Torn Between Two Lovers

Torn between two lovers, feeling like a fool, loving you both is breaking all the rules! Loving two people does not break all of the rules, but, having two lovers and leading them to believe that they are the only one in your life, does, break all of the rules and will reap you some costly karma.

Most of the people that I work with who are caught in a love triangle, were thrust into the situation by the actions of their lover, now, there are the rare cases in which a client will come to me who is holding onto one lover, all the while attempting to unite or reunite with an old flame, it is very difficult to start a relationship with someone new, when you are still clinging emotionally and mentally to the one that you are currently with out of the fear of being alone.

I know that there are a lot of what ifs? What if the one that I want doesn't want me? What happens if I let go of the one that I am with, and the one that I want doesn't come back to me?

Chances are if you are holding onto someone just because you don't want to be alone, the one you want to be with will never come back to you, the universe has an all seeing eye, and you may think that you are getting away with something by cheating on the one you are with, but you are not, the all seeing eye of the mother is watching, evaluating your actions, weighing your good deeds against the bad, and if things do not balance out, you can forget about manifesting your goals.

Far be it for me to judge, I am not in the business to judge anyone, I leave that for a higher power, but, I am here to provide my clients with the best advice and guidance that I can offer, and while I have told a client or two to go out on a date and get laid, while waiting for their results from their spell casting to manifest, I have also told them not to fall in love, to do so would undermined their goal of reuniting with their ex, and I have never told any client that it is okay to lead someone on, because it is not, now, if you are of the mindset to date while you are working to reunite with your lover and providing that you are honest with those whom you choose to interact with, no harm, in fact, dating while waiting for the results from a spell casting will help keep your mind from overly obsessing about the one you desire to be with and it will keep your relationship energy from becoming stale.

Observing the progress that my clients have made, those who decided to date while they were waiting for positive results from their spell casting, I can tell you that I have seen this approach work more often than not!

My clients were able to date, get their sexual needs met, all the while working towards their goal of reuniting with their lover, one of the reasons that I feel this approach works is because it actually gives you something else to focus on, while still maintaining a positive focus on your desires, because if you overly focus on your desires to a point where it crosses the line into an obsession, that is not good, it is very unhealthy for you and it will be extremely detrimental to your overall goals and gravely undermined any and all ritual or spells that you may have done in order to reunite with the one that you love!

Think about how you felt, how raw your emotions were at the very moment you found out that your lover may have betrayed you for another, stop for a moment and project yourself back into those feelings, now, you cannot honestly sit there and tell me that you want to make another human being feel that way, and even if you are so angry at your ex, the one who betrayed you, you are taking out the pangs of your frustration on the wrong person, and you know that you are a better and bigger person than that, so rise above the situation, release the pain in your heart, make the decision right now that you are going to put your best foot forth, there is no need to create even more negative karma for yourself by dragging someone else into your drama, you have enough bad karma to work off with your ex-lover.

Your ex-lover treated you badly, shit all over your world and you still have a desire to reunite, and you still feel powerfully drawn to his or her energy in spite of all the bad that you have suffered, have you ever stopped and thought about why that is? I am sure a shrink would say that you have a poor self image, that your hatred for yourself is so strong that you are hell-bent on self destructing, and in some cases that may be true, but, in my experience when we are so taken with someone else it normally stems from the fact that we have an abundance of life lessons connected to that person, and part of our soul process in this lifetime is to work through those lessons, and settle our karmic debt, so we can move onto bigger and better things in our next plane of existence, but, most of my clients are not thinking in terms of their spirituality, their karma, or the progression of their soul, to many their desire manifest from their base need, or sexual and emotional need to be with the one that they love, whatever you call it, or however you choose to see it, the soul cannot evolve, progress successfully into its next life, without addressing the issues at hand, the life lessons that brought your soul into this incarnation to learn to begin with, and if you are constantly lashing out in anger, if you are constantly throwing tantrums because you are not getting your way, well, you haven't learned anything yet, you need to regroup and rethink your approach to your life.

Lashing out at someone who lashed out at you first is a natural reaction, now, that doesn't make it right, and I am not saying that it is necessarily wrong, because there is a time to stand and fight, just as there is a time to turn the other cheek, or turn and flee, but, when you are trying to attract, re-attract your mate, the allure of sweetness and honey works, where the bitterness of revenge doesn't. When you cast a spell or conduct a ritual to bring back your lover, you have to learn to gear your every action and thought to benefit your bottom line, before you act, you must stop and ask yourself how will this help me manifest my desires, and you have to learn to tell the difference between productive thoughts, and thoughts that are counter productive to your goals, a good example of a productive thought would be to stop and send the one you love a mental telegram telling him or her just how much you love and miss them.

Counter productive thoughts would be any thought that in no way benefits your bottom line, a good example would be constantly ill wishing the person that your lover may or may not be with, if you keep in mind that your thoughts will have just as much of an impact on you, as it has on the one you ill wish, it might be easy for you to break the ill wishing habit, and another example of a thought process that is counter productive to your goals and detrimental to your esoteric workings, would be questioning whether or not your magic is working, or is going to work for you, instead see positive results manifesting from your magic, your thoughts are powerful and you are a natural magnet, living in a world of positive and negative polarities.

Magic is as real as the light of day, and the dark of night, you do not have to believe in magic or the spirits that dwell in the esoteric realm for magic to impact or affect your life. I have seen believers made out of some of the most skeptical people, and I have seen some of the most religious, Christian, God fearing people brought to their knees by the impact of a hex, curse, or glimpse of the evil eye, and the only difference between black magic, and white magic is the will and the intent of the practitioner, any Witch who practices white magic, can lay a curse on you using dark magic, just like any Witch who practices black magic, can aid you through the process of white magic. I am not above using black magic, I have used it before, I am sure there will come a time that I will use it again, for my own personal karma, and for the sake of the karma of my clients, I submerged myself in the depths of white magic long ago, but, it may surprise you to learn that those counter productive thoughts that I talked about above, leans more into the dark realm of energy and that is why you must work to free yourself from that bad habit, because if you stop for a minute and think about what landed you in your current state of being, you might just find that you and your ex-lover both wallowed in a counter productive thought process that led to the demise of your relationship.

I would never tell any of my clients that they should not attempt to reunite with an ex-lover, for there is a reason that you are compelled to reunite with your lover, over the years there have been a few exceptions to this rule, in one case I told a female client that she should not try and attempt to reconcile with her ex-husband, in fact I refused to accept her as a client for that purpose, she got angry, she cried and told me that I was cruel, I told her that she would soon see why I felt as I did, a few months later she called and thanked me for holding true to my convictions, as it turned out her ex-husband was convicted for molesting the woman's children that he left her for, she said that she felt as though she dodged a bullet, and she did.

The bottom line is this, you have to learn to listen to your inner voice and to follow your heart, where your magic and your lover are concerned you are better off keeping your lips sealed and not discussing anything with those closest to you, for friends and family tend to be biased and may not understand your reasoning, and chances are they certainly may not agree with or understand your approach in bringing back your lover, when someone belittles you for what you are doing, when someone scoffs at your esoteric working, it takes positive energy away from the manifestation of your goals, because it will lead to the breakdown of your faith in yourself and your magic because "Nothing Succeeds Like A Secret".

Light and Love! Phelan


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