Supernatural Attack

Narcolepsy is described as a spontaneous attack of deep sleep, a state of being that renders one unconscious for a short period of time, this occurrence normally takes place during the day, I believe that when we are dealing with that which is unknown to us that we must exhaust all rational explanation, that is before we look to the esoteric for a cause or cure, and further it has been my experience that a cause or cure can almost always be found through the exploration of the esoteric arts.

Most recently I worked with a client who suffered from what his doctor called sudden-deep-sleep-syndrome, I am not sure if there is even such a thing or not, but, I do know that in the case of my client the diagnosis was delivered by a false prophet, for the good doctor was part of an elaborate esoteric scheme cooked up by my clients ex-wife to cause him harm and harm him they did, not only physically, but, mentally he was a wreck seemingly beyond repair! He never knew where he would be when the panic-sleep would overtake his body, during which time he would become a victim of severe psychic attack, these attacks not only left remnants behind on his psyche, but, his body would show signs of severe abuse, on one occasion he suffered deep groove-like cuts on his back, neck and legs, the weird thing is that these cuts did not bleed and they healed overnight without leaving behind any scars, these attacks have repeated themselves over and over for more than four years, my client became withdrawn from family and friends and somewhat suicidal.

On more than one occasion he said that he felt that the attacks were not only meant to terrorize him, but, to cause him harm beyond repair mentally or perhaps even death and I agree with him wholeheartedly, because the human life-force is remarkably strong, even when we are at our weakest physically, our life-force remains strong, during the time in which we make our transition from this world unto the next our life-force dims, but our light grows stronger as we cross the threshold between the two worlds and providing that our spirit was expecting the demise of our earthly host, our spirit will linger for no more than three days, the bond between the spirit and its host body is strong and it is similar to the type of bonds that we share with our lovers and as humble as our spirits are, it is very hard for it to relinquish the connection that it has to the dying body that it is forced to move on from, and leave behind.

These attacks occurred during the four years that immediately followed my clients divorce, he left behind two children, ages three and seven, his ex-wife is of Cuban descent and she practiced voodoo and black magic and she clung to the natural laws of her belief system very heavily and she told him that while the judge may grant him his divorce, that she would never let him go and that she was tired of him making a mockery of her religion and of her Gods and she swore that she would make a believer out of him and as a believer he was reborn and he told me that when it comes to magic and those who practice it that even if you offered him ten million dollars he would never do anything ever again to offend those who engage in the esoteric arts, this was one of the hardest cases of psychic attack that I have dealt with recently, they are all hard, do not get me wrong, far be it for me to make light of another's experience, but this one was especially hard because the magical-aggressor had firsthand knowledge and intimate details of my clients deepest rooted fears and she used that knowledge to her benefit and to his detriment!

During these attacks he would awake to find what he described as Gnome like creatures sitting close by, this is a common experience in cases of psychic attack where the offender is an adept in the art of black magic and utilizes nature spirits to do their bidding and often more than not the little devilish Gnomes will refuse to depart and will attach themselves to its victim where it will feed off of the victims energy rendering the victim unable to focus and to rationalize, there are many indications that one is under a severe psychic attack and in most cases more than one symptom will be present, food will be tasteless or in some cases taste like dirt and no matter how much you eat you suffer from a never ending hunger, water will not quench your thirst no matter how much you drink, most victims of a psychic attack are prone to violent outburst or fits of rage and their ability to rationalize and make good judgment calls are stripped away bit by bit, the psychic attacks will interfere with all levels of their consciousness leaving their reality tainted, until their distorted and confused state of being becomes their reality, in some cases where black magic is used against a victim, it is wielded in such away as to get the victim to do the bidding of the black magician.

I know of two cases where the individuals who otherwise obeyed all laws, committed heinous and senseless crimes, during which time they expressed that they felt as if their minds were in a fog, a fog so thick that they were unable to see things clearly or to think for themselves, these two cases are connected, unfortunately these individuals were incarcerated as a result of their psychic attacks, convicted by a jury of their peers, predominately church goers who either had no knowledge of the occult or disavowed all knowledge of the occult, today both of these individuals have been placed in the care of the psychiatric ward of the institutions that they will forever call home and all because someone used against them an energy as old as time!

Today I am happy to report that my client has a new life ahead of him, he has many things in place to dispel the negative energy that his ex-wife gifted him with, and I do agree with her on several points and the first being that you should never poke fun at or make light of that in which you have no understanding for, my client made this mistake and he paid dearly for it and it almost cost him his life, it did cost him his children because he will always be vulnerable to her attacks and cannot take a chance not even to see his kids and as bad as this makes her look, I am sure that she takes very good care of her children for they will be the ones to receive her power and her knowledge.

Secondly, before you enter into a relationship with someone who has already told you of their religious beliefs or their practice of magic, make sure that you are prepare to deal with the things that will inevitably follow, because, it doesn't matter whether you marry a Witch, a Priest of Priestess who practices Voodoo and it does not matter whether they practice good, bad, black or white magic, strange events will always occur around them, they too may fall victim to a psychic attack, I am a very strong Witch and I have fallen victim to an attack and to this day their is always someone who is willing to challenge the effectiveness of my magic and when that occurs the game is on, for you cannot outrun the supernatural, you may try to outrun it, but how does one outrun something that can manifest itself in and out of reality at will?

In the case of my client there was an old water well beneath his house in the basement, and this is where his ex-wife did all of her conjuring, she conjured magic deep and old and she unleashed upon this poor unsuspecting man a reality that will forever be burned into his brain. My client ranked at the top of the foolish, he lived his entire life believing in the supreme goodness of the Universe, he too believed in the almighty God in heaven above and made the mistake to discount the devil beneath his feet, for one cannot be a Christian without believing in both of the Christian Gods and like it or not Satan is a God, he is empowered by those who call out to the God above, for one cannot live their life in denial of the bad that exist in this world and Satan is simply God's opposite ego!

Each of us must become aware of our surroundings and while it is okay to allow people into our lives, we should always stay alert and if we are involved in any way with the workings of magic we must put things in place to protect and to shield ourselves, magic is always present in today's multi-cultural World and as in the case of my client above it is not necessary for one to believe in the existence of magic or the supernatural for it to impact your life, be it for the good or the bad and in fact it was his refusal to believe in the occult that caused him such great pain, today he is a believer and he is healing, he now has the knowledge to shield and protect himself, and even if he didn't have the knowledge he sought out a Witch who does, his ex-wife and I have come to an understanding and that understanding is simple really, she leaves her ex-husband alone and I leave her alone, for all things are fair in war, magic and house rules apply, and like I showed her she is not the only one who knows how to conjure up a demon or two, so we have struck a balance and she has released her hold over my client and his doctor, in the beginning of this article it may have seemed as though the doctor was a willing participant, but, he was not, he was just as much of a victim as my client was, the distress of what happened to him was too much for him to bare, so he closed up shop and he left the state of Florida, his destination unknown, that is unknown to everyone but the devilish little demons who followed him!

Take great care in your practice of magic and please be very selective about the ones that you let into your house and into your life and please remove that damn doormat that reads welcome, because that is nothing more than a green light to the mischief that is just yearning to wreck havoc on your life!

Blessed Be