The Succubus

Recently I was given the opportunity to work with a young man who has been plagued with welts, bruises and skin lacerations, it all started when he was nineteen years old and has continued over a period of six years, he is now twenty five and he contacted me as a last ditch effort, he confessed that he had recently started contemplating suicide, the quality of his life had deteriorated to such a degree that he felt totally alone and hopeless, he lost his job of five years, his health was declining and his hair started falling out in clumps, he was also exhibiting some of the classic symptoms of a magical attack, panic attacks, becoming a shut-in afraid to leave the house, he had lost all desire for food and in fact he was forcing himself to eat.

I personally feel had Josh continued on without seeking help he would have met his demise, I have never witnessed anyone's aura in such bad condition, it was muddy to say the least, he was definitely on his last leg. I worked with him on a one-on-one basis and we did a number of healings, cleansings, and psychic shieldings, I empowered a special protection amulet for him to wear over his heart to aid in protection and to reflect the negativity away from him.

In most cases if the attacks are detected early the negative impact will be minimum and the earlier it is caught the easier it is to dispel, negative magic tends to gain momentum and build; psychic energy, leaves an imprint and that imprint will continue feeding off of the victim until it is banished or until the victim's energy is so badly depleted.

I can totally understand where he is coming from, as I too was plagued with boils, blisters, scratches and my virgin member looked as though it had been rubbed raw with sandpaper and not to mention that for a period of six to seven months I was dragged, yanked and snatched from my bed by my ankles when I would be dead asleep, it got so bad that I would often awake myself screaming leave me alone and of course I would usually find that I was standing in the middle of the living room or dining room with no recollection as to how I got there.

I remember one incident where I woke up to find myself standing completely nude in ankle deep water in the creek behind my house, it was of course in the middle of January with temperatures in the low 30s, I was convinced that I was losing my mind and the only reasonable explanation that I could come up with was that I must have been sleep walking, later on I discovered that simply wasn't the case.

I was a young witch at the time, sixteen years old and it was hard for me to fathom exactly what was going on, not to mention the fact that it scared the living daylights out of me, I remember one night in particular, I had turned in about 10:30 PM, my Mother's room was on the same hallway right next to mine and in the middle of the night I could hear myself screaming and slapping at something although I could not see what it was, but I recall using language that is a bit too graphic to repeat here out of respect for our younger readers, anyway, I was telling it to go away and leave me be when all of a sudden I was lifted into the air and slammed against my bedroom door so hard that I landed in the hallway, believe or not, screaming for help and attempting to banish this ugly intruder, I was unable to see anything at all as the hallway was pitch black, but I do remember feeling a sting on the right side of my face and my mother yelling for me to snap out of it, her hair turned three shades grayer that night!

With each new attack the scratches would get deeper and longer and the blisters larger and bolder, we ran the full gamut, my mother had my room fumigated, replaced my mattress, box springs and carpet, any logical explanation for the unsightly marks that laid across my body was explored, the doctor even suggested that I was responsible for them, he said that the marks appeared because of my flailing around frantically in my sleep and at one point he even had my mother considering institutionalizing me, oh no, not this old boy, I may be a little bit crazy and today some would even go so far as to label me eccentric, but insane I am not! There is no way that I could cause ten-inch claw marks down the center of my own back!

That was my first dealings with demons and psychic attack, looking back I consider it quite an education, hands on training if you will. It was during this time that I came to understand what they mean by Witches manipulating the elements, I learned one night that I possessed the uncanny ability to raise the wind and it was discovered purely by accident in the middle of a confrontation with a she-demon that for safety sake shall remain nameless, mainly because she still resides here in her earthly body, but suffice it to say that I learned at a very young age that there are those individuals who will conjure up darkness from the bowels of the earth and set it against their unsuspecting victims.

A few short weeks before the attacks started, I had visited a few local covens, groups of Witches who are suppose to accept you into their circle, in perfect love and in perfect trust, at one of the groups there was a lady who wanted to get to know me just a little bit more than I, at the tender age of sixteen, was comfortable with, if you know what I mean...

She took it rather hard when I explained to her that I was flattered, but there was no way that I could reciprocate her feelings as I had recently discovered my attraction to the same sex, she was a little upset, but I would never have guessed that she would resort to such tactics, until the night came when she confronted me and she told me that if I could see my way clear to give her what she wanted, the attacks would cease, it totally blew my mind when she started talking and describing the events that had taken place over the last several months, but when she referenced the incident of me standing in that creek I flipped and I raised my arms to the sky and I called forth the guardians of the witches and the goddesses of the moon, the wind howled like never before and I spat incantations that I didn't even realize that I knew, but all of my hard work and dedication and iron clad belief in my faith and in myself paid off that night and when all was said and done she fled, she left me alone and since that night I have never as much uttered her name from my lips, her name is forbidden in my circle and my house and any association with her or her coven is grounds for immediate banishment from my group and when a Witch is banished by his coven he or she is considered no longer to exist and is put into the same category that a warlock resides in, a warlock in modern day times indicates a witch who has been locked out of her group and is considered an enemy, hence the word war!

In days of old, a warlock was a Christian spy, someone who infiltrated the coven in order to collect names and information that would later lead to the persecution of the Witches, we all know that the majority of those who died during the inquisition were not Witches at all, most of them were common folks who prospered just a little too much, which today would be considered a blessing, back then it was just enough for your good buddy next door to point his finger and yell, witch! So that he could collect his share of your good fortune or misfortune whichever way you choose to look at it, on second thought everyone who lives within the boundaries of the United States deal with modern day Warlocks!

Anyway, I am happy to report that my young client's life has returned to normal, as I explained to him it is important to recognize the signs of a psychic attack and once identified it is equally as important to swiftly deal with the problem head on, there are many ways to shield yourself and to dispel the negativity, if you are dealing with or have experienced any of the symptoms above do not be too quick to dismiss the possibility that supernatural forces may be at work, to do so could prove to be fatal, if you are ill equipped to handle the situation yourself, seek the advice, guidance and help of a reputable practitioner, before you choose to work with someone make certain that you are 100% comfortable with them and their system of magic, as I always tell everyone who contacts me asking for my help, if anything about me makes you uneasy, if you are not comfortable with me and with what I have said to you then I am not the one for you to consider working with, you have to be confident in me and in your decision to work with me in order for me to be effective in my efforts to assist you with your issues otherwise the work that we embark upon may prove to be in vain!

Succubus: A female etheric world entity who has sexual intercourse with a human male victim, the entity remains invisible during the act, or it assumes a human form for that period.

I hope this article finds you in good health and in the arms of the one that you love, may your hovel be graced by the Mother and may she appoint the Guardians to watch over and shelter you in the cradle of her bosom.

Blessed Be