Troubled Times

Trouble times are dead ahead, inflation, deflation, credit crunch, mortgage crisis, what's next? The bottom line is that we cannot live in fear, and I do believe strongly in the old adage that it takes money to make money, but, you do not have to be rich to manifest what you need in life, nor, do you have to go through life in need all of the time, you can have what you need to sustain a quality way of life without the constant struggle, you only need to decide what needs are important to you and prioritize them, and you also need to release yourself from a poverty consciousness, wealth is but a state of mind, money and property are the manifestations of wealth in the material and physical sense, poverty on the other-hand is a symptom of the erosion of our self-image and a breakdown in our belief that we can rise above our circumstances and manifest our wants, needs and desires!

If you fear foreclosure your house is as good as gone, if you fear bankruptcy you are bankrupt long before it actually happens, the only way to conquer fear is by embracing it, if you know that you are having difficulty meeting your mortgage payment and other financial obligations do not wait until the sheriff comes to escort you off the property before taking action, you have to get up off of your behind and start moving, there are worse things in life than a foreclosure, I mean come on, if you can't make the mortgage payment, remove yourself from the situation, you are always going to need a place to live and sustaining life and limb has to be your first priority, the rules of the jungle apply, you need to hone into your survival instincts and pull yourself up by your boot straps and get on with life, if you are not dead that is a very good sign that you still have some living to do!

Credit worthiness has nothing at all to do with human worthiness, as a society we have become so entwined in the web of material goods, we have to drive the best cars, live in the largest house that we can get, whether we can afford it or not, too many people live for today, in fact that motto is exactly what has the world in which we reside in, in a mess!

"Live for today and to hell with tomorrow, for today I live and sing as the grasshopper does, while my neighbors forge like the worker bees and ants preparing for their future!

We must learn to conserve the resources in which we have been granted, I totally agree with energy conservation, I am in total agreement that we, as individuals should be able to take care of ourselves instead of looking for someone else or to the Government to take care of us, but before we can effectively take care of ourselves we must learn to create a balance between our emotional and intellectual states of mind, we must strive to create a sense of oneness between ourselves and those in which we choose to involve ourselves with and we must only allow those who are of the same mindset to influence our life, because if you are a budding millionaire, you don't need your friend "the pauper" pissing on your parade and undermining your energy!

Don't get me wrong, I am by no means a millionaire, I do however aspire to be one someday, but, I have learned over the many years through the practice of sympathetic magic to influence that energy on a daily basis, at one point in my life I didn't have two nickels to rub together, I didn't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of, I found myself buying into that old cliche that in order to be spiritual you have to be poor, my opinion of that point of view looking back is nothing more than an excuse, either too lazy to work for what you need or perhaps too insecure and afraid of failure, in my case it was a direct consequence of the spiritual leaders who were influencing my life at the time, and of course they themselves were doing very well, in retrospect I now see why, because they didn't adhere to their own philosophy, they lived very well off of the blood, sweat and tears of their coven members, and that is why I left the group that I once had great admiration and respect for, among other reasons, organized religion and that way of life is simply not for me, I fair much better sitting atop of my own throne and commanding my Witchdom, thereby learning and growing from my own successes or failures, the latter I am proud to say have been very few.

A Witch programs their life much like a nerd programs a computer, it is slightly a different technique, but the same approach applies, you have to learn to utilize all of your Goddess given talents along with the natural energy that is you, your energy is a magnet and just like a magnet there is two sides to your polarity, a positive and a negative, you can bask in either for too long, therefore you must learn to create a balance, for when the scales are balanced the things that you need, your hopes, dreams and aspirations will naturally flow to you and manifest with a greater ease. You cannot be afraid of putting yourself out there, it really doesn't matter what your needs are, wasting away at home in front of the television won't get you laid and will not pay the bills, if it does please share your secret with the rest of us and by all means pass the number of the sucker along to us, you know the one I am talking about, the one you have conned into taking care of you, hmm, your stuff must be good! (lol)

Do not become a product of your environment, sure the economy may not be so great right now, sure the value of the dollar is declining, but the worse thing that you can do is to buy into the propaganda that we are forced-fed by watching commercialized news! They want us to be afraid, for it is our fear that they gain their power from, code orange, you know the drill! You and I are not responsible for the rest of the world, as a Witch I do believe that we are linked to one another, therefore the best thing that we can do to insure that the links in our chain remain strong is by taking care of ourselves and to focus on our own spiritual growth, meditate, pray and send out positive energy to our friends, family and loved ones, hold positive thoughts for all humanity, for the demise of one group or race of people will surely be the demise of us all, remember we are all connected and with that said, although we are connected we are not our worldly brothers and sisters keepers, but, if we were truly smart we would be, because there is a great power and strength in numbers, an army of one, right!

Life is complex, and the only bed of roses that we are guaranteed is the one in which we make for ourselves, if we sit around and wait for life to happen, it will, because life naturally happens, but, what won't happen is what we need to have happen, we have to take an active role and approach in order for our true desires to manifest, whether our aspirations lead us down the path to great wealth or not, that remains to be seen, but if we do not put forth the effort we will never know, and the fact of the matter is this, whether you wish to acknowledge it or not you are a magical being, your creative power is stronger than you realize, you can have whatever your heart desires, even when it comes to love, the only thing you have to do is to tap into the power of you, for you are a force to be reckoned with, set yourself free of the paralyzing chains that bind you, release yourself from the past, for it is a foolish man who dwells in the past, for if you dwell in the past you are giving up your future, even if your desire is to reunite with someone, you want a brighter tomorrow and a future with that person, you do not want to go back to the way things were before you broke-up, otherwise you would still be together, the relationship needed change and you need to open your mind and heart up to that concept, it is okay to reconnect with a lost love, but reconnecting doesn't have to lead you down the path where you are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past, the true key to avoid reliving past mistakes is to learn from them and to grow spiritually, it is time for you to become a little more self-involved!

The old adage that "it takes money to make money" holds a lot of water, but it is just a concept, a statement that one should never take literally, do you know that 90% of the world's millionaires are self made, that's right, self-made, meaning that they acquired their wealth as they moved forward in life, in my opinion one should never place limitations on themselves or what they wish to accomplish, I had a lady just the other day who called me about prosperity work, she stated to me on the phone that she was in her forties and had no retirement income to look forward to and then in behind that she said"I don't need to live life as a millionaire, and I said why not? There is absolutely nothing wrong with being set for life and never having to worry about money, she was shocked by my response" This is a very good example of a poverty consciousness, and it was clear to me that the treads were deeply ingrained within her and her thought process, and unfortunately she will probably not prosper to her full potential in this life, the only way that she will is if she releases herself from her chains that bind her to a life filled with poverty!

People who were born in the ghetto have gone on to become great shades of light, living a life filled with peace, harmony and prosperity, for the will of man is strong and his needs are even stronger and a life created with the absence of prosperity is a life created with a clean slate, a blank canvas awaiting the arrival of its mastering artist, the one who will ultimately breathe new life into it, the one who brings a new state of being and awareness into manifestation, you are an artist and your life is the canvas in which to construct your work of art upon, and magic runs through you, flowing from the universe like the river flows unto the ocean, work your magic, create your art and manifest your heart's desire, focus on spiritual growth, balance your energy with the energy that is around you, mirror life as you would like it to be, believe and so shall you receive.

Blessed Be