The Other Shoe

One doesn't have to be a rocket scientist or even the Grandma of all Witches to manifest love and prosperity through the use of magic, the magical manifestation of our desires is a task that is relatively easy to master, all that is required is the intestinal fortitude to put a few guidelines into place and the will of dedication to actually follow through.

The universal law of attraction is older than time and there is a reason why I tell my clients to focus on the positive aspects of their goals, instead of the negative aspects, the law of attraction applies to both positive and negative energy, so therefore if you are constantly projecting negative energy out into the universe you will reap what you sew, like attracts like and negativity begets negativity, there are no two ways about it, your life will reflect the thoughts that you project!

As magical beings our minds are one of the most powerful tools that exist in this realm of our reality, our minds are not limited by our physical bodies, we have the ability to grow and to expand our consciousness beyond our wildest dreams, our limitations come from the belief that life is too difficult and perhaps that as individuals we are undeserving to have and to hold that in which we seek the most in life, if you believe yourself a failure at love, you will attract situations to yourself that will manifest that belief and the more that you focus on that belief the stronger and more concrete it will become and if you go to bed tonight and you tell yourself that tomorrow will be a bad day, a bad day awaits you, the whole key into manifesting your desires is learning to reprogram your thought form process, thoughts are nothing more than pure energy, and while energy is never lost it can be changed and manipulated, and this is part of the process in the casting of any spell, however, I can cast as many spells for you that you ask of me, but, if you are unwilling to change the way that you view your situation and if you are unwilling to break free from the treacherous-negative-life-patterns that you have developed any work that I do for you or that you do for yourself is a colossal waste of time, because, even if you are lucky enough to manifest your desires without changing that sorry and pathetic outlook on life that has become your playbook in which to live by, the love that manifested from the casting of that love spell and the prosperity that was created by a money spell will slip through your fingers like sand through a sifter!

Most people with whom I work with, have no or very little understanding as to what the magical process entails and the majority of my clients are looking for a quick fix solution for all the wrong that exist within their life and of course there are no quick fixes, sure we can make things better relatively fast, that is providing that they are willing to change the mindset that has them in the mess that they are in, in the first place, and I cannot stress this enough, your reality is influenced directly by the thoughts that you project and send forth into the Universe, if you can think it, you can manifest it!

The fact of the matter is that most people go through life waiting for the other shoe to drop and of course if you expect doom, doom will soon be knocking upon your door, now, I do believe that some things just happen for the sake of happening and I do not look for a reason for all the little mishaps in life, the truth is that the bad day that we may have here and there could have been put into motion long ago by the choices and decisions that we made without weighing in the pros and the cons, and the little mishaps in life are usually nothing more than minor nuisances, annoyances that are meant to grab your attention in some way, maybe in the same manner that a fire ant, bee or mosquito does when they sting you, and while I do not like to kill any living thing, if a fire ant, mosquito or bee bites me, I bite back, which is precisely the way that we need to handle the little irritants in life, if you give the small issues too much energy, you will awake a sleeping giant, I am sure that you have heard that age-old saying, "You are making a mountain out of a molehill" and this my friend is what we must try to avoid, you will do yourself a huge favor by saving your energy for the big issues that life may just throw your way, let the little issues go and do not waste your time or energy on those things in which you have little or no control over and we have very little control over the minor irritants in life!

As we all know energy is a valuable commodity, our personal energy banks are extremely important to us as individuals and we must learn to focus on our need first and foremost, and the first step in that process has to start by figuring out exactly what our needs are, the second part of the process is figuring out how to go about manifesting that in which we need and the third step in the process is executing a plan of action and following through by focusing positive energy into those desires and aiding the manifestation process by avoiding the pitfall of whining, crying and carrying on, I mean for god sakes even a child could figure out that pitching a bitch and crying crocodile tears is not the way to get what you want out of life, and if you are reading this and your past the point of puberty, your crying days are over, get a grip, grow up and get what you want, need and deserve out of life, and if you refuse to behave as a grownup should, someone needs to slap you over their lap and take a paddle to that ass and then stand you in the corner until you can act and behave the way that a magical grownup should, what are you doing out of that corner? Get your ass back over there and put that nose to the wall! (lol)

