The Power Of Positive Thinking

Within the Universe there are positive and negative polarities, just as light exist as the opposite of dark, good is the opposing force of negative, you cannot have one without the other because there would be no balance, and in order for balance to be present in nature we have to acknowledge both the masculine and feminine principals which reside in all of us, if you are a woman you possess a masculine side to your nature and if you are a man you possess a feminine side as well, this is what I like to call a creative life balance, for a man or woman who fails to acknowledge the duality within is certainly destine to live a life of disharmony and imbalance, for true balance is created by embracing the full spectrum of one's inner self!

My clients are used to hearing me say focus on the positive aspects of your desires, instead of focusing on the negative, the negative aspect of life exists for a reason and just as we learn lessons from the positive attributes of life, the negative aspect of life has many important lessons to teach us as well, to live life without acknowledging and paying the respect to the dark forces in nature we are surely setting ourselves up for downfall and it is my opinion that when an individual attempts to live his or her life solely in the light, darkness gains greater ground within that person's life in the form of negative energy, remember you cannot have one without the other!

We can overcome financial hardship, erase debt, attract love and sex

In order for us to grow spiritually we must be willing to expand our awareness beyond the immediate boundaries of our life, as human beings we are always omitting electronic impulses in the form of brainwaves, this happens even when we are asleep, it is through these electronic impulses that we can create our ideal life, your mind is a magnet, the thoughts that you have doesn't simply rattle around in an empty skull, those thoughts are pure energy and every single thought that you produce is being sent out into the Universe, where it will swirl around until it eventually finds its way back to you, the one who gave life to it, the one who brought it into �being', simply by having a thought, what we project is what we attract, if you see yourself as a failure, a failure is what and who you will be, if you see yourself as wealthy, if you can muster up enough mind power to manifest it, well, then wealthy you shall be, you see, the difference is that it doesn't require a lot of thought to ruin your day or even to unleash a series of events that will rain misery down on your head like a funnel cloud, the important thing to realize is that it all begins and ends with you, you hold your fate and future in the palm of your hand, I however have learned to hold my fate and future in my mind's eye and in doing so I have moved from an impoverished Witch to a much more prosperous one, life for me was not always easy and just as I am typing out this sentence I realize that because nature demands balance that there will be negative issues in life that I will have to deal with, it is just part of the path as human beings that we must follow.

The fantastic news is that we have a great deal more control than what we have given ourselves credit for, for if we can think it, we can change it! We can program our future to overcome financial hardship, erase debt, attract love, sex, we can program our future for whatever it is that our hearts desire, the key is to realize that if we embrace and utilize all of the gifts that we contain within, the answers that we seek to our life's greatest mysteries can only be found buried deep within our consciousness and we must work hard at unlocking the vault and unleashing our inner power and strength, we can either use what the Goddess has bestowed upon us or we can continue to complain about how hard life is and reinforce the fact that we are miserable, because that is what happens every time that we complain, instead of planning, through the creation of a Universal Life Plan we can change all of the things that we do not like about our life, we can attract prosperity and love, we can embrace freedom from the restraints that we place upon our own life by using negative words, sentences and phrases, but we as individuals have to institute the changes that are necessary!

Growing up I heard this statement from my elders all of the time, "Can't, never could do anything" and as a young man I despised hearing that, just as I am sure that many of my clients despise hearing me say "stay focused, focus on the positive" but now I have truly come to appreciate the message that they were trying to convey, odd but true, they were right all along, ironic really, isn't it?

There are many ways that we can program our futures, but, since the main areas that I work with my clients in are prosperity and love we will take a look at some simple ways that one can utilize magic along with the Power Of Positive Thinking to attract and reinforce futuristic goals.

Love: If you are working to reunite with a lover, let's say that he or she has left you and is currently living with someone else and of course you are dealing with a whirlwind of negative emotions, the first step is to neutralize those negative emotions, some do this by undergoing an emotional release, I use that method and I employ the energy of a gray candle, gray neutralizes and restores balance, balance is important because without it you will not be able to manifest anything but misery for yourself, I also use the many incense and oil formulas that I have created over the past several years to deal with situations such as this along with the gray candle, affirmations are very useful as well, but I have found that affirmations alone are not as effective, but you may wish to write yourself an affirmation prior to neutralizing the energy of your love gone wrong!

