The Heart Of The Matter!

The heart may very well be the strongest muscle housed within the human body, after all, it can withstand blow after blow of bone crushing disappointment, it can take a lifetime of abuse before reaching its breaking point. How do we know when enough is enough? How do we gauge just how much abuse and turmoil our hearts, mind and body can take?

I have often heard that God never puts more on us than we can bear, unfortunately most of the folks that I have heard that saying from were Christian and at least three of the seven that used that phrase religiously committed suicide and that is where my issue with that saying comes into play, because if God never puts more on us than we can take, why did they take the cowards' way out?

Love, true love is hard to find and is often overlooked, because although we think we know what we are looking for, more often than not that is simply not the case. Each and every individual who embarks upon the journey to find true love, often finds the journey the quest of the never-ending story, "Love, sweet Love" is indeed in my opinion for some, the never-ending story.

When I was in my late teens to early twenties I made some very bad life altering and what could have been life affirming decisions, I guess in some way maybe they were life affirming and that is what has brought me here today, right here where I sit typing away at my keyboard sharing bits and pieces of myself with all of my extended family out there, if you are reading this consider yourself a part of the family!

Love shouldn't be hard to find, after all there are millions, maybe even billions of lonely lost souls out there who are searching too, the problem that I see is that everyone has created their own definition of the word love, there are some who equate sex with love, I for one was bad about that, the first three years of my life after I came out of the closet as a gay man I fell in love with anyone that I slept with, I soon realized that it was easy for people to say that they love you while you were in bed with them, but once the fun was over for them it was on to their next conquest, for me I would be dazed and dumbfounded, after all he said that he loved me, what is the deal?

I can tell you what the deal was, I was mixed up and so love-starved that I was willing to accept any scraps of affection that someone would throw my way, thank the Goddess that for me those days are over, it was a lesson for me to learn, it was part of my life-path and I do not feel one ounce of remorse for what I have lived through or where I came from, because it is that journey that brought me to this point in my life today and without having those experiences I may have missed out on the finer things that the Universe holds in store for me in this life time.

For the most part people are not really bad, they just make poor choices in their life and once the decision is made it is hard to go back and redo or rethink things, in most cases it is foolish pride that keeps us from righting a wrong, pride or the inability to admit that our mistakes could produce such devastating effects and reek havoc on ones life, here is a very good example of that, just take a look at the sorry shape that the Country is in today, here is a hint for you, men in power often get a very big head, it is called ego-mania!

Poor choices and overly emotional decisions will often create a negative life pattern, a negative life pattern is the process in which we constantly find ourselves repeating and repeating the same life experiences over and over again, for some this may be in the area of love, while for others it may be in the area of finances or any other issue that is pertinent to the progress and growth of spirit.

There is only one reason that you and I exist and that reason is to allow our spirit to experience life in the physical and emotional sense and all that implies, for example sex, which is the physical aspect of love shared between two people, the feeling of love is the emotional aspect that is shared between two people.

There are many other examples of love experienced in the physical aspect; another good example is the physical labor that is involved in working with charitable organizations, let's say that you volunteer your time to help repair or rebuild someone's home, that would be an expression of love in the physical sense without sexual interaction and the satisfaction that is felt on the emotional level is love which flows from the universe through you unto the recipient.

Love does not have to be a right or wrong decision, love is what we make of it and unless we can love ourselves enough to put forth the effort and energy into making better life-affirming decisions, true love may never come, I can honestly say that when I quit equating love with sex, true love was mine for the taking, I am not saying that is what you are doing, I am simply using myself and my poor choices as an example here.

Everyone on the planet is unique and different and the same rules that apply to my life, may not apply to yours, but there are many things that link us together and the one thing that is apparent is our need as human beings to love and to be loved, the key to this is self love, I once had a metaphysical teacher that told me point blank that I was doomed in the love department and that I would never have a relationship that would last for more than three months, I sat there too stunned to speak at first and when the numbness of my verbal assault wore off I asked her why she felt that way?

Her reply was sharp; you do not love yourself and if you cannot embrace who you are, how can you expect anyone else to love "You"? Her words stung me to my very soul, but she gave me a gift that day like none before, because she made me take a long hard look at myself and my life and it was at that moment that I made some very tough decisions for myself and along the way I regressed a few times and when I did I would simply give myself a swift kick in the behind and get right back on track.

