The Dark You

Mother, we are grateful for the gifts that you have bestowed upon us in our life's distant past, we are grateful for the blessings and abundance that have befallen us and we know that as we progress deep into Winter, come Spring you will return to us once again and warm the Earth with a threefold kiss and as you take back the reigns from your consort, our father, beauty and love will abound and all that we desire will flow forth from the earth with the fierceness of the North wind, and all things seemingly impossible will once again be made possible through the love of our Goddess, she who is the giver of life and the bringer of joy, she whose love was never absent from our life, only laid dormant by the anger and betrayal that we inflict upon ourselves and one another, reinforced by our refusal to embrace that which is pure, love, true love is pure, love is only tainted when taken for granted, anger is the result of a misguided hand and fear of that which we do not understand is the result of hatred, bigotry and an intolerance of our fellow brothers and sisters!

Love comes in all colors, creeds and nationalities; one should never suffer at the hands of another because of the pigmentation of his or her skin, nor should hatred be spewed at those whose love you cannot understand, love is a vital force of nature and we human beings are not patented after nature, this is the reason that we spend ninety percent of our life trying to adapt, nature was never meant to adapt to us, we were meant to adapt to nature, we as humans are nature's biggest threat, we are the opposition, it is through our needs that greed is spawned and it will be through our needs that our world will be destroyed, unless we wake up and take control of ourselves and start accepting responsibility for the very thing that is bound to fallout from up under us one day, our home, the earth, how much abuse can one body stand? How many more high-rise building and department stores do we need? Why are so many residents of Mother Earth dying of starvation? Why are there so many of us homeless? Why does the future look grim and bleak? Why are so many lives being lost to a war that is about nothing more than control, wealth, manipulation and greed?

How many more people do we need to inhabit the planet? You know what really angers me is the fact that there is no reason why anyone should be homeless or have to go to bed at night on an empty stomach, the funny thing is that the Catholics refuse to use condoms because to them it is a sin, sex is dirty when it is simply being done to relieve oneself out of pure carnal pleasure, and of course to the Christians it is only meant to be done as an act of procreation, well that certainly explains why the good Christian ladies get their tubes tied without telling their husbands and they still continue humping like two rabbits in heat and then the elected officials of our good country have the audacity to judge me and my way of life, well I can honestly say that I do not fornicate for procreation, I copulate because it feels good the way that nature intended and allow me to say this to my egg-less counterparts, you know who you are and if you have any sense at all you will embrace menopause instead of dreading it and you will continue to get your groove on, as we age sex only gets better, honey go out and get yourself a young stud like I did, there is nothing better for the soul and the body like a younger man, girls and guys I am telling you that if you embrace life, love yourself and love those around you, life takes care of itself, really, all we have to do is show up and play the hand that we were dealt and everything else will fall into place without us having to fall apart.

When I started this article I am not sure that this is the content that I had in mind, now I can tell you that I am no writer, in most cases my fingers only punch the keys that my guides tell them to punch, I know that much of what I have written has been channeled from outside of my own framework, I just have to trust that somewhere in here there is a message that some of you out there needs!

Life was never meant to be easy, life is full of blows and punches, and unless we develop the ability to roll with those punches, life will lose its luster! You know when I work with a client there is nothing that pleases me more than the realization of his or her dreams, aspirations and goals, I encourage everyone that I work with to conduct candle rituals of their own, meditate or to get involved in some other activity that will allow him or her to shift their focus elsewhere, there is nothing at all wrong with focusing on one's desire, providing that by focusing on those desires you are not constantly questioning the wisdom of your magic, I have a client that I just finished up her reuniting work, she has only had her root bag and other supplies a short while and she keeps writing and asking me if it is normal not to have any contact or communication with her man, she goes on to say after all I have been carrying the bag and using the herbal bath, why is it not working for me?

Well this scenario is a good example of someone who landed on my site, ordered the Kundalini binding without taking the time to read through my site and to review the articles that I make available as part of my service to my clients and anyone else who would like to gain a different point of view or perspective on things.

I can tell you that she didn't read my articles or even the homepage, if she did she only heard what she wanted to hear instead of what I was trying to convey, folks I have little or no control over who gets or doesn't get results, that is left to the wisdom of the Universe and the actions of my client, I send forth the request, once the request is out there my part is through, with the exception that I try to continue encouraging and motivating my clients to focus on the positive instead of the negative, and I do try to be there for all of my clients in an effort to provide them with moral support, which by the way some folks are just so negative that I am not always able to extend that part of my service, some people just don't get it, ninety percent of my clientele are all looking to reclaim a lost or stolen love, but, they never stop and evaluate the situation, they never ask themselves why did this happen in the first place? Why did my lover abandon me for another?

