The Gay Witch! Gay Love Spells

Modern day religion has shunned both gay and lesbian followers, while Witchcraft, Wicca, still embraces both gay men and lesbian women. My feeling is that the leaders of certain religious sects that follow the path of Christ, greatly underestimates the value of our community, and mistakenly underestimates our worth in this world that we live in.

I have never bought into the belief that men nor women were created in the image of God, the Godhead is a concept that without us wouldn't even exist, for God to exist he or she must have followers, they must have believers, the Godhead is like everything else in this world, it is pure energy and for that energy to continue to grow it must be fed!

The politics that surround religion can be traced back to the beginning of time, but who is to say really when time first began, time is a magical concept that no one really understands, and yet there has been millions of dollars spent by modern day scientists trying to harness its power!

Throughout the ages homosexuality has been present and in just about any era traces can be found amongst the most famous and powerful of men and women. My belief is that the world is dynamically made up of a diverse group of people who have lessons to learn in both the masculine and feminine shell (body) and as we progress our spirits crossover prematurely and still have lessons to learn from it's past incarnation and so, when reborn, it still attempts to act out the lessons from it's most recent life, and although it may have chosen a masculine body for its current life, it may result in a feminine spirit trapped in a masculine body which proceeds to act out the lessons that it should have learned in its previous life, and in its previous body, therefore resulting in some very stylish and well dressed men! (lol)

When the spirit makes a decision on the soul level it is not a rational decision, the process used to derive at that decision is entirely different from the one that you and I use in the physical realm to make our day-to-day decisions and choices about how we are to proceed.

Homosexuality is not a mistake, it is a lesson to be learned by all whose path it crosses, it is not a choice and even if it were, chances are that we, Gay Men and Lesbian Women as a whole would not choose a life that is destined to be filled with such strife! Why would anyone choose to be this different? Why would anyone choose a life where you are consider a freak, a modern day leopard? I cannot speak for my gay and lesbian counterparts, I can only speak for myself, and I can say this with the utmost honesty, if I were given a conscious choice, if I could decide to be straight or gay, there would be no debate or question in my mind, I would choose to be gay! I would choose to be labeled a freak and I would gladly welcome a life filled with strife, why?

Because I have learned to embrace my spirit, and the love that I have been shown in this lifetime alone could fill a hundred more to come. I once heard a teacher of the Old Ways (Wicca) say that you could put a true Witch and a true Christian in the same room and they would get along with one another just fine because they were comfortable with themselves and with their belief system, I have proven this theory time and time again, and I believe the same to hold true with a Gay man and a Straight man, I have slept in the same bed with a straight man, who just happened to be a Christian and I could not have been anymore comfortable had I been sleeping alone, like it or not we are all brothers and sisters whose true lessons are found and learned in loving one another and that should be the message that the Religious leaders of the world should be preaching, unfortunately the majority of them have their own agendas which has nothing at all to do with getting into Heaven, and has everything to do with lining their wallets and padding their bank accounts!

Don't get me wrong, politics exist in modern day covens and other Witch oriented groups as well, I personally belonged to a group for many years that I walked away from after controversy amongst the elders over gay marriage, because two of its male members desired to be hand fasted and one of the High Priestesses was strongly opposed to the idea of gay marriage, she had adopted the belief that marriage was for procreation only and unless you were uniting to bring forth new life into the world you shouldn't unite, I guess my first clue to her true feelings should have come when she stated to me and another member of the group "that a man's place in the Old Ways served as nothing more than a paycheck!"

Do not get me wrong, she is entitled to her own opinion, but keep in mind that she is a leader and teacher of the Old Ways, which teaches perfect love and perfect trust, in 1991 I as a life student of the Old Ways started questioning my very own faith and belief system and with that statement she undermined her own authority and teachings, I on the other hand did what is known in the Old Religion as voting with your feet, I got to stepping and as a result I have found my own path, and I have found the beauty in a faith that embraces you for your worth and not your sexual orientation.

"In 1991 my teacher did more for me than she could ever know, she put my feet upon my path by forcing me to take a long hard look at myself and to take the steps necessary for me to move forward in life, she also prepared me to face the fact that people can be cold as ice, and better you learn that lesson from someone who loves you, because to be forewarned is to be forearmed!"

A Witch is a Witch, whether you are a man or woman, if you follow the **Wiccan** path you are called a Witch, a Warlock is non other than a traitor who has betrayed his fellow **Wiccan** brothers and sisters and in most cases have been banished from the group! A Warlock can be a man or woman as well.

Witches understand and work with energy all of the time, this is one of the reasons that gay and lesbians fit so well into the modern day **Wiccan** groups, a true Witch is not afraid of embracing life, whether it is their own life or the life of a fellow human being, all life is to be respected and those who have shown their worth through hard work and dedication to their craft are no different, and to a Witch it doesn't matter who you are, it doesn't matter who you sleep with, the important factors are balance, harmony, knowledge and progression.

Duality is extremely important, there must be a balance of both masculine and feminine energies, however, it is entirely possible to have an all male or female coven and still have balance, everyone on this planet has both a masculine and feminine attributes and at different intervals in our life we may work and draw from one of the attributes more so than we do the other, but although our masculine or feminine self may at times be more dominate, it doesn't mean that the other one has ceased to exist, it is just lying dormant until called into action to perform whatever task or duties that are at hand.

The true lesson for a gay man or a lesbian woman is to learn self-love, for that matter everyone straight or gay will at some turn of the wheel learn that lesson, however for us it is very important because we have become the new minority, it doesn't matter what your skin color is or your national origin, the only thing that shows is your sexual orientation and I am here to tell you that if you are not 100% together and have a clear understanding of who you are and what that means to you, those individuals who are motivated by fear will try and inflict harm upon you!

As a rule people fear what they do not understand, and in the case of sexual orientation the majority of people will not even attempt to try and understand it because it is beyond there comprehension, and let us not forget the good ole' boys who are so insecure about their manhood that they constantly feel that they have something to prove and therefore go about gay bashing in the daylight and fornicating and frolicking at the local gay bar in the shadow and safety of the night!

We, as gay men and lesbian women have to find our niche, we have to define what will and will not work for us and we have to strive to get the most out of this life that we can, do not succumb to self defeat, do not buy into the myth that you cannot have a productive relationship because of your sexual orientation, stand strong with your worldly brothers and sisters and face your persecutors, it is time for us to unite our energies and to demand equality, it is not right that our heterosexual counterparts should receive more liberties than us, it is not right that we should be made to suffer because of who we love or the fact that we love at all!

The one thing that I know for a fact is that the United States economy would collapse if the gay and lesbian dollar was taken away, this is certainly something to consider, if they do not want us here maybe we should go where we will be treasured and embraced, think about living somewhere where we can marry legally and have all the same rights as every other citizen, it is time that we take action, it is time that we show the powers that be that we are not going to stand for this abuse and neglect any longer, once upon a time there was separation of Church and State, not any longer, especially when we have hate mongers and War Wizards running this country!

I hope that each and every one of my worldly brothers and sisters find the courage to embrace themselves and those around them, I hope that you find the courage to defy those who try and repress you and I hope that love finds it way into your heart and life, I will be writing more articles that will give greater detail about how we gay men and lesbian women fit into Wicca and I am in the process of developing an exclusive online rainbow group in honor of my worldly brothers and sisters.

Blessed Be, Phelan