The majority of the people who contact me are looking for a quick fix, they've screwed up their life and they are looking for a magical potion or formula to instantly make it better, magic is wonderful and mysterious and when results manifest rapidly it is because the energy and timing were right, if you are weaving magic and it is taking a while that is a good indication that more spiritual growth is necessary before the Universe will readily give you that in which you have asked for.

As I have said numerous times before, it is easier to do something negative than it is to do something positive, but that doesn't mean that we should take the easy route, that simply means that we must work harder at improving ourselves, but do not make improvements to impress another, self improvement is a positive source of energy that is good for the soul and that should be your motivation.

If you are one of the individuals who are trying to reconnect with a lost love, work your magic, make your request unto the Goddess and Universe, make certain that you are coming from a place of love and sincerity, do not try and push or force your love into manifestation, it will happen if you have faith and if you believe in yourself and the wondrous powers of love.

"Negative, Black Magic, takes hold faster than Magic Of White!"

As a whole people who have had very little magical training will often make the mistake to try and force the energy into manifestation, after all a love spell has been cast and the assumption is that magic is instantaneous and while at times that may be the case when you are dealing with love and matters of the heart, it is much better to allow the Universe to take its time in granting your request, no good will come from a love spell rushed into manifestation, the results are often weaker than they would have been had sufficient time been allotted to allow for both parties to grow emotionally and spiritually, you may continue weaving your magic while you wait, for every ritual, thought, candle burning or affirmation will bring you closer to accomplishing your desired outcome, however, you will want to try and avoid physical or verbal altercations with the one that you are weaving your energy for, if by chance there is a disagreement of sorts, you need to smudge the room where the argument took place, if by chance it happened over the phone with you in one place and your loved one in another, you will need to physically cleanse the area that you were in and spiritually or magically cleanse the area that your lover was in when the disagreement took place, a good smudging of the physical area should work just fine on your end and an aura cleansing and uncrossing will help tremendously on your lovers end.

When you are working with love spells it is very hard to say exactly when they will manifest into completion, part of the reason for this is the fact that what you are dealing with is highly emotional and while your intentions are good, your thoughts, actions and overall behavior will impact the energy between you and the one that you love on a much greater scale.

When I work a Love spell or the Kundalini binding for a client, my influence over that spell ends once I have finished weaving the energy of that spell, this is one of the main reasons that I do not guarantee spell work of any kind, because I cannot guarantee the behavior of my client and over the years it has been made very apparent to me that my clients will often withhold vital bits and pieces of information that could make a difference in the outcome of their work, I am only connected to the spell while the casting is taking place, once the spell has been cast, I withdraw my energy and disconnect myself from the situation, thus allowing for the connection of the individual that I am working with to take over and this is why it is real important that your focus stays pure and strong, and your attitude and behavior reflects that of your desires. If you cannot muster up the intestinal fortitude to go that extra mile, how can you possibly feel that you are worthy of that in which you seek? Lay your fear aside and give yourself the permission that you so badly need in order to move forward in life, life is hard enough, you needn't punish yourself or put yourself through undue stress, living the life and playing the hand that you were dealt will supply you with more than enough lessons, hardship and love to keep you busy!

I do not buy into or believe that old saying, "God never puts more on you than you can bear", for it is the weight of our burdens that make us stronger and God doesn't necessarily have anything at all to do with the hardships that we suffer through, for the most part God is an energy that sits idly by until the time of emotional, mental or spiritual crisis and acts when called upon, however, if you are a practicing member of any religious faith, God or the Goddess will always be an active energy within the framework of your life, but, the reality of your situation is determined by your actions or the lack there of, do not be a passive member of life and do not allow those around you to determine the flow and course that your life takes, come on, you deserve so much more and there is an abundance of everything that you and I need out of life just floating around out in the ethers waiting to manifest into the material plane, decide today what it is going to take to truly make you happy and work towards making the necessary changes to get that in which you desire, the magic of life is within you, tap into it and stop existing and barely getting by, you can have that new car, house or the mate that you desire and deserve, but, before you can have an abundance of love and prosperity, and before the Universe will grant your request, you have to allow yourself to grow spiritually and you have to stop making excuses, you have to become proactive, after all if you cannot determine what it is going to take to make you whole and if you cannot extend yourself and put forth the needed energy to manifest the changes necessary, how can you expect the Universe to aid you in your plight?

Release the fear today that has held you back in life, embrace yourself for the wonderful human being that you are, love yourself thereby allowing for someone else to love you.

Blessed Be, Phelan

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