The Power In Magic

Magic is magic, pure energy, it is the intent of the practitioner that will make the magic black, white or indifferent, magic can be neutral, in most cases when I cast a spell my request unto the Goddess is that the energy from the spell manifest itself for the highest good of all parties involved, and I happen to be a Witch who believes that sometimes getting knocked on our behind is for our highest good!

The magical intent is nothing more than a magical need, when a love spell is cast upon the winds of change, love is the intent and love is the need, the same goes for a money spell, a spell for protection and so on, so when you look at things in this light it is easy to see what your focus should be on, so obviously casting a love spell for reunification purposes and then worrying over the new person in your lovers life is totally the wrong focus and you will in no doubt undermine your magical goal!

The casting of a spell is a release of power, so therefore when you cast a spell for a specific purpose you should consider the power sent and the magical need as manifested, here is a good example, you have a stack of bills that need to be paid, so you consider casting a money spell, money is not the exact need here, paying the bills are the intent, so as your casting your money spell to attract the energy to pay your bills, instead of focusing on the amount of money needed, visualize each one of those bills marked as paid in full and then disappearing from your line of vision, it has been my experience that money doesn't simply fall from the sky as a result of a money spell, however, over the years I have seen the intent and the magical need of money manifest in some pretty amazing ways, one scenario that always jumps out at me is a friend of mine who was going through some really tough times financially, she divorced her husband and as a result he took everything from her that he could take, including her shoes, anyway she contacted me for help and I lent a hand with a prosperity ritual, I also instructed her on how to go about blessing the duplex that she had just moved into, she set about her work and I set about mine and two weeks later she phoned me ecstatic, while she was putting a few boxes away in the attic she came across an old shoe box that contained more than ten thousand dollars, there was a receipt in the box with a date of March 3rd, 1977 on it, that old shoebox had setup in that attic for more than twenty years, my friend moved into the duplex in 1997, the duplex set empty from June 1980 when the original owner died, survived by no one the duplex was eventually auctioned off and was bought by an investment firm in 1987 and used as a rental property, my friend's magical intent manifested in such away that she was able to survive her divorce and get on her feet.

Candle magic is one of the easiest forms of magic to practice, especially for the novice, although there are other forms of magic that may better serve the purpose, if one is interested in the art of magic, candle magic would be a good place to start and while there is more involved than just simply lighting a candle it is a form of magic that is pretty easy to acquire the basics of, in most cases you will use a combination of an incense, oil and herbs, you may utilize stones or rocks in your rituals, most candle burning altars will be setup with two altar candles, usually white, but it just depends on your intent, in my case my altar candles represent the energy of the God and Goddess, you may also have a candle present that represents your energy, this is also known as a personal altar candle and then you will have a candle placed upon the altar that represents your intent, if you are working towards manifesting love you may consider using a pink candle, if your goal is to get the lust energy moving in your love relationship you may use a red candle, in cases of drawing forth monetary energy green is always a solid choice, and then there are times that my altar may be totally void of any color whatsoever, just as there are other times that it may be a totality of all colors, the great thing about candle magic is the flexibility and if you are a solitary practitioner the good news is that there will never be a conflict in the methodology of your rituals.

Magic swirls about in the ethers twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, there is never a time when magic is absent from our lives, sure there are times when it feels as though we have lost that infinite spark of magic, but we haven't, it is simply dormant, it could even be that we have even managed to create energy blocks in the flow of our magic, this can happen especially when we set about life aimlessly without any real direction or commitment to what we are doing or are involved with, it is for this reason that one should never take lightly their magical workings, every spell that you cast should have a beginning clearly defined, as well an ending, every door that is opened should also be closed out of respect, when you go to the refrigerator to retrieve an item you do not leave the door ajar, at night when you sleep you make sure that all of the doors coming into your lair are tightly fastened, this is a daily ritual that the majority of the folks on the planet partake in, and as we already know that any repetitive action is considered a ritual, so when you are partaking in magic and you open that door, make sure that you close that door upon completion of your magical rites, and of one of the easiest ways of doing this during a candle magic rite is to consider the power sent and the need as already having manifested and if you have chosen to work with a practitioner of the magical arts regardless of the form of magic that he or she may practice you need to take the same approach, this is the approach that I take whether I am casting a spell for myself or someone else, and this approach has allowed my own personal magic to manifest in astounding ways over the years.

When you dress and light a candle for magical use you are thereby creating a doorway of opportunity for yourself, the candle is simply a tool that gets you in touch with the magic that is you, believe it or not there are those among us, including myself that have developed the skills to manifest the magical need without any formal ritual having been conducted or performed, true magic resides within and that is what we are attempting to tap into when we conduct any sort of a ritual, when a practitioner conducts a ritual on behalf of a client energy is raised and sent out unto the Universe on behalf of that client and that same energy is directed towards the client and towards their magical intent and continues on until it eventually manifests into their magical need.

When you burn a candle that you have dressed and lit for magical intent the power of that candle and of the ritual that you have just performed is released when that candle is extinguished, your magical intent has manifested once your magical need has been realized, therefore one should never wallow in self pity after a ritual has been performed and one should never cast a spell for love, money or protection if the will of follow through and the element of patience is absent from their intent, you know I have witnessed time and time again what the lack of patience can do especially in the areas of love and more specifically in a situation where one is attempting to reunite or reconnect with a lover, I know and I understand the feeling of being at a loss and yearning to be in the arms of the one that you love, like yesterday, but instant gratification is not always a good thing, and when an individual is desperate to reunite with a lover that desperation can seem at times like a never ending roller coaster ride, an emotional nightmare that is only prolonged and made worse by the inability to center, ground and focus!

The one thing that I know for certain is that the harder that you push the farther away your goals will get, magic works best when there is structure, a plan that is put into place to succeed, expectations of what is yet to come or to manifest from a magical working, faith in yourself and in your desires will go a long way, mixed with a silvery glimmer of hope in the knowledge that you have cast your request to the four winds and that what you desire is still yet to come, for magic is not fading and energy never dissipates and as long as you hold tight to your desires and you keep your magnet turned on the intent of your magic will soon manifest into your magical need.

Blessed Be