The next step of course is putting a plan of action in place, if you are of the mind to cast a love reunification spell or to have one cast for you, you will definitely want to heed the advice of your practicing Witch, after all he or she will have had more experience casting love spells than you and if they don't have more experience you may wish to reconsider your decision to employ their services, just like you want an experience surgeon to conduct your surgery or at least someone who has had more time in the operating room than Doogie Howser, you will want a sage of a Witch as well to conduct your magical business!

These are the key points that I try to make when I am working with someone, do not focus on his or her new love, to do so undermines your love spell and strengthens the connection between your lover and the new person in his or her life. If you are going to cast a spell to bring back the one that you love, your focus from the moment that you make the decision to weave magic should be geared to aid and compliment your spell, anything less will only prolong or push the date of reunification further and further away and if you continue with your emotional rampage and outburst reunification with the one that you love could become a thing of the past altogether, you see even when you employ a professional practitioner such as myself, your emotions, thoughts and overall attitude will either help or hinder your magic, this is a huge reason as to why I do not guarantee love spells or spells of any kind for that matter, you have to program your thought process to focus on the positive, if you constantly question and doubt your magic, doubt is all that you will reap from the spells that you weaved!

The best approach that anyone can take, and this has been the approach that I have used when I have cast a spell for myself, is to simply consider that which you have asked for already gifted to you by the Goddess and Powers that be! Another words you already have and hold the one that you love, his or her body may not be there at the moment, but the spirit of the situation is and soon the body and spirit shall gel and become as one again!

Onto the money concerns!

Money/Prosperity: I am going to be brief here and provide you with a little bit of a technique that I have used to increase my prosperity and to pay off debt!

We all have bills, lights, water, gas, phone, and of course rent or mortgage, insurance, car notes, etc� Of course the bills tend to arrive at times faster than the money does unless you are independently wealthy and if you are, more and more power to you, and if you are be sure to give back to the Universe by sharing your techniques with your Worldly brothers and sisters!

For the longest time I didn't even consider what I do as a business, of course our good old uncle in the red, white and blue jumper does and has certainly held out his hand for his fair share over the years and like a good citizen of the world I cut the check! My point is this, in the early days of my practice it seemed as though the bills would arrive frequently and stack themselves up neatly on my desk, and as you may have guessed my budget back then was normally stretched about as far as it was going to stretch and at times non-existent, I constantly dreaded the arrival of all of those bills and then one day I realized that I wasn't practicing what I preach, so I decided to take a different approach and it didn't take long for things to turn around, instead of fearing and dreading the bills I started embracing them, I saw them as a necessary element in my new formula for prosperity, when you fear something you give it power over you and your world, take away the fear and you take away the power, embrace it and become one with it and you control it!

With my new formula in place and my new found fondness for the bills that I created, I implemented a two part plan, I created a timely schedule as to how and when my bills would get paid and I simply shifted my focus on enhancing and increasing my own personal prosperity as well as the overall prosperity of my business, you see by shifting my focus I was constantly projecting positive thought forms towards creating a positive cash flow, instead of focusing on the bills stacked up on my desk and worrying about how they were going to get paid, I started creating and drawing prosperity energy to myself and my business, folks thoughts are living things, the thoughts that you have doesn't stay inside of your head, thoughts are pure energy and energy is fluid, always moving and flowing, attached to that energy however is an imprint that allows that thought to flow back to you once it has done its job, the job that you assigned it when you dreamt it up, everything that we put out in the universe in the form of thought be it good or bad comes back, you are far better off reaping the benefits of your thoughts, instead of the side affects.

The bottom line is that you are the creator and captain of your ship, where and how far it sails in this lifetime is really up to you, you can either travel in style or you can squeeze in with the rest of the miserable saps in coach, it is your decision, you decide what's it going to be, hopefully you will make a commitment to change and embrace the new you!

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