Threefold Blessing

Maiden of light and Mother of Love, Crone of Wisdom, she who guides all who seek her vision, I chant for thee!

My heart has been heavy and my vision blinded by those who seek to cause confusion within my life, I beckon thee and I plea for the many blessings that await me, protect me!

I chant for thee and I call forth my Sister, my Mother and my Grandmother, she who is all three.

I chant for thee and with each call I cast out doubt, I cast out unhappiness and I cast off the chains and restraints that bound me, holding me back from my goals which are within my grasp.

I chant for thee little sister, I chant for thee Mother and I chant for thee Grandmother, send forth your light, love and guidance, for my heart is now open and my thoughts are now pure, I live within the moment and I strive for a better tomorrow, send forth all that I need to accomplish and achieve my life's work and I return to thee my devotion, my loyalty and my respect!

So mote it be!

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