Troubled Times!

Fall is fastly approaching; this is a scene two years in the making. Yet, as an empath, the energy feels so heavy to me, sometimes almost too much! Hallowmas is approaching, and many souls have left their human host in the past year.


Abruptly parted from their life-path, missing out on the lessons they have to learn, perhaps the pandemic was a lesson or possibly a cruel joke.


Either way, it doesn't feel good when you lose someone you love prematurely. But, unfortunately, we have lost more in the past two years than in a hundred years.


Death is part of our life lesson and our life plan; no one lives forever, and rightfully so, if we lived forever, it would remove our incentive to love, learn and grow while we are here. 


Death is not to be feared, for it is a doorway to another world, another adventure, another chance to get right what we got so wrong the first time around, or the fifth, or the sixth. We live many times, and we collect a lot of information. Hence, that is where those feelings of Deja Vu cross our paths.


When we pass unto the light, and we are reborn into another body, and we seek those spirits in which we lived amongst in our previous life, this is called soul-clustering and is a belief that most, not all, but most Witches believe in. 


For instance, your father or mother could be your child in the next life, although it is rare for either person to remember that specific connection.

You may feel familiar feelings when dealing with that person.


The feelings may surface like I have been here before, and I have been with this person in a previous life is one of the most common.


The feeling of Deja Vu may happen when you visit a place that you were at in a previous life. For example, I have lived in the same house in at least two different lives and with my current spouse for at least three other live times.


We experience Deja Vu as life lessons come into play, mostly when we fail to learn essential lessons from a previous life! We are the masters of the blueprint of our life, the architect by design.


We are indeed self-made; we decide whether we are rich or poor. Before being reincarnated, we choose what lessons we need to learn. The heartbreak you are dealing with, the disappointment you feel, the happy times in your life were all predetermined by you. 


Just because something is predetermined doesn't mean that it will always turn out the way we desire. So if something is off in your life, change it if something isn't the way you want it to be! Each of us has the power to change anything that we do not like about our lives. The power is within us, and it has been there since day one of our rebirth.


Successful business people understand that when life deals you a dirty hand and business turns bad; you double down! It is the same technique that I use in my practice of magic.

For example, during the Covid19 crisis, I doubled the amount of magic I work each year for myself and my family.


I doubled the amount of work as a safeguard to ensure that we were protected and that our goals stayed on track. 

Without the extra work, I am sure that things would have spiraled out of control, for the times we lived through were strange even for an old Witch like me. 


I have a good friend in Charlotte, North Carolina. He owns several businesses, and due to the shutdowns, he about went belly up. He sought my counsel, and I told him to increase his advertising dollars; I also told him to add a pick-up and drop-off service to his business. He followed my advice and reported back last week that the past year has by far been his best year in the fifteen years of being in business. 


I have learned that in a time of crisis, it is useless to panic! Instead, staying calm, centering, and focusing on the task at hand is a better use of our energy. 


In 2020 I had an average of an 85% success rate in the work that I do for my clients. In 2021, we are experiencing around 85 to 90% success rate; I expect that we will top out this year at about 97%.


The Goddess has graced me with a wonderful group of clients; the key to success is not to give up at the slightest of setbacks and stop letting your ego get in your way! 


I have a few clients; I know they are reading this article; they literally and continuously sabotage themselves; they demand the Goddess and the Powers that be to manifest their desires, which universally comes across as arrogant! 


You cannot demand that in which you are unwilling to sacrifice in return. For example, I had a client somewhere in Alabama recently demand in an email that I take someone's life force away.


Before I proceed, stop for a second and think about that request. What do you perceive from that task? Precisely, the same thing that I did, I would hope and imagine! I was not very friendly in my reply to him, and I dropped him as a client.


I have taught my five-year-old to respect all life. He loves the smell of roses, and one side of our property cascades with rose bushes and honeysuckle trees.


I caught him pulling a rose off of the vine one day and took advantage of a teaching moment. I explained that the rose is alive and well while on its vine; once pulled, it starts to lose its life force and dies.


I also explained that he needed to give thanks for its beauty and service because he pulled that rose from its vine, and all living things have a purpose.


Before picking a rose from its vine, I teach my students to ask for permission and listen. If the answer is yes, prick your finger on one of its thorns, this is an exchange of energy; once you have pricked your finger, you are free to take the rosebud. 


Witchs ask our Yuletrees for permission before cutting one down, and we give the tree our thanks and gratitude with a brief blessing before doing so. Then, we explain to the tree that it serves the purpose it was meant to serve and that we honor its contribution to our lives.


I know this may sound a little off the wall to some of you out there in the ethers, but humility and respect go a very long way and will aid you in life's journey! 


I hope this article finds you in good health and surrounded by the ones that you love. You can reach me on Whatsapp at 770-608-4834, you can SMS me, or log into your account at and send a message from your account. Blessed be, Phelan

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