The Facts

Hundreds of people contact me on a daily basis; some are looking for sincere help, while others are simply looking for the quickest and easiest way to obtain what they desire, without having to extend themselves and without having to work for it or put forth their own energy.

The fact of the matter is, that nothing in this world worth having comes easy and anything that is perceived worth having that comes easy is just an illusion, it is not real and will vanish just as easily as it manifested. Haven't you ever heard the old saying?..

Easy come and easy goes!

We only get out of life what we put into it and at times a little more, but nothing absolutely nothing in this world comes to us without a price tag, including love. Think about it, people work hard every day and half kill themselves to acquire the American dream, some work two or more jobs just to be able to buy a house, a car, to put food on the table and clothes on their backs.

They were able to acquire those things because they were willing to do the work that was required of them in order to obtain that in which they seek to make themselves whole, when you are working with magic, affirmations or prayers, which by the way are all forms of energy you are making an investment of yourself on the emotional, mental and spiritual level, you are putting forth an extension of your will with every magical incantation, prayer or thought form that you project out into the Universe.

I have said this a million and one times over, I can work with you, I can make requests on your behalf, I can work an elaborate ritual or burn a simple candle to aid you in your plight and to help you manifest your desires, but aid and help are the operative words, I cannot and have never claimed to be able to do everything for you, if you choose to work with a practitioner, whether it is with me or someone else, it is most imperative that you stay proactive in order for you to manifest your desires and to accomplish your life goals.

When dealing with matters of the heart, it is almost always impossible for someone to conduct a reuniting ritual on their own and accomplish their desired outcome, why you may ask? Because in order to be effective you have to separate yourself from the situation emotionally, you cannot and will not accomplish anything if you are driven by your emotions.

People tend to be weak in nature, when they do not get what they want or when things in their life goes wrong they tend to look around for someone to lay the blame on, when what they should be doing is taking a long hard look in the mirror and asking themselves what role they played in the saga and drama that is their life? What steps can they take to turn things around and what did they learn from their experience that would aid them in avoiding the proverbial pitfalls of life the next go around?

I am a very proactive individual, I utilize affirmations, meditation and magic within my own life on a daily basis, but even all of that is not enough, I still at times have to dig deep down and find a way to have faith and believe that what I desire will be mine, in fact, my daily rituals is a way of affirming, reaffirming and renewing my faith in myself, my craft and mankind.

Faith is the cornerstone of all that exist and all that will ever be, if you attempt to work towards something that you do not believe in, you will inevitably fail, look at it this way, the Goddess and God exist because we have faith and because we believe in them, and with every affirmation, ritual, incantation or prayer we reaffirm our belief that the Gods exist, if you do not believe in them how can they answer your call?

As a Witch I believe myself to be at one with my Goddess, to deny the existence of my Goddess would be to deny the existence of myself, for one would not exist without the other, the Christian faith are taught to believe that they are separate from their God and that their God is one of harsh judgment and cruel punishment and as long as they adhere to the rules set forth within the good book they will one day be accepted into the Kingdom in which they call heaven, I have known many Christians who have lost their faith during the time of a crisis and they almost always end up pointing an accusing finger at their God, a Witch knows better than to do this, for we accept responsibility for the role that we play in our own lives.

I must admit that I might as well have been born in the "show me state", as I am a visual individual and have to see or experience things for myself in order to believe in them, that is the exact reason why I chose my life path as a Witch, because there is evidence to support my beliefs and way of life, the Earth is the largest body of evidence that the Mother of all creation exists and the cyclical nature of the Moon, the second.

I do not believe in worshiping that in which is dead, nor do I believe in sacrifice of any living creature, man or animal, thus the whole "Jesus dying on the cross" just wasn't for me, and if he indeed died on the cross it may very well have been a sacrifice, but in today's world there is another word for it and that is murder...

As a Witch I do not believe in sacrificing an animal, I will not lend my strength or my energy to a religion that believes in human or animal sacrifice, and while they may not practice the physical aspects of sacrifice, it still lingers in the air like road kill on the side of the highway.

There are as many ways of performing a love ritual as there are people, but I have never heard of stuffing a lamb's heart with a talisman and cooking it, until this week when one of the new contacts wrote me via the website to ask if I have ever heard of such a thing, I have to tell you as a Witch I was utterly appalled and I can say with the utmost certainty that I would not want any part of a love that this kind of ritual may produce. The sound of it is sickening and there is no telling what kind of twisted soul thought that one up, sick indeed!

Trust me folks, when I tell you that love has to flow from the heart, well, let's just say that was not what I was talking about, love, you know the kind, the love that grips you and squeezes you until you cannot breathe and when it lets you go it keeps you coming back for more!

Love should not be the equivalent of obsession, if you are obsessed you either need to get laid or go see a shrink, because you either have excessive energy that you need to work off or some real deep issues that you need to address, either way if you are obsessed in the love department get help before it turns fatal!

Believe me, I can relate to what you are going through, I have lost at love before, especially when I was a bit younger and just a little bit more foolish, I know how easily it is to get all wrapped up and warped in the moment when you have been wounded and your heart is bleeding and your head is pounding, when you think about how you sacrificed (here's that word again-lol) everything for the one that you love, for the one that was suppose to love you no matter what, for the one who pledged his or her undying love to you and vowed to always be there through thick and thin, the one whose needs and wants you put ahead of your own, the one who is now lying in someone else's bed and giving to them what should be yours, can't you just see how their bodies cling to one another? How they cannot get enough of each other? Their love is just the way yours used to be, insatiable, unquenchable and always leaves you wanting more, doesn't it just drive you crazy to imagine the one that you love being caressed, kissed and touched in the most intimate parts of his or her body? Places that you once were privileged to touch, and to you were sacred? Doesn't it just drive you crazy knowing that someone else is sitting right where you used to be? Imagine that, how could you have known that someone you trusted and put so much faith in, would turn on you or worse turn away from you?

Well, what can I say? Shit happens! But if the above describes what you are going through, you have two choices, you can either let go and move on or you can work towards reclaiming what was rightfully yours, the decision is up to you, you have to decide what action that you are going to take, but I can tell you that if you are constantly allowing images like the ones I described above to run through your mind, the only thing that you are doing is defeating yourself and reinforcing your lovers' new relationship.

When you constantly think about the love making between the one that you love and the new person in their life you are lending strength and energy to their relationship, which is the absolute worst thing that you can do, if your ultimate goal is to reunite with your ex-lover, instead you need to focus your effort and energy on making the necessary changes within yourself and the framework of your life to re-attract the one that you love in a positive manner.

There is normally a logical explanation as to why a love once strong and intense seemingly fades away, in some cases it is simply because the parties involved have begun taking each other for granted or maybe the spark that once ignited the love embers has fizzled out, it could be that there was too much outside interference or distractions, but the one thing that I know for certain is that love just doesn't die without an explanation, so if you were head over hills in love one day and basking in sorrowful regret the next, you can bet that something underhanded was afoul.

None of us came with a set of instructions the day that we were born, the formula and the guidelines that I live my life by may not work for you, but magic is real and it works and while it is a process that may not be for everyone, it is a process that can and will make a difference in your life if you allow it to, but unless you are willing to open your heart and your mind to a new way of thinking your efforts will have been in vain.

So this charge I lay upon you today, stop wallowing in self pity, stop allowing someone else the power to determine how you feel about yourself, stop measuring yourself worth against what you perceive to be your failures or shortcomings, stay proactive in your magical endeavors and your workings, never accept less from the Universe than what you deserve, stop looking to others to validate your feelings, extend yourself by putting forth the effort, the energy and the work into manifesting your desires, never allow yourself the luxuries of hate or greed, always work from a place of love and on the days that you find it hard to love those around you, love yourself, for true acts of humanitarian kindness must always originate from within each and every individual, for that which cannot be found within, will never be found without!

Blessed Be

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