The Harvest Moon Fades

The Harvest Moon has come and gone and the warm days of September are quickly fading, as the Witch's new year approaches, sitting here before my computer I recall those friends, family and loved ones who have passed on, or who have crossed the bridge to the great divine within the last year, as I sit here I envision the lessons, blessings, and hardships that me, and my loved ones have faced and shared, some have had great meaning; and impact on our lives, and the lives of those that we surround ourselves with, and there are still many lessons to be examined, dissected, and explored to see just what piece of the puzzle that we call life that they just might complete!

Lessons tend to be hard, I suppose if they came easy they wouldn't earn the value that we ultimately place on them, some lessons are indeed connected or interconnected with everyone that we intermingle with, and so is the karmic ramifications that come as a result, showing up to set on our stoop like a wet mangy unwanted mongrel that nobody wants to deal with, but deal with we must in order to advance to the next level or at least clear the debris so that our entry way becomes passable or in this case livable again!

I can honestly say that one of the things that I have learned to deal with over the years is the element of surprise, or the lack there of! I can just about identify where something is coming from, or what action on my part has put the wheels in motion, and seemingly spinning out of control! Every single experience that we go through is by design, either by us, or perhaps a higher power, but nevertheless you can bet that it is part of the grand scheme of things, it is part of our life's path.

I for one believe that we can influence our future, we can decide the outcome of any given event, the decision is made in part by our physical surroundings (demographics), and largely by our emotional self or level of desire, desire is a key ingredient in manifesting our lives work and reaping the benefit of our life goals! Without desire, without the wanting, and the needing we would literally dry up emotionally, it would be the equivalent of fishing in a dry or fishless lake! It doesn't sound very appetizing, does it?

Decide what you want, and decide where you'd like to be a year from now, who you would like to be with, and focus on it, energize it, and manifest it!

There are three main keys when working with magic that one needs to master:

  1. Emotion (Desire) There has to be a certain level of desire, a wanting or need in order to effectively work with magic, if you have no desire, if there is no spark of commitment to that which you seek, suffice it to say that which you seek will surely be a fleeting thing!

  2. Motion (Action) Whoever coined the phrase "actions speak louder than words new what they were talking about, desire means nothing without the intestinal fortitude to go that extra mile to obtain or acquire your need successfully! If you are the type of individual who gives up at the slightest of controversy, well it is my opinion that spells are not the way to go to get your desire, and on the other hand if you go in expecting immediate results, the universe will more than likely tease, and tantalize you all the while dangling your desire just out of reach!

  3. Faith (Patience) If you lack patience or the faith, and or the belief that you deserve that which you seek, you will surely lead a very disappointing life, filled with void, filled with with tears, you must surpass the self sacrificing propaganda bullshit that you have been forced feed all of your life, if you can see yourself as a worthy and deserving individual, capable of giving, and receiving love, and if you can believe that the good in life is yours there for the taking, it is!

Believe in yourself, and believe in the Universe! In-fact a belief in yourself, reinforces a belief in the GODHEAD!

Abundance Of Life, Phelan


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