The Final Scene

Somewhere in the distant sky a star shines brighter tonight, as a mother who once rejected you stands by your bed with your hand in hers, a sad scene yes indeed, sad not for you because your pain will soon end, but sad for her, for her pain has just begun, she rejected you because of who you are, she rejected you because you could never live up to her expectations and be the man that she wanted you to be!

Her love for you was conditional, she called you a faggot and she called you a queer and on Mother's Day of last year she denied you as her child, what kind of a mother could do that? What kind of a mother could scorn her only son and condemn him for who he is and for whom he wanted to love?

I choked back my tears and I bit my tongue, for I had plenty that I wanted to say to her, but my friend out of respect for you I held my silence, until all was said and done, the final scene of your life here on earth played out before our very eyes and you tackled it with much dignity and grace and as you drew your last breath with that smile upon your face, your spirit lit up the room as it fled your diseased riddled body, much like the fireworks on the fourth of July and as I looked down at you, the smile upon your face had disappeared and a deafening silence took the place of the ragged breathes that you used to take.

Your kindness and compassion will be missed by those who loved you, but we can rest assured knowing that one day our paths shall cross again, you were a kindred spirit and more than a friend, you were family to the bitter-sweet-end, as I walk the circle round your presence I can feel and a familiar feeling crosses my mind as a gentle breeze eases by and I feel your hand in mine and we walk the circle together one last time!

Your mother was foolish like so many of her kind; she had the nerve to stand by your bed and cry, as far as I am concerned she lost that right long ago, she threw you out when you were just sixteen years old! She sobbed like a mother who had just lost her first-born; it is really too bad that she couldn't have been the mother to you all those years, the mother that she was during your final scene, I find it hard to have any compassion for her at all and to tell you the truth her ignorance makes my skin crawl!

I didn't say all the things to her that I wanted to say, because my friend that smile upon your face had said it all, there is a star that burns bright into the night and he stood in the sacred circles and he believed, he was and will always be a Child of the Goddess, so flee to the west my kindred spirit and rush into the arms of our Great Mother, she who is the giver and taker of life has been waiting for you patiently!

The Goddess is our true Mother, she is the Queen of the Witches and her love has sustained me in my darkest hour, we (Witches) know that no energy is ever lost, we go on, we live on and when the time is right and once we have rested properly we will be reincarnated back into the Earth plane, where we will continue to learn our lessons, allowing our spirits to progress in life and once we have fulfilled our Karmic obligations we will go on to become a higher point of light, you my friend have obtained that, your light will shine the way for the rest of us and until the day that we meet again, I bid you hale and farewell!

Blessed Be,