I am here to tell you that it matters not what your needs or desires are, your need may be one of love, maybe you are trying to reconnect with that certain someone and just maybe he or she won't give you the time of day, the world doesn't stop spinning simply because this person is absent from your life, your bills will continue to arrive in the mail and you have to continue living up to your worldly obligations, what? Do you really think that if you stop bathing or showering that your lover is going to come running back, starving yourself won't do it either and stalking the one that you love and harassing his or her family will not accomplish anything, except pushing the one that you love farther away and possibly landing you in jail, which if you go too far I feel pretty safe in betting that you will soon be posting bail, that is if they still grant lunatics bail!

I don't mean to sound harsh, but, I am a firm believer that a kick in the ass does one good every once in a while, so, please bend over and assume the position, I really need to be careful to whom I say that to, some folks like a little kicking now and again, on a serious note, instead of acting like you have lost your mind, put that energy to good use, cast a spell to attract your mate back into your life, project the image of someone that he or she would be proud to love, project the image that tells the world that you are proud of the individual that you have become, put forth the effort to exert positive change in your own life and the lives of those with whom you come into contact with, no one wants to be with someone whose life is unstable and unkempt, if you want a stable relationship, stability is what you must project, if your desire is to have a life blessed with love, bless those around you with love and love will flow freely to you, if your need is monetary, the energy of money fills the air and it flows freely twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, I bet at some point you have managed to manifest small sums of money, let's say fifty or a hundred dollars here and there, if you can manifest one dollar, you can manifest and lay claim to one million dollars, it is all the same energy, your life will only be filled with those things in which you chose to fill it with and the way that you fill it is by what you choose to project, now is the time to get off of your pity pot and to start the process of manifesting all that you want, need and desire out of life, the world is filled with an unlimited amount of energy and there is more than enough wealth, health and love to go around, if you are running a little low on what you need, now is the time to plant those seeds.

October is one of the most mysterious and magical times of the year, this is the time that dreams become reality, the time that the magical core in each of us rises to the occasion, during the season of Hallowmas some of my most difficult cases have proven to bear fruit, last year four of my clients with whom I had worked with for a combined total of about six years realized their desires to reconnect with the one that they love shortly after their Hallowmas reuniting rituals were performed , each of them have a story that is uniquely their own, the common bond was the desire that each of them held within their heart and their willingness to focus on their desires instead of what was absent at the moment in their lives, if you are trying to reunite with a lover and you focus on whom he or she may or may not be with, you might as well go ahead and pay the preacher to marry them and get it over with, for that would be a less painful experience, and some situations that I have worked with have led to that, several of them have even rebounded and reunited with their ex lover after the focal point of their desire changed, that is instead of focusing on where Suzi Q is putting her lips or whom she is kissing, the focus shifted back to Suzi Q reuniting with Johnny B Goode and once Johnny B Goode retrained his thought process he soon realized his dream of having Suzi Q back in his life and if I am not mistaken that was his original goal to begin with when he sought my help, so focusing on anything less than that is uncalled for and will only leave Johnny B Goode singing the blues and strumming his guitar in a solo fashion!

Magic can manifest at anytime of the year, there are just a few points in the turn of the grand wheel that as a Witch I favor the most and Hallowmas is certainly one of them, it is not only magical in nature, but, it is also a very spiritual experience as well, and of course Hallowmas is when the Witches celebrate their new year and with the new year comes new beginnings, and this year I expect that the we will be blessed and those blessings will spring forth as the flowers bloom in early spring bringing us our blessings in the form of heart shaped surprises as wayward couples reunite and rejoice and as the clovers push themselves up from the frozen ground with them will come the sweet smell of prosperity that will linger on the air with the promise that financial hardships will soon be laid to rest and the blessings that were scribbled upon parchment and beckoned forth in the roaring flames of the fire pit shall be fulfilled, for there is no need too great that it cannot be satisfied nor is there pain so strong that it cannot be healed and as the Witches dance the circle round upon Hallowmas night, so shall they weave magic pure and strong and all that they seek shall abound within the short three months that follow.

Blessed Be