The Point Of Power!

A while back I wrote an article called Immanence, the point of the article was to stress that the Goddess and the powers that be are always present and accounted for within our own lives and that everything that we want, need and desire is also present!

I cannot stress the importance of learning to own and to accept responsibility for the role that you play in creating your own-life, you are responsible for every second and for every thought that you have previously had that has led up to this very place in time, to this very moment!

 True change comes from within, we have the power to feed, clothe and shelter ourselves, we have power over our physical presence in this life, mind over matter, thought can bend and shape the physical into whatever our minds can conjure. Unfortunately as living, breathing, sentient-beings we have a knack of focusing our mental strength on the negatives in our lives making them stronger than they should be, giving them power to destroy all of the positive that we possess in our lives and then we question why? Why doesn't he love me? What have I done to deserve this? Why are all of these people against me? Now, magical attack is real and as a Witch I have seen the devastating results that a psychic or magical attack can bring and on the flip-side of the coin I have seen what ones own negative thoughts can do to destroy their life!

Power, is a needle-point within our own being, it is that small infinite part of ourselves that magic is weaved from, this is where true change begins to take place, most of us are always too busy looking for the cause of our problems to stop and realize that our own thoughts are the root cause, our feelings about how we feel about our self is dictating what today will be and what tomorrow will bring, we are the root cause and effect of our own existence.

There are so many examples that I could use, my clientele is largely made up of people who have lost their way, they have lost the love of their life and instead of working in a positive manner to bring the change needed to reunite with the one that they love, they are often too busy gossiping to friends and family and pointing fingers and laying blame at the stoop of someone other than themselves, when what they should be doing is stopping all of the insanity and learn the art of silence, "Speak not, lest your spell be broken and the one you've chosen seeks to find another"

If the point of power is always present within each of our minds, that means our thoughts and our actions are more important than we ever realized them to be, everything that materializes into the physical plane was first given birth to on the mental plane in the form of thought, every time that you get mad and react negatively to what you perceive as a wrong done to you by someone else, is actually a wrong that you are doing to yourself!

Every time you feel the need to spy on the one that you love it is because you are not trusting yourself and your own magical force to create the outcome that you desire, you in fact are stacking the deck against yourself, you are setting yourself up for your own downfall!

If you are working magic to resurrect the love between you and your lover, the love and the behavior that you desire from your lover should be your focus and not what he or she may or may not be doing or who they are doing it with, you need to see the relationship as a pile of raw-clay, you need to mold that clay into the love that you seek from your lover, you do not need to waste valuable mental resources on the negative aspects of the old love affair you once had, do not worry about yesterday, right now and tomorrow are what counts, you instead need to have a desire to bring that love back better than before, better than yesterday and you need to focus on molding yourself and your lover into the perfect cup, a cup that is filled with love, with joy, filled with peace and harmony, filled with pleasure and prosperity, the more you focus on the strife in your life, the more power you grant that strife, once you realize that you have the power within you can change any outward manifestation that you dislike and you will begin to see positive change and results from your own magical life and yes your life is magical, it became magical the moment that you entered into this realm and that wasn't when your mother physically gave birth to you, it was when you conceived the notion that it was time for your spirit to be reborn into the physical, into the earth-plane, your birth mother was the vessel that carried your physical body that now houses your soul, your physical body is made up of a series of vibrations, of thought!

You are undermining your own life path by what you choose to believe, think, act and the words you choose to use, your mind is your own, you are in control over your thoughts, I do not think for you, your lover doesn't think for you, you are the sole owner over your mental domain, sure if you are weak minded, mentally unwell and imbalanced, thoughts and notions are more easily planted as seeds into your mind, but, ultimately it is your choice as to whether you choose to project those thoughts, it is your choice to allow the poisonous roots of negative thoughts to use your mind as fertile soil in which to grow and multiply from! So, if you desire greater change in your life, if you desire to bring back a lost love, improve your finances, get a handle on your personal health, be it mentally, emotionally or physically, you must learn to control the thoughts that you have in this very moment and stop making excuses for yourself and for your own bad behavior, for each time that you act out negatively it is yourself that you hurt and no one else, it is your happiness that you delay and your body that you decay!

"Thoughts are alive" and pulsating with power, thought is an inward process that manifests outwardly into the world, but, one may internalize their thoughts to such a point that they create disease within their own bodies, there are hundreds of books written about energy and how it impacts our body, you can find them in the self-help or new age section of just about any bookstore or on This is a good spot in which I can use my own life experience as an example, when I was about 15 years old, my grandfather was diagnosed with colon cancer, we found out because he had taken ill with a fever and was in the bed and refused to allow any of us to call an ambulance or take him to the hospital, my mother who worked as a private nurse hadn't been home in almost a week, on her day off she arrived at the house walked into his room and without a word walked back to the house phone, yes, this was back in the day when everyone actually used a phone with a cord attached to it, she picked up the phone and called 911 and it wasn't long before the ambulance arrived and off to the hospital we all went, he went as he held great respect and love for my mother, who was a stubborn matriarch of the family that came with her own set of special baggage that she wore upon her brow like a badge of honor!

My grandfather was more of a pagan-man than anything, he didn't believe in heaven or hell, he believed that life was here and now and what we made it out to be, by far he was one the strongest male role models in my life and still today when I find myself in certain situations I often ask myself, what would he do? And I am never surprised when I hear his voice answering me! My grandfather (Pawpaw) was a big bear of a man, he raised children that he didn't father as his own, as did my grandmother and while I never really felt the love of my grandmother, I always knew in my heart that she loved each and everyone of us, she as my grandfather and mother have moved on, I know at least two of them are now higher-points of light, I wish I could say that about all three of them, but I have learned to trust my intuition. 

Anyway, back to the hospital, the doctors ran test after test, nurses were in and out of his room and lab technicians withdrawing blood, all the while my grandfather joked and laughed with each and everyone of them, never letting on that his pain was great or that the situation was as grave as it was, growing up with him he was an old dirt farmer, he dug in the dirt and planted seeds for tomatoes, peppers, he grew watermelon, housed chicken and rabbits and even after moving to the city from the country continued to tend a garden year after year and he would often explain to us kids how the cycle of life would rise and fall and all that came from the earth would return unto it and he also told me that when his time came he wanted to be cremated and when his time finally came the Christian Warriors in my family went to great lengths to dishonor his wishes and my grandmother had him buried in a coffin, I told her, I told them all that he would haunt them and for a while he did, needless to say that I wasn't welcomed in many of their homes after his funeral and there was no love lost because they were not welcomed in mine either!

After all the test and blood work we were all asked to gather in his room, my grandfather had suffered a stroke at a young age that impacted the right-side of his body, including his hearing, he could walk, but he lifted his right leg barely bending his knee to do so. I remember when the Doctor came into the room, he looked around at about a dozen or so faces, some smiling, some simply blank anticipating the news that we all were about to receive. As the Doctor spoke we learned that my Grandfather's appendix had burst and fused together and would require immediate surgery to remove, we also learned that he had stage-4 colon cancer. My mother spoke first and I could hear the fear in her voice, she asked the Doctor how long my Pawpaw had and he said with the surgery 6 months at best, without the surgery it was a matter of weeks, the room fell silent for a moment and then erupted with everyone speaking all at once, all the while my Grandfather laid there in silence, once the chatter died down he told the Doctor that he wanted the surgery and the Doctor said that he would be prepped and taken down at once because of his appendix and while they were in there that they would remove the colon cancer, which would result in his wearing a colostomy-bag, my Grandfather silently shook his head and the next thing we all knew he was being wheeled out of the room and off to surgery.

Surgery seemed like it took days, during the surgery a Group of Witches was raising and building energy doing a healing circle for my grandpa, I was sitting in his room the moment that the cone of power was raised and directed towards him, the blinds on the windows shook violently and the privacy curtain around the bed raised towards the ceiling and dropped and the windows rattled, if I had been anywhere other than Atlanta I would have sworn we were having an earthquake, but I knew what it was, one of my Aunts walked into his room and the first thing she said it is freezing in here! Surgery went well, the doctor informed us that my grandfather was in recovery and would be back in his room before long and that it would be a good idea to have someone from the family with him at all times and as soon as he was settled and awake he'd be back in to talk to my grandpa and all the family, soon thereafter they wheeled him back into the room and lifted him onto his bed, and just as promised his doctor appeared not long thereafter.

The doctor comes in the room and touches my grandpa's shoulder and asked how are you feeling? He jokingly said fine, I would be better if they'd quit sticking a bloody kotex in my mouth, the room erupted in laughter and the doctor told him for now that is just to keep your mouth moist and from drying out, soon you can have some ice-chips. The doctor then asked if the younger kids could be taken out of the room and the older ones could stay if they wanted to, my grandfather said no, this is my family and we deal with things as a family. You may recall I mentioned that he had a stroke when he was younger, the stroke damaged his right eardrum and at times if you were standing on his right side you'd have to practically yell at him so he could hear you, the doctor asked him if he smoked, he said yes and I chew tobacco, the doctor then said I would like you to cutback on your usage, and my grandfather responded with you want me to quit smoking and chewing tobacco consider it done, the doctor looked perplexed, my grandmother explained about his hearing and the doctor then said yes, please quit! My grandfather never smoked or chewed tobacco again, but he also told the doctor you gave me six months to live, I will live until I am ready to die, the doctor said he liked his positive attitude and he did just that he lived another eight years, he crossed the bridge into the summerland just before my 23rd birthday, I learned a lot from him that day in the hospital and I learned a great deal more over the eight years that followed and til this day I still draw on the magic that I witnessed in that hospital room during his surgery and afterwards.

My Grandfather left the earth-plane almost 27 years ago, the impact that his presence and teachings had on my life have been profound, our teachers and spiritual leaders come to us in many disguises, but spiritually speaking none of them are as great as the point of power that we each possess, magic, true magic comes from within, I can cast a spell for you or work a ritual, but, you must decide to allow the magic to work and not restrict it by bounding it with your own negative thoughts and emotions. We are here to grow and to learn, we are given gifts that we are meant to use, magic is older than any religion, when you call out to or upon a God and your request is granted you have worked magic, while I strive to keep my magic and spiritual worship separately, spirituality is magical unto itself.

My Grandfather lived another 8 years after being told he'd be dead in 6 months, why? He lived because he projected the will to live, he lived because he believed that he would, it is true that he had help from the Witches that worked his healing circle, but, most of all he knew how to tap the power-point-of-energy that he contained within, we all contain this energy within, yet so few of us employ its full benefits, as if being a benefactor of magic is somehow wrong, in my opinion not using it is wrong, for the use of magic is a lesson and it is a lesson that we as magical beings must accept, for without acceptance we lose the strength of one of our greatest allies, ourselves!

Life is what we make it out to be, the world can be a frightening place, especially when we are taught from a young age that people are bad and not to trust strangers and I will admit that if I had kids of my own I would most certainly dissuade interaction with strangers, but I would also teach them that the world and the people in it are inherently good and that love, peace and joy exist in all of us and I would teach them as I was taught that kindness doesn't come in the form of color, magic is within all of us, we simply must learn how to tap into that magic and to use it for our own highest-good and for the higher-good of others and casting a spell or conducting a ritual and then constantly questioning its validity is not for ones highest-good, for to cast a spell with doubt only begets the same and if you cannot put your best foot forward when working with magic, it is better that you stand still and do nothing, for nothing but mayhem will befall you! 

I have several clients right now who are working against themselves by constantly questioning their magic and by engaging in self-destructive behavior, getting angry and upset because you feel slighted is human, lashing out, seeking revenge and using hurtful language is foolish, for you are only hurting yourself and you are only degrading the magic that you have employed to work on your behalf, when you set magical goals for yourself you need a certain level of commitment, it is okay to be human, it is okay to get your feelings hurt, but one must always keep in mind that they have magical goals that they are trying to achieve and you cannot work against those goals and then complain that your magic isn't working, the next time you start to complain stop what you are doing and go take a long look into the mirror, for it all begins with and ends with you!

I hope this article finds you well and in the company of good spirits and I hope as you move forward in this life that you find the will to stay positively focused and magically motivated!

Blessed be, Phelan


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