The Lady

The Lady stood in a field of wildflowers that swayed in a gentle breeze; the dew on the petal's glistened as the moon shot down rays of love! I watched this lovely Lady as she began to dance, shout and sing, as if asking for a second chance.

The Earth began to rumble and the wind began to howl, still this lovely Lady danced and shouted her praises into the night air, I attuned my will to hers as she called forth the Wise ones, Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna, the Earth's rumble grew fierce, as the Wind grew stronger and still this lovely Lady continued to sing her praise into the night air!

When suddenly a loud clap of thunder boomed into the night, helplessly I watched as this lovely Lady collapsed in the moonlight!

Violently I trembled, as a voice spoke from the sky! Was I mistaken, was this the Moon's cry? Listen to me I heard her say, bare my symbol, bare it with pride! Fear no man, for no harm shall he inflict upon thee. For you are my child and child I shall protect thee!I watched in amazement as the lovely Lady rose, her arms stretched forth to the Moon and the Silver Star that hung around her neck, now laid upon her heart and my eyes filled with tears as she spoke!

My Lady, My Goddess, Mother of all, I never doubted my love for you at all, nor have I doubted your love for me, for I am reminded constantly! Mother there is a man, he is my father here on Earth, and he says my love for you is wrong and that my life must not go on!He told me that I must not have a God other than his God, he says to do so his blasphemy, but Mother I shall not stray from my convictions and my commitment to you, I will never worship a dead man upon a cross, for to do so goes against everything that I stand for and believe in, you are my Goddess, you are my salvation, you are the one who is the giver of life and the bringer of joy! Oh Gracious Goddess, my life for you is but a small price to pay, for you are my Mother and Mother I would die for you any day!

Blessed Be!