another, she never intended that there would be borders, the Earth is her body and the people her soul!

Karma is a scary word, but karma is not always bad and we can create positive karma with those in which we choose to involve ourselves with, in the event that negative karma is created it can be balanced out, you cannot sidestep karma and karma cannot be avoided, we can work to restore balance which is what we do during a Karma Cleansing, through the process of a Karma cleansing negative patterns are brought to light and we seek the assistance of the Goddess to heal the damaged energy, our waking minds are not always aware of the karma that we share with someone else, often karmic debts are settled on a soul level, I know that I have settled karma with at least two individuals by interacting with them on the astral plane, as well I have had sexual encounters while out of body, meaning that the act of love making was carried out in a spiritual sense and not a physical one. During a Karma cleansing, one may request that a mediator becomes involved in order to settle a karmic dispute, a mediator is a psychic or practitioner that possesses the skills to effectively communicate with each individual soul, a sort of negotiation to see what each individual needs in order to proceed forth in life, this process is done on the mental plane, AKA astral plane and memories of the interaction and goings on are rarely brought back into the physical plane, this is part of the process and technique that I use when performing a Karma cleansing, in most cases negotiation between the embittered souls are easier settled on the astral plane, however, because the astral plane mirrors the images and experiences of our Earth selves the same thoughts and awareness of the situation exist and just like an individual can hold onto negativity in the realm of the earth plane, the soul mind can wrap itself around those issues and hold on tight as well, so every once in a while you have to use a little WD-40 to oil the squeaky wheel! (lol)

Life was meant to be a learning process and I know that the War is part of the Karma that we all share in, like it or not every time that we turn on the television to watch the news we are perpetuating the negativity because we are lending our mental energy to the propaganda, as a whole it is hard not to turn on the television, I for one confess, in my household the news was outlawed, banned and over the last couple of years there is so many issues that effect the lives of many whom I love, that turning on the news has become a compulsion, that is until here recently when I decided that instead of watching the news and feeding the negativity that I would focus my energy on healing myself, healing my lover and lending strength to those around me who are in need, this seems to be a better focus and my time is better spent, the heart of the Universe is bent, not broken, she is by no means beyond repair, the Goddess is not vengeful and she is not spiteful, she, like any mother would rise with the strength and the force of a thousand men if her children are threatened or trespassed against, the Goddess has graced upon me her blessings a thousand times over, she has picked me up and moved me beyond harms reach, more than once and it is her path that I follow in mind and in heart, I started this article with the sentiment that we are never alone and that is true, for our mother the Goddess is with us in birth, in life and she is waiting to accept us back unto her bosom in death and like all good mothers she allows her children room to make mistakes, for it is through our mistakes that true wisdom is spawned and it through learning from our mistakes that we grow as individuals spiritually and it is through the learning process that we are able to tear down the web of deceit and allow our spiritual neophyte to fully mature, you see as our earthly body ages we become more settled and more at one with the Universe and at some point we began to realize that our actions and our thoughts have consequences and that we are responsible for more than just ourselves, after all we are not alone in the World, we are all interconnected, we are all brothers and sisters and our spiritual mother is the earth, she is our greatest teacher, followed by her is our surrogate mother, the lady who is flesh and blood the same as you and me, she is the Goddesses stand-in so to speak, her physical representative embodied with the knowledge that she needs to share with us on behalf of the great mother Goddess, our surrogate mothers have a world of knowledge and information that is sometimes lost in translation, but nevertheless you can bet that what we learn from her is definitely part of our life path, experience and process that we must go through in order to evolve. We are all here to learn, so today I charge you with the task of opening your mind and your heart to those around you, focus on creating good will and positive karma, fear is nothing more than the lack of knowledge and education, embrace that in which you fear, educate yourself by asking questions and keep in mind that while you and I may look different on the outside we have many things on the inside that link us together, the heart is always a good place to start.

Blessed Be