The Wake Up Call!

The wake up call is ringing, the question is, are we going to answer and heed its message before it is too late? The planet is being riddled with tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes and flooding, all which have claimed countless lives in the wake of its massive destruction!

The devastation that is taking place is not just happening here in the United States, it is happening all over the World, there is not an inch of soil anywhere that is safe and the sad part about all of this is that we as a unit could have done a lot more to prevent the catastrophes that are taking place and there are yet to come!

I do not care whether you are a Muslim, Christian, Witch or an Atheist, we should all share the planet equally, it is not our birth right to have dominion over the Earth, the Earth is not a possession, it was never meant for any one man or woman to own, the Earth is a gift from the Mother and it is our greatest ally and resource, however, when things are out of balance nature will work to restore itself.

The World is out of balance and we have become so jaded and so spoiled that we are unable to stop and see the good things that we possess in our lives. I can personally speak on the following because I am here and I am living through it, times are troubled, we are living in a society where borders have been built to keep people out and where presidential candidates will sell their soul to get into the White House and stoop to do the Devil's bidding once they are there!

Campaign promises mean nothing when the head of a country allows his own religious beliefs to dictate what is or is not good for the people, there was a time when there was a separation between church and state, that time is long behind us and if something doesn't give we will soon find ourselves living in a military-run society, a police state where our civil liberties will no longer mean a thing, we are getting closer with each passing day.

The people of the World are made up of a rainbow of colors; nature intended it that way. I personally believe that there is a reason why we have different sectors of people, each culture is meant to teach and to learn something from its neighbor, the natural flow of the Universe is all about give and take, it is about an exchange of energy, ideas and mutual admiration, people working together for the greater good of the planet and all concerned.

That is the way we should ideally live, but we do not live in an ideal society, instead we are being reduced to live as hostages in the World around us. Our captors are calling the shots and they are working overtime at an attempt to insure that their agenda will be a success and we are idly setting by and allowing them to do so, decisions about our future are being made that we know nothing about, I assure you that I am not being paranoid, I woke up this morning and decided to take the rose-colored glasses off and to stop turning a deaf ear to the propaganda non-sense that is filling the airwaves.

Wake up, wake up, and wake up! Your future, your children and grand children's future are at stake, hell, all of our futures are at stake! The planet is slowly slipping away from beneath us, we pollute her, drill her, we take as much of her natural resources that we can and we are doing nothing whatsoever to rebuild and heal her, the body of the earth is much like the human body, let someone hit, slap or kick you enough and you will either do one of two things, hit back or die; folks that is what the planet is doing, she is struggling hard not to die, so she is hitting back, that is where all of the destruction is coming from, it is manifesting in the form of hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes and flooding, some call it natural and certain aspects are, but stop and take a look around, can you recall a time when we have been dealt so many back to back blows with one natural disaster after another?

What is happening here would be natural if it weren't for the fact that we have done this to ourselves, the earth is doing what comes natural, when a body is beat down and torn, it dies and the earth is dying a very slow and long death. We, every single man, woman and child are just as responsible as if we had a loaded gun in our hand and pulled the trigger.

This is our home and if we do not stop the endless polluting, gouging and drilling of the earth, life as we know it will cease to exist and we will have written the final chapter of the Christians self-fulfilling prophecies of the demise of the Universe. Which brings me to my next subject, religion should be about love, love of God/Goddess, love of self and love of our Worldly brothers and sisters, if love was the focus there would be no need for War or the endless fight to gain control over others, we would live in peace and harmony.

There are those around us and let me tell you that it is not just Muslims and Christians, there are people from all walks of life and religions who commit heinous acts of inhumanity and they do it all in the name of their "GOD". God has gotten a bad rap, God is not cruel, he will not punish you because you are different, God does not have a preference when it comes to his or her people, we are all the children of the GODDESS and her consort GOD and the GODHEAD is an energy like no other!

People who are overly religious tend to be fanatics, people who are spiritual and who truly believe in their craft or belief system are much more relaxed, when people are relaxed and comfortable within their own skin and when they have their feet firmly planted on the ground they do not have to work hard at getting their message out there and they can coexist with others whose beliefs may be different than that of their own.

Recently Angel and I attended an Elton John concert here in Atlanta at Phillips Arena, the concert was a blast, however there were people standing on the sidewalk in front of the concert hall holding signs that read and chanting the following "Sinners of Atlanta repent now before you end up like the Sinners from New Orleans" My first reaction was one of anger, I really felt like shoving that sign up someone's behind, my second reaction was one of pity, how pitiful and desperate someone has to be to lower themselves to such standards, I mean come on, if you have regular television and by regular I mean without satellite or cable, you cannot turn on the television on a Sunday morning without hearing the Lord's prayer or the Gospel according to Benny Hinn, this guy is by far the worse, however, Mr. Hinn has a lot of competition with his fellow Sunday morning crusaders trying to save the world, do not drink, do not swear and never fornicate, I mean please, it wasn't that long ago when the infamous Jimmy Swaggart was caught having sex with a prostitute in a cheap motel and how about the husband and wife team, Tammy Faye and Jim Baker, Jim was jailed for fraud and Tammy Faye was admitted into the Betty Ford Clinic and that sums up the fornicating, swearing and boozing! My point is this, these people who take to the airwaves are not comfortable with themselves or their religion, they feel as though they have to prove something or maybe the ticket into heaven is dependent upon how many recruits you sign up while you are here on earth, I have no idea as I am a Witch and I can just about assure you that my life and the lives of my fellow Witches while never dull is not as complicated as our Christian counterparts!

As a Witch I do not fret or worry about what happened last year, last week or even yesterday, I live in "the here and now" and my focus is on how I can coexist in my surroundings and live in the Universe in peace and harmony and how I can effect change on tomorrow and the days to come, some people get so caught up in worrying about what has already passed them by that they cannot see what the future holds in store.

Religion is about believing in a set of principals and living your life accordingly, it is not and should not be about hate or using a belief system founded on the principals of "brotherly love" to cause harm to any living being, human or animal. If you are one of those individuals whose faith has grown so shallow that you feel that you have nothing at all to believe in, stop and take a look within yourself, there you will find all that you need in life to succeed and to survive, as a Witch I bow to no man and I stand proud and I look my GODS in the eye and this charge I leave you with:�

"A man without faith is a man without a soul, the next time that you feel hopeless and you are having trouble connecting with God, take a look in the mirror, for the eyes are the windows to the soul!"

Blessed Be, Phelan