I refuse to coddle and perpetuate your negative outlook

Well, I am not here to judge, I am here to offer an alternative way of doing things, my methods are not for everyone, I do not believe in living a life wallowing in self pity, you can wallow all you want in self pity, but you will not get anywhere and it just may be that wallowing in self pity is how you landed where you are at in the first place, at the very least you have to take a step back and analyze the situation and try to take a different approach, by the time you show up on my site you should have already figured out that the approach you were taking is no longer working for you, then why wouldn't you want to take advantage of the years of experience brought to the table by yours truly?

I'm not a rocket scientist by no means, I am Witch who, I might add, has helped hundreds of clients before you and if you listen to what I have to say and if you can truly let go of the darkness that is in your heart, you have a good chance of manifesting your desires, I recently had a client who wrote to me about how disappointed she is with my service and granted she has every right to feel disappointment about anything that she chooses, she too is one of the Northern Gals (no pun intended) who didn't take the time to read before placing her order, although her disappointment had nothing to do with spell work or the process of magic that I utilize, it had everything to do with the fact that I refuse to coddle her and to perpetuate her negative outlook on life by answering and re-answering the same questions over and over, the answers much like energy doesn't change that often or rapidly, the one thing that I learned real quick when I first delved into the practice of magic is that one can be harmed faster than helped through the practice of black magic, think about it, all I have to do is to tap into the world-wind of negativity that you are spewing and use it against you, which is how it is done in the first place by black magicians!

You see, if you had all of the answers, if you were a bundle of positive energy vibrating and over-flowing all over the place you wouldn't need me in the first place, what makes it even harder for me to help you is the fact that you are in a negative space before you land at my door, the negative attitude about your life and your mate is already ingrained within your psyche making it that much harder for me to provide you with the help that you need, and on that note it is through this cycle of negative energy that some practicing charlatan out there manages to screw you over by tapping into a readily available reservoir of negativity!

Some situations take longer to heal than others, I do not have all of the answers, I do not claim to be all powerful, although those who know me and have known me, such as Elizabeth my earthly mother who has long since crossed the bridge into the Summerland would tell you that you would prefer to have me as an ally as opposed to an enemy, luckily I have been blessed with those around me who prefer to be my friend and even though we may have opposing points of view, we are able to find common ground in which we can agree upon.

Light without the dark would cease to exist

My attitude about life has always been "live and let live", "harm no living creature, be it human or animal", "walk in the light and serve the greater good", but never fear the darkness, for the darkness is severely misunderstood, the darkness is a great ally as it shields us from predators, those who would prey and feed upon us are more likely to do so in the light of day, for it is during this time that our guard is down making the conditions for a psychic attack, right, darkness has its place within the world and can even be found in the holiest of places and sacred ground, do not live in this world by turning a blind eye to that which you cannot see, because darkness exists even within the likes of me, for the light without the dark would cease to exist and even a Witch who lives his or her life by the strict standards of the craft can and will strike with lightning fast rounds when provoked or approached in an aggressive manner, you see none of us are exempt from the darkness, after all it is only human nature and although we may not be able to break free from its grasp, we must learn to live in balance and to accept responsibility for the decisions that we make, besides no one is standing over us with a loaded broomstick to the head, the decisions that we make are and should be of our own accord, do as you please, but only if you are willing to accept the ramifications of your actions, therefore you are far better off to keep your magic pure and your heart light, love gained as a result of magic turned dark, is a love that is destined to die, prosperity gained in the same manner will only lead to a life filled with poverty!

Say a blessing today for all of the great things that you have in your life and if you cannot find any other reason to be thankful, give thanks for the fact that you are alive and as long as you are alive and in human form all things in this life are still possible, if you have lost at love do not give up prematurely, your magical bank account is collective and when the time is right you will receive that big payout, the same holds true for our individual prosperity as well, keep your thoughts light and pure, stay focused on the future and learn to visualize what you want and need in order to be whole and to have the love, light and prosperity that you deserve to have, prosperity and love are energies that are meant to be earned, the Universe will not simply deliver unto your door all that you need when it comes to love and prosperity, it is through your actions that these things will flow unto you and with that said, through your actions or the lack thereof these energies may remain absent from your life, stay active, passivity is for the broken and lonely!

Learn to love, embrace and accept yourself, we all have negative and positive qualities, it is indeed the combination of the mix that makes up the whole, you have a dark side, as well as a light side, you have life lessons connected to both aspects of your nature, do not fear the dark and do not overly embrace the light, instead create a balance between the two and learn the lessons that you are meant to learn from each one, this is the kindest and most honest approach that any of us can take at living our life, if we cannot embrace ourselves, how can we expect anyone else to embrace us? Embrace yourself and stop living in fear of the dark you, create your balance and live your life in which others would be proud to model their life after!

My staff and I would like to thank each and every one of you for your support and for being a part of our extended family and as the old year slips into the new, may the Goddess bestow her threefold kiss upon the cheek of you and yours.

Light